R-Drive Personality properties Descriptions
NarcissismUnconventionalityEmpiricismVitalityOthercentricismIndependenceIntegrityIntellectStoicismOrderlinessHedonism DynamismActivityRomanticism

Helping others is mine oxygen. .543I placed others first. .502greedy ooooo generous .443I give an ext than i take. .434I am concerned around others. .425I feeling inclined to be responsible for, and also take care of, others" feelings. .417I compassionately take on someone else"s requirements as mine own. .415Sometimes it"s no what ns want, it"s what others desire that"s much more important. .412I sympathize through others" feelings. .408I find helping rather rewarding. .398I feeling a obligation to care for the weak. .397self-interested ooooo othercentric .386Pleasing others makes me happy. .383I would fairly please myself 보다 others.- (I would rather please others than myself) .382I shot to please everyone. .379I focus more on the understanding of the whole civilization in identify the right selections to make. .379What other human being want is as essential as what ns want. .377Doing volunteer work-related is a garbage of time. -.374My feeling of pleasure is impacted by the high quality of life of everyone on the planet. .369My very own happiness and also success are much more important than the happiness and success that others.- .363I take much more than ns give. -.362I discover appreciating rather rewarding. .356I assist make people feel comfortable by engaging in hosting and care-taking. .353I might not seek a job which to be harmful to the world in any type of way. .345I only care about myself. -.339Correcting unjust in the human being is very important come me. .333selfish 00000 selfless .332passionate .327must very first approve that the job"s larger affect on the world before I"ll agree to perform it. .316selfish ooooo selfless .314I to be obedient come others. .311hurt rather ooooo hurt self .310I think I deserve to improve the world by influencing others. .309I make people feel welcome. .307I often tend to defer-to/go-along through the wishes of others. .307When I"m depressed, I like to assist people. .306I would certainly be happy if i was more helpful to others. .305I have actually trouble saying no come people. .304Social justice is really important come me. .296I have a an excellent word because that everyone. .295I often tend to want to assist people also when it"s not good for castle and/or me. .290The pleasure of strangers has actually the very same objective value as mine happiness. .284It is tough for me to make a decision if ns don"t know how others feel about it. .283When I like someone, i become dedicated to them. .281I feel pretty concerned or upset once I think or recognize somebody is angry at me. .280I am ready to pardon others. .280nice ooooo standoffish -.277Protecting the environment (nature) is really important to me. .277I am the center of my universe. -.272I shot to forgive and forget. .267People are things to it is in used. -.266I prefer to watch youngsters open presents. .260I"m always looking because that the finest situation for myself regardless of even if it is it"s good for everyone else. -.259I to be an honest person. .257peaceful .256Raising youngsters is crucial to mine happiness. .255My ego is bigger 보다 my heart. -.254happy 00000 sad -.253It is important for me to preserve positive feeling in those roughly me, in ~ all expenses .253I express my many thanks to those who care around me. .252Humanitarian reasons are extremely vital to me. .251honest .250romantic trait .250 (on triword test)I think that others have good intentions.- -.249sensual .249Having a family is the most essential thing come me. .249I choose to stand throughout the national anthem. .248I to be a cold person. -.247I always treat others together I would choose to it is in treated. .246accountable .245A career in social occupational interests me. .243If I like someone, I will do everything they want. .243I gain bringing world together. .243accommodating 00000 unaccommodating -.241If i feel bad in a relationship, I tend to think/feel it"s my fault. .241I have a great need to improve the world. .239I readily connect personally to all members of a group to feel unity .238happy ooooo sad -.238I am an extremely considerate of my very own feelings yet not so considerate of other people"s feelings. -.237If i was independently wealthy, I might be happy not functioning my whole life. -.231I gain hurting others. -.231I believe that love happens every the time, everywhere. .227I am humble. .226I feeling perfectly justification in getting my way, all the time. -.226I am never too busy to assist a friend. .224I live come make people laugh..224I to be dutiful. .222I to be deeply relocated by others" misfortunes. .221I want to leaving a mark, perform something