Want to learn how to to speak “I love you” in Italian? Si, si, of food you do.

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Italian is a beautiful, lyrical language that has actually charmed tourists for centuries. But, here’s the thing. There room are couple of rules you have to know before you say those sweet words. In English, “I love you” is provided in all situations. However in Italian you’ll require to discover two various phrases or face some embarrassment!

The phrase I love you in Italian is said differently depending on who you space addressing – a romantic companion or household members and also friends.

Ti amo – the Italian means to say ns love you come a serious romantic partner

Ti voglio bene – say ns love friend to her family and also friends in Italian

If you want to take it up a notch to: “I love you really much”, you can include ‘molto’. So Ti amo molto and Ti voglio molto bene. But just make sure to pick the appropriate expression. Ti voglio bene will seem a little cold come a romantic interest. And also ti amo is just not quite right for your parents, brothers and also sisters.

Read top top to uncover some other words come express your love the Italian way. And also the right method to express them! after all, obtaining the accent ideal is part of the allure.

10 an ext WAYS to SAY ns LOVE you IN ITALIAN


Let’s confront it, a an easy “ti amo” is sweet but you might take this words a little further and also really sweep your lover off your feet. Italians usage some beautiful phrases come express their love in a romantic way. Here are some suggestions to take her words beyond a cheeky “Ciao bella/bello!” (hello beautiful/handsome).

Amore mio – my loveCuore mio – mine heartTesoro mio – mine darlingBaciami! – kiss me!Sei tutto every me – you’re everything to meTi penso ogni giorno – ns think about you every daySei il grande amore della mia vita – You’re the love of my lifeTi amerò sempre – I’ll constantly love youSono innamorato(a) di te – i’m in love v youSei sempre nel mio cuore – You space forever in my heartSei la mia anima gemella – You are my soul mate



Family is very important come Italians so it complies with that there are likewise many means share her love because that your family members with lock in Italian. Even if it is it’s a distinct occasion choose Festa de la Mamma (Mother’s Day) or just a friendly chat v nonna (grandma), here are some sayings to do your family feel special the Italian way.

Ti voglio tanto bene – ns love you so muchTanti auguri Mamma / Papà – best wishes mommy / Dad (for Mother’s / Father’s Day)Mamma / Papà / Nonna / Nonno sei migliore – mommy / Dad / Grandma / Grandpa you’re the bestMia cara mamma / figlia / nonna – mine darling mommy / daughter / grandmaMio caro papà / figlio / nonno – mine darling dad / boy / grandpaDammi un abbraccio – give me a hugDammi un bacio – give me a kissVita mia! – my lifeCucciola / cucciolo – puppy / small one (term of endearment for kids)Tesoro mio – my treasurePolpetta/Polpetto – my small meatball! (very affectionate)

Perfecting her ITalian accent


Now you know what some loving words space in Italian, it’s a an excellent idea to know how come say them. No doubt these phrases sound much more beautiful v a charming Italian accent.

Here is the simple pronunciation that ti amo and also ti voglio bene

Ti voglio bene – tee vol-yo ben-eh

If you want to spend a little much more time top top this around then you could try practising v the complimentary resources indigenous Duolingo or listening to a podcast like 5 minute Italian.

But if girlfriend really desire to learn to speak Italian and also create your own phrases that love then it’s a great idea to usage a structured program choose Rocket Italian. This is a three stage self-paced course – beginner, intermediary and advanced – that supplies a range of methods to aid you to speak and read Italian quickly. The online platform and also app have actually inbuilt voice recognition technology that help you come perfect her accent.

We favor the means you deserve to learn in ~ your own pace with simple to digest 20 minute lessons. But, anyone learns differently, so it’s a good idea to test out what works for you. Girlfriend can accessibility the Rocket Italian cost-free trial and shot it for yourself or review our detailed Rocket Italian review.

Italian for love YoU


So currently you know just how to say ns love you in Italian, room you inspired to discover more? If you have actually planned a expedition to Italy you can want come brush increase on these common phrases the are useful for travel. Or why not examine out our overview to the best resources for finding out Italian.

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