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>We all make mistakes. We’re all human beings, right? We’re fixed infallible creatures. However somehow, we have tendency to be slightly less infallible when it pertains to correctly identifying that performed our favorite songs. Ago in the old days, it to be a usual dilemma – listening to the radio, if who heard a Badfinger song that sounded favor the Beatles, they’d easily just i think it to be the Beatles. If who heard “Jack and also Diane” over and also over and over, they can just convince themselves the it to be a brand-new Springsteen song. Sure, it might sound every innocent and also naive, but shot to correct this people and also they would safeguard – come the death – that Poison did “Cherry Pie,” or that Neil Young go “A equine With No Name.” as soon as someone stamps it into their head the so-and-so tape did so-and-so song, that becomes an extremely hard come tell castle otherwise.

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“But Sean!” you might say. “It’s the 2000s! The information Age! We have the right to look up any type of song lyrics we prefer in a matter of seconds! for sure this confusion need to be extinct!” Man, i would favor to believe that, yet somehow the internet has actually just made things worse. In the age of P2P networks and also iTunes, rampant paper sharing has made it every the much easier to mislabel a song and also spread the mistake choose wildfire. Just the various other day I had actually to call my girlfriend – together politely as possible – the “Black feet Sun” was not, in fact, recorded by the stone Temple Pilots. Supposedly I, one obnoxious music nerd, to be the only human in the people that cares around labeling songs correctly! IS the SO WRONG??

But don’t friend worry. I am right here to clean the omnipresent fog, remove the man that has actually plagued you all for so long. Without additional adieu, below are six songs that I see constantly mislabeled, together with the tape that in reality performed the song. Simply to make points 100% clear, ns will connect to a Youtube video clip for each track proving, without a doubt, that claimed artist did stated song. As a lonely music nerd, it is among the couple of things i am actually good at, and I feeling it is my duty as an American come dispel the spread out of misinformation at every costs.

So please. Adjust your iTunes sign accordingly.

“Stuck In The middle With You” by Stealer’s Wheel… or Bob Dylan?

We’ll begin with a reasonable one. This is a pretty common misconception, but it’s easily debunked. This song is by very early 70’s pop duo dubbed Stealer’s Wheel. The dude’s voice sound a lot choose Bob Dylan’s, however it’s a bit much more tuneful and also a bit much less interesting, for this reason it’s no that tough to tell the it ain’t good old Bob.

An even easier de-bunking comes from Reservoir Dogs, wherein the tune was played throughout the infamous “ear-cutting” scene. Heck, their explanation of the song is so great that ns didn’t bother to discover a video of the actual tape performing the song and just linked to the scene. Castle even contact it “Dylanesque.” So over there you go.

“I’ve Seen far better Days” by citizen King… or Sublime?

This one’s worse than I thought. I sought this track on Youtube, thinking naively to myself, “Oh yeah, they’ll have actually that citizen King video! The one with them in the mall! everyone knows that video!”

But nope. Rather I uncover a bunch the videos with the track playing end a snapshot of Sublime, usually v the details saying something favor “I assumed this to be Sublime, however it’s not, sorry!” The video clip I’ve been compelled to link to is a sad instance of this trend, come the point where the male who posted it had actually to disable comment after tide upon tide of world claimed it was a Sublime song.

See, I’d never heard that Sublime as soon as “I’ve Seen better Days” came out. In fact, by the moment this tune came out, Sublime lead singer Bradley Nowell had been dead for three years. So not only did Sublime not originally record this song, castle never also covered it. Citizen King were just some one-hit-wonder Johnny-Come-Lately indigenous the late 90’s that taken place to sound kinda prefer them. That’s it.

So please, permit this one die. Not just for me. Because that Bradley.

“Low Rider” by War… or ZZ Top?

OK, now we’re dipping into silly territory. ZZ peak were not a tootin’ gootime horn band, OK? Don’t us all understand this through now? They were a bunch that crazily bearded males who played poppy blues-rock like “La Grange” and also “Legs” and also “Gimme All your Lovin’.” THEY used GUITARS male NOT FUCKIN’ CORNY-POO HORNS.


Really though, this tune does no sound like ZZ Top. At all. Ok, probably the vocals yet that’s it. THAT’S IT.

Well, there still is part room for confusion. Also the infallible Wikipedia locations ZZ peak at the end of a lengthy list of artist that have actually covered the song. But man, search roughly for ZZ Top’s so-called “cover” the the song and all you’ll come up v is the original War version. Mislabeled. I’m beginning to believe it doesn’t exist.

…nah, screw it. That doesn’t exist.