that will have a real impact in the world. .221I trust others. .220What you leaving behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, however what is woven right into the lives of others. .220thoughtful ooooo discourteous -.219I absence empathy. -.219Anyone can become great. .219Love is stronger than hate. .218I"m happy to occupy whatever position in society I ideal fit right into regardless of even if it is it"s prestigious. .218I need to be needed. .218I rarely avoid to think about what other people think, feel, and also expect. -.217I live to produce beautiful things. .216Love is my supreme virtue. .216In romantic relationships, it"s typical for the male to choose the girl more. .216 (men)I gain lying, duping others. -.215team player .215I think in equal chance for all. .215like disagreement 00000 dislike disagreement .213A person"s household is the most vital thing in life. .213Public opinion can mean a lot. .211I ignore others and look down on them with an arrogant eye. -.211Happiness is truth. .210I desire to impress my parents. .210I am an ext obedient 보다 rebellious. .210I to be right, others space wrong. -.210I can"t carry out without the firm of others. .209I intend others to serve me without reciprocating. -.209I am faithful come friends. .208I depend on assurances indigenous others. .207It would be cool if I had actually a ton the money, however I would additionally enjoy life if ns was poor. .207I would like to pursue a career in social justice. ,205Be kind, for everyone you accomplish is fighting a hard battle. .205I have very strong emotions. .204I would hazard my life because that something i cared around a lot. .204honest 00000 corrupt -.204I am loyal to the tradition/values i was raised with. .213I uncover it very hard come lie. .203I reveal tiny about myself. -.202I don"t like most people. -.202I like to educate others. .202I would have no problem taking a large amount of money to work-related for a corrupt corporation. -.201I an extremely much want to be loved. .201respect customizeds 00000 discard personalizeds -.200I respect authority. .200I always honor my assures to others. .200I to be a team player. .198dishonest ooooo ethical .198My actions are predominately motivated by how they"ll reason others to see me. .198The safety and security of my love ones is an extremely important to me. .198I believe everything happens for a reason..198I am much more comfortable being the appreciator than the appreciated, as much as the physics dynamic in a romantic relationship. .198I am very loyal. .198Finding true love is the main passion in mine life. .196My religious faith is crucial to me. .196I"m no interested in friendships ns can"t control. -.196I don"t understand people who obtain emotional. -.195The most important thing to me is humility. .195I focus entirely on gaining my own way, help myself. -.195If a details behavior benefited me however had a an adverse effect ~ above the world, I would certainly still connect in it. -.195instinctive .194know myself 00000 don"t know myself -.194I don"t favor to apologize. -.194I gain chores done appropriate away. .193innocent .193atheist oooo theist .192I am more diplomatic 보다 bluntly honest. .192Every job is a new adventure. .192untrustworthy -.192I follow directions. .191Life is far-reaching (meaningful). .191I can be insensitive come the feelings of others. -.191People phone call me that I"m a great listener. .191Other world energize me. .197I am a theist. .190I prefer to demean various other people. -.190I am self-centered. -.189feminine .188Finding meaning/purpose in mine life is really important to me. .187People tell me that i am cold. -.187please me 00000 please others .186When I prefer someone I offer them compliments. .186I have a very good reputation. .186I would quite please myself 보다 others.- .185I watch most world in mine life together replaceable. -.185I seek deep emotional and spiritual intimacy. .185I get what I desire by regulating others. -.185I radiate joy. .184fidelity 00000 infidelity -.184I don"t like lacking out on an occasion that world I care about are enjoying. .183My parental have had actually a an excellent deal of affect on me. .183I accept world as they are. .182theist 00000 athiest -.182I don"t choose taking orders. -.181Other people"s approaches are a resource for getting closer come the truth. .181I honor my parents and also elders..181I have actually a heart of stone. -.181I uncover not helping rather rewarding. -.180My id in God affects mine life. .179I do things once I must do them. .179I understand civilization who think differently. .178My parents are my foundation. .178 (men)It"s every in what you and also your heart tell you and also how friend percieve those messages. .178internal riches 00000 product wealth -.177A good friend is