(for person) amour  m  sb"s love because that sb  l"amour de qn pour qn his love for his wife and also children  son amour to water sa femme et ses enfants, l"amour qu"il a pour sa femme et ses enfants → mine love for my children   → She"s gained a great capacity because that love.   → We space united by our love that God.   no love lost, there is tiny love lost between them.  Ils se détestent. not for love or money, because that love no one money, girlfriend can"t obtain a ticket because that love or money.  Il n"y a pas moyen d"obtenir des billets. → girlfriend can"t acquire in for love or money, therefore queue because that returns   
  (for thing) amour  m  
love that sth   <+music, literature, animals, football> amour de qch → a guy with a actual love the literature   
  (romantic, sexual) amour  m  
→ our love for each other has actually been boosted by what we"ve been v together.   to it is in in love   être amoureux(-euse)   s"aimer → us were madly in love for about two years.   to be in love with sb  être amoureux(-euse)  de qn She"s in love with Paul.  Elle est amoureuse de Paul. → I"ve never ever really been in love through anyone.   to loss in love  tomber amoureux(-euse)  → We dropped madly in love.   to loss in love with sb  tomber amoureux(-euse)  de qn → I fell in love with him because of his kind nature.   → after ~ 18 months of friendship, they made love because that the very first time.   to do love  faire l"amour to make love come sb  faire l"amour avec qn → have actually you ever before made love to a girl before?   love at very first sight  le coup de foudre 
  (in greetings) to send one"s love come sb, to send sb one"s love  adresser ses amitiés à qn → lock send you their love.   give my love to ..., give Delphine my love.  Embrasse Delphine to water moi. love native Anne  affectueusement, Anne love, Rosemary  amitiés, Rosemary 
 (=dear)  (addressing love one) mon chéri(ma chérie) 
 , (addressing stranger) Are you OK, love?  Ça va, madame?, Ça va, monsieur? → Well, I"ll take her word because that it then, love.   
  <+lover, partner, child, parents> aimer → You"ll never ever love anyone the way you love your baby.   → If you yes, really love God begin by loving her child, your husband, her wife.   I love you.  Je t"aime. to feeling loved  se sentir aimé(e)  → lock make united state feel loved.   to love every other  s"aimer → us love each other.   
  <+thing, activity> adorer 
→ the loves football.   → i love cacao cake.   I love chocolate.  J"adore le chocolat. I love skiing.  J"adore le ski. to love act sth, to love to perform sth  adorer faire qch → one of those world that loves to be outdoors   → i love acquisition photographs.   We both love dancing.  Nous adorons danser tous les deux. 
  (expressing wishes) I"d love ...  (=would like) j"aimerais beaucoup ... I would love a hot bath and also clean clothes.  J"aimerais beaucoup prendre un bain et me changer. I"d love you come ..., I"d love you to come.  J"aimerais beaucoup que tu viennes. His wife would certainly love him to give up his job.  Sa femme aimerait beaucoup qu"il démissionne. 
  (response to offer) I"d love to.  Avec grand plaisir. I"d love come come.  Cela me ferait très plaisir de venir., Je serais ravi de venir. 
love-hate relationship   n relation  f  amour-haine they have actually a love-hate relationship  ils s"aiment et se détestent à la fois 
love life   n vie  f  sentimentale → His love life to be complicated, and involved intense relationships.   How"s her love life?  Comment vont les amours? 
tough love   n amour  m  exigeant → ... The tasks of black neighborhoods in identify their own law-breaking youths and also then administering difficult love.   
  n conflit entre parents divorcés pour avoir la garde d"un enfant conflit entre parental divorcés pour avoir la garde d"un enfant 

I love you, mine friend.

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Je t"aime, mon ami.
I love girlfriend too, mine friends.
Je vous aime aussi, mes amis.
I love you for loving mine friends.
J"aime que tu aimes mes amies.
I do love you. My friend.
Mais je vous aime, mon ami.
I love just how you think, my friend.
J aime ta façon de pense mon ami, j adore ça.
I desire you to love me. I execute love you, my friend.
Mais je vous aime, mon ami.

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