“Breakfast in ~ Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something… or Hootie & The Blowfish?

Oh come on currently people. Hootie and also the fuckin’ Blowfish go this song?? REALLY? No no, jeez. JEEZ. Hear to a Hootie song and also then hear to this song. One has a low-voiced black guy singing, the various other a nasally snarky white man. HOW can YOU confuse THIS SHIT WHAT THE HELL.

OK, to it is in fair, this tune is more commonly mislabeled together a Barenaked ladies song, which provides three-fucking-billion-metric-tons much more sense than Hootie and also the Blowfish. Hell, because that a kind amount that time even I was encouraged this was a Barenaked women track ’cause castle sound for this reason fuckin’ similar! The self-deprecating lyrics, the stupid melody, the 90’s irony – everything. Therefore please! People! If you’re going to mislabel this song, do it right!! we don’t want Darius Rucker responsible because that this shit.

So come clarify: this is a Deep Blue miscellaneous song. Yes, lock were an additional one-hit wonder that nobody offers a shit around anymore. (Noticing a tendency here?)

OK, in terms of music this is more than likely the many ridiculous top top this list. But I assure you, it’s slim pickens contrasted to the last two on this list. Prepare yourselves.

“Roll come Me” through Del Amitri… or the spin Doctors?

This one so poor that not only have civilization gotten the tape wrong, they’ve even come up with their very own NAME because that the song. If you’re curious, Google “Spin physicians + Pretty infant + lyrics” and also you will acquire the lyrics for this song. This one is so phenomenally widespread, actually, that the Spin doctors themselves were forced to rebuke it on your Myspace page. Most likely after countless stoned teens at your concerts save shouting “PRETTY BABY! pat ‘PRETTY BABY’!!” (This, the course, is assuming teenagers still think the Spin doctors are cool.)

I mean, that’s kind of insulting, isn’t it? If it’s prefer “Freebird!” or something, anyone knows it’s a joke. Yet if it’s a track that people think you did that you plainly didn’t do, it shows that said person doesn’t offer a shit about the band enough to learn what songs they’ve done. No to mention that this is therefore widespread, castle must have to hear around it a lot. Come on, friend guys. The Spin medical professionals aren’t specifically on optimal of the people right now. Offer ’em a break.

It’s funny, due to the fact that this song doesn’t sound all that much like the rotate Doctors. Del Amitri were a brothers pop-rock band, pretty different in perspective from a laid-back early-90’s jam-band. The tune is a quite tightly constructed sweet popular music hit, as opposed to say “Two Princes” or “Little miss Can’t it is in Wrong” which to be loose, jammy etc hits. And as much as vocals go? Not too similar!

So again! come clarify! The tune “Pretty Baby” through the Spin medical professionals doesn’t exist. DELETE it OR RENAME it OR email THE SPIN medical professionals AN APOLOGY FOR dispersing DIRTY DIRTY RUMORS.

“All because that You” by Sister Hazel… or Blues Traveler?

Oh God no. My secret shame. No no. No. It’s happening everywhere again.

Years. Years of searching for this so-called “Blues Traveler” song. “Hey, that sounds favor that track ‘Run-Around’!” I thought to myself foolishly. “Shit, i bet the was also on the exact same album!”

But it wasn’t on the same album together “Run-Around,” Four. “Oh, well, mine bad,” i thought. “But it have to be on another album the theirs! Duhh! Lemme check through their discography – I’m sure it’ll pop up.”

But “All because that You” was i do not have anything to be found. Not on conserve His Soul, no on straight On it rotates Morning, not even on Bridge. Yet I wouldn’t earlier down! five no! “It should be a B-side!” I assumed to myself, sinking deeper and also deeper right into delusion. “A solitary that wasn’t on one album! It’s probably on a compilation or something. I just won’t worry about it.”

And there it sat in my iTunes for years: “Blues Traveler – every For You.” It sat there choose a festering cancer cell, spreading and tainting my whole collection. Then all the sudden – as quickly as a week ago – i heard about this band “Sister Hazel” that did this song in the 90’s dubbed “All for You.”

Then it all made sense. Truth came crashing down. That man Popper harmonica solo I constantly recalled when thinking around “All because that You” was really in “Run-Around” – “All for You” just has a guitar solo. Actually, top top closer inspection, “All because that You” has no harmonica. NO GODDAMNED HARMONICA. IT WAS every IN my HEAD.

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How might this happen? How might I be so idiotically fooled?? IT’S THE INTERNET’S FAULT. I sought “All because that You – Blues Traveler Lyrics” and I acquired results. And like a fool, I thought them. I did it. Ns DID IT.