supportive/affirming. .175respect custom-mades ooooo discard customs -.177My spirituality life is an extremely important to me. .177Criticism or scolding damages me fairly a bit. .176I dislike conflict. .176It is an overwhelming for me to detach and also be objective. .175I uncover other human being unrewarding. -.175I like to share my successes with others. .174I let my feelings strongly overview me. .174I am sincere. .174I overview my life using religious scriptures..174Achievement is more important than product or jae won reward..173I respect the opinions that others. .173I reap being regulated by someone ns love. .173I favor to work-related behind the scenes without credit. .173Fairness is an extremely important, also if that proves me wrong. .172wise .172I have actually been duped/burned prior to by someone ns cared about. .172A healthy and balanced romantic relationship entails equal effort by both parties. .172devout .171intense 00000 simple going .170The things I value most are internal. .170I cannot endure without being loved by someone. .170I return extra readjust when a cashier provides a mistake. .170My own happiness and also success are much more important 보다 the happiness and success of others.- .169I am conveniently moved come tears. .169I listen to pmy feelings as soon as making essential decisions. .169please self ooooo please others .169Internal beauty beauty is an ext important than outside beauty. .169I spend a many time talking around love. .168I do things once I"m supposed to execute them. .168I to be hypersensitive. .167I believe in being accountable. .167My enjoyment admiring points exceeds mine desire to it is in admired. .167Optimism is mine oxygen. .166I am willing to take dangers to establish a relationship. .166I favor being part of a subculture. .166I am dependent top top the support and also nurturance of others. .166I would certainly associate v someone whose habits had a negative effect ~ above the human being if the association was advantageous to me. -.166Intellectual flexibility should have limits. .166I"m an idealist. .165The world should be together I desire it come be. -.165Rules are rules. .164I"m not interested in romantic relationships I can"t control. -.164I am preoccupied with myself. -.164I check out the people as a struggle between right and wrong. .163Most people are better than me. .163I dislike human being I can"t control. -.163introspective 00000 strength seeking -.162I am identified to have actually my very own way. -.162I am pertained to with detect harmony and also abiding by social structures based upon my very own subjective beliefs and experiences. .161I have actually a large ego. -.161My heart has actually dictated the course i"ve bring away in life. .161I flourished up in a parent centered household. Guys .161self-reliant .161I hate to judge others on how they look. .160Helping people hurts people. -.159The sole function of human existence is to kindle a irradiate in the darkness of only being. .159I would like to attain eternal fame and die in ~ 40 to life an plain life till 100. -.158I am close to mine parents. .157I to be traditional.- -.156know myself ooooo don"t recognize myself -.156People who have actually no energy to me, don"t issue to me. -.156How much I am loved is more important than how much i love others. -.156studious .155I act there is no consulting others. -.155I am weak and need a stronger person to bring me with life. .155I will never be satisfied until I get all that i deserve. -.155I am or would favor to be a stay at house parent. .154explanatory .153Honesty doesn"t pay.-.153It is necessary to me that i live in a world totally free of war and conflict. .153I recognize that to make it through I must be needed. .153I might be happy life anywhere. .153I uncover being alive rewarding. .153Poor and content is rich and rich enough. .152I am conventional.- -.152sly -.152I perform not like to appear far better than others. .152I am much more preoccupied v what I prefer than with being liked. -.152altruistic ooooo non-altruistic -.151I will certainly not be taken benefit of. -.151I look up to my parents. .151I discard convention/tradition. -.150I ridicule others. -.150Power for its own sake doesn"t interest me. .150I think vengeance is sometimes necessary. -.150People can"t always live their lives in regards to what they want. .150I gain being thought of together a regular "mainstream" person. .150depressed 00000 stressed .149I reap being part of a group. .149I will cheat in order come win. -.149I am dissatisfied without duties and responsibilities. .148I am reliable to store secrets. .148If the human being I to be close come didn"t favor someone, it would certainly be difficult for me to date them. .148I am generally a an extremely happy person. .148I am not easily affected by my emotions -.148I am much more aware/attuned to mine feelings 보다 the feelings of others. -.147I recharge by gift with other people. .147I like people I deserve to control. -.147I make decisions based on feelings..147I would certainly say I"m an ext of a critic than a contributor. -.147National security (i.e. Protection from anything that would hurt mine country) is very important come me. .147I conform come others" opinions. .146I have contempt for people that room inferior to me. -.146I fear being judged by others. .146People ns decieve are fools who should have actually known better. -.146Anything is possible. .146I understand who i am since of my friends. .145Others must be made to pay for your stupidity. -.145I have challenge enduring also a mild level of dispute with those close to me. .145uncreative 00000 creative .144I am optimistic. .144I look approximately no one. -.144I value females over males. .144 (male)I think in equality in between all races. .143I discover it simple to manipulate others. -.143I am controlled by mine environment. .143I am/was an extremely close to mine mother. .143 (men)I need a lot of of external stimulation. .142No matter how bad life gets, I"ll constantly fight despite it. .142I deserve to put ~ above a convincing laugh if the situation calls because that it no matter how I really feel internally. .142I would certainly not desire to live in a city where human being were obsessed with standing / prestige. .142How ns feel about things has greater influence ~ above me 보다 my logic. .142I discover it financially rewarding to let my feelings overview me in life. .142born leader.141I am an extremely picky about movies. -.141I uncover being appreciated rewarding. .141I view obligation as a position of weakness and vulnerability come other"s control. -.141I have actually a morose feeling of humor. -.140I feel worried as soon as I think I have done poorly at something important. .140I prefer to keep human being at a distance. -.140I feel finest when i am working. .139I have actually very good instincts. .139I frequently assess various other peoples emotional claims by watching their behavior. .139I want to be in romantic partnership with someone that i think is awesome. .139My needs for closeness and also emotional safety overwhelm me. .139witty .139I live a life based upon strongly held an individual values and also raw emotion associated with my individual human experience. .138Romantically, ns focus more on whether someone desires me 보다 whether I want them. .138When you space wronged, take into consideration the approach of the wrongdoer, and also feel sorry because that mankind. .138I suspect the requirements of others. .137I push myself really hard to succeed. .137When I want something from who I have the right to be really nice, once I don"t I deserve to be an extremely mean. -.137superficial -.137improve people 00000 boost self -.136I value justice greater than mercy. -.136I have a background of making and also sticking to long term plans. .136I review a lot of info over time to confirm what is customary or standard. .136Having near friends is really important to me. .136I use anger to regulate people and also situations. -.136I to be flexible. .136I have the right to be cold when I don"t desire to have anything to carry out with a human anymore. -.135professorial .135I uncover the people a very interesting place. .134I operate based upon an ideology. .134I tend to be the comedian approximately others. .134spontaneous .134I am characterized by my internal compass (not an outside one). .133I favor to be regarded as proper and also conventional. .133I have shallow emotions. -.133I periodically let my feelings overwhelm me.- -.133Early in a relationship, ns can easily discern what"s important to someone i like, and also become that. .133No one is an excellent enough because that me. -.133I can be condescending to people. -.133I dislike physical/manual job of any kind. -.133Social justice is really important to me. .132thriving ooooo surviving -.132I select my words through care. .131I have actually initiated many of mine friendships. .131I have actually tended come date world who space meaner than me. .131 (men)Even if I recognize I don"t choose someone sufficient for it to work lengthy term, it have the right to hurt if they break up v me. .131rational ooooo irrational -.131I think my race is superior. -.131Happiness is the most important thing in life. .131I would be uncomfortable living in a multi-million disagreement house/apartment. .131fantasy 00000 truth .131I value interior rewards/validation an ext than exterior rewards/validation. .131I am reliable to save secrets. .130I am an ext outgoing than reserved.

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.130I have actually no need for strength over others. .130