I have two us coins totaling 55 cents. One is not a nickel (5 cents). What space the coins? Answer: 50 cent piece and a nickel.

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What room 2 coins that equal 55 cents?

One is no a nickle. What space the 2 coins? A 50-cent piece and also a nickel.

How have the right to I get 55 cents?

Begin v one quarter. Add six nickels come the 4 minutes 1 to equal 55 cents or add three dimes to the quarter to same the very same sum. Start with 2 quarters, equaling 50 cents. Add one nickel come the soldier to equal 55 cents.

Is over there a 30 cent coin?

Answer: A quarter and also a nickel.

What 4 coins make 30 cents?

Answer skilled Verified There space 4 ways to do 30 cents using only pennies, nickels and also dimes. (i.e. 15 pennies + 1 nickel + 1 dime = 30 cents, 10 pennies + 2 nickels + 1 dime = 30 cent . . . )

What 3 coins make 30 cents?

Use 3 dimes. 3 dimes do 30 cents.

What 5 coins make 45 cents?

One dime and two nickels. I hold 3 coins. They same 45 cents.

Is there a 20 cent coin?

The 20 Cent piece is a twenty cent coin make by the United says Mint start in 1875 and ending in 1878, one of the shortest mintages in U.S. History.

What two coins include up to 30 cents yet one isn’t a nickel?

Answer: A nickel and also a qaurter because, one isn’t a nickel however the various other one was. 2 coins = 30 cents Riddle Meme v riddle and answer link.

What always ends everyday?

What constantly ends everything? The letter G.

How lot is a quarter worth?

The quarter, short for quarter dollar, is a United states coin precious 25 cents, one-quarter that a dollar.

What is the rarest quarter state?

Billions the Coins Minted, but not evenly

1.2008-D Oklahoma2003-P Alabama
2.2004-P Iowa2003-P Missouri
3.2002-P Ohio2003-P Illinois
4.2003-P Maine2004-D Michigan
5.2008-P Oklahoma2004-P Wisconsin

What is the most expensive quarter?

Most an useful US soldier – highest Value quarter Coins

1932-S Washington Quarter$5,409
1842-O seated Liberty Quarter: huge Date$5,200
1878-S seated Liberty Quarter$5,089

Are over there any beneficial quarters?

While commemorative quarters have actually inspired plenty of to collection coins, worth is figured out by rarity and also condition, for this reason the most an important quarters incorporate several of the earliest that were retained out that circulation, long prior to coin collecting ended up being a renowned hobby. This 20 quarters room worth a linked $7.9 million.

Are any kind of quarters ~ 1964 valuable?

A short history of united state coins prior to 1965, united state quarters were made of 90 percent silver. That way that due to the silver- alone it would be worth about $3.50 (depending on silver prices). After 1964, the quarter is simply made that nickel and copper and also worth simply 25 cents.

What state quarters room worth keeping?

The silver- quarters are still basically just worth your weight in silver. However, some of the error soldier are rather valuable. There room known beneficial errors the exist for the state quarters from Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and also Delaware.

Are 2020 soldier rare?

Did you understand that a 2020-W 4 minutes 1 is a rare coin? only a couple of 2020-W quarters were made and released right into circulation… therefore be certain to inspect your bag change! That’s right, no one were included in coin sets. If you occur to it is in lucky enough to uncover one, you can see right here how much your 2020-W quarter is worth.

Is it illegal to very own a 1933 dual Eagle coin?

Currently, through the exemption of the one offered on July 30, 2002, 1933 dual eagle coins can not be the legit possession of any member the the public, as they were never ever issued and also hence continue to be the property of the United states government.

Why is the illegal to very own a 1964 tranquility Dollar?

Treasury department officials rule in might 1973 that the 1964-D peace dollar is illegal come own. If any kind of pieces were to have actually escaped melting and also entered the collector marketplace, the silver- dollars space subject to confiscation by the Treasury Department.

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Is a 2020 P 4 minutes 1 worth anything?

USA Coin book Estimated worth of 2020-P Weir farm yard America The Beautiful quarter is precious $0.55 to $1.11 or an ext in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition.