While us in America generally use the word “merry” in our greetings for the holiday, words “happy” is used an ext prominently in europe circles.

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Or is it?

From every I’ve read, it appears to be everything your household has done for … forever.

I say funny Christmas, and also Happy Holidays. I choose the means the acquainted phrasings flow.

Whatever girlfriend say, I execute sincerely hope you have actually both.

I expect you have opportunity to make merry this year. Ns hope you have the right to gather with household or friends and also talk and laugh and also reminisce and dream and share the delight of togetherness.

I hope you obtain to exchange gifts and well-wishes, come drink an excellent coffee or every little thing else v someone special, to song a tune or tell an old story everyone has actually heard a thousand times and still chuckles over.

A small merriment might do us all some good, specifically toward the finish of a tough year.

But I additionally hope you happy.

I expect you have genuine factor to feel happy.

You have actually a location to lay her head. You have actually food. You’re still breathing. But I hope you have even much more than those great blessings.

I hope you room satisfied, content. Contentment comes from thankfulness. If you are truly thankful because that what friend have, you’ll uncover you are content.

And don’t forget joy! Joy comes from deep inner contentment, a peacefulness the is supernatural. The CHRIST in Christ-mas is the reason for that joy, if friend didn’t already know.

So ns wish you merriment, happiness, joy and … challenge I to speak it? Jesus.

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Merry Christmas.

News editor Brett Campbell deserve to be got to at brett.campbell

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