I recently wrote a language piece on just how to speak ‘a lot’ in Italian, now we are going to look at the opposite - how to say ‘a little’, ‘a bit’ and also ‘a few’ in Italian.

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exactly how would you say, for example, ‘Would you choose to taste a little bit of cheese?’, or ‘I only speak a little Italian’? these are called quantifiers and also it have the right to be advantageous to know how to usage them correctly once speaking Italian.

You may have actually come throughout the word ‘poco’ already.

It way a little amount that something and also can be interpreted as ‘little’ or ‘few’ or even ‘not much’, relying on the context. It can be provided as one adjective, which means it explains a noun. In this case, it has to agree in gender and number with the point it describes.

Let’s watch at some examples:

Ho poco tempo oggi - ns don’t have much time this day / ns have small time todayHo poca esperienza all’estero - i don’t have actually much suffer abroad / ns have small experience abroadCi so not pochi libri qui - There space not many publications here / there are only a couple of books hereHo portato poche cose - i only lugged a few things / ns didn’t bring many things

When poco is offered an adverb it doesn’t should agree in gender or number, for example:

Parlo poco spagnolo - I only speak a little bit of Spanish / I just speak a tiny Spanish / i don’t speak much SpanishDormono poco - they sleep a little / they don’t sleep muchLavoro poco in questo periodo - I’m no working lot at the moment / I’m only working a tiny at the moment

You might have also heard the expression ‘un po’’, this is a shortened variation of ‘poco’ however the meaning is slightly different. It means a little bit of something, and can be interpreted as ‘some’ or ‘a bit’.

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If you’re composing it, you have to put the apostrophe after ~ the o. Otherwise you’ll be referring to the river Po in northern Italy!

Let’s look at some of our ahead examples and also see how the meaning changes with un po’:

Ho un po’ di tempo oggi - I have actually some time todayHo un po’ di esperienza all’estero - I have actually some experience abroad / I have a little of endure abroadParlo un po’ di spagnolo - i speak a bit of Spanish / ns speak some SpanishLavoro un po’ in questo periodo - i am working fairly a little bit at the moment

If you’d choose to talk around a small amount of food or drink, girlfriend can additionally use among these options:

Un pezzetto - a small pieceVorrei solo un pezzetto di pizza - ns would only like a small piece the pizza

Un goccio - a small amount the drinkMi dai un goccio d’acqua? - deserve to I have a tiny bit water? / deserve to I have a drop of water?

Un dito - a little amount that wineVuoi del vino? - would certainly you favor some wine?Per me solo un dito di vino, grazie - simply a autumn of wine because that me, thanks