About Hurricane

"Hurricane" to be the lead single released indigenous The Click"s 2nd album, game Related. Created by Studio Ton, the song ended up being The Click"s many successful single, peaking in ~ number 63 top top the Billboard hot 100 and also number 4 on the Billboard hot Rap Singles. The song"s title comes from the alcohol addict drink the the same name.

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* (E-40 talking)It"s just like moonshine,have you on yo faceI typical you be slutterin and also what not,next thing you knowYou don"t know exactly how you acquired homeI typical this shit is so damn serious playboyI average the sherry bombay,? on part thang"s favor thatSo destruction what ns sayI"m so tore,look prefer my eyes to be stiched together like stitchesHo hopin approximately wit these bitches,get ya garbage dump wit cricketsBut you know me,the life the the party,sluricane anthemDo what ya mean and also make ya struggle ya folks wit dr.jekylLike the various other day ns gulped to many swallowsHad lock nigga"s actin poor at the society wit castle power"sCoppin limp cock problem"s tryna to get it upWell five well,come wit me,I"ll have yo shit on stale(B-Legit)I wakes increase in the mornin and also I"m separatedIn the bag wit mine homie"s and I sholl dislike itBilly Dean he it is in trippin reason they don"t respect himThe nigga rum,man the nigga get"s dumbI can"t wait until they mix meI"m goin in they mouth,down they throat,into lock kidney"sHurricane havin muthafucka"s seein thangsCourage juice,watch once I acquire looseHurricane,but you can contact me sluricaneSluricane,strong enough to start a engine mayneVerse 2:(D-Shot&Suga T)I"m hurvin,swirvin,fuckin wit tycoon shitShit,it"s time to swip up another mixSmovin to the sto",oh,it"s 1:51Got to record Charlie "fo the closeToo numerous ho"s at the studio the ain"t litI likes to bring out the freak in a nasty bitchStudio tone,pop off the shit the ??? wrote(Freaky,freak,freaky,freaky)(Suga T)My crips acquired hot,seat sweat and also allThat hurricane anthem ain"t no joke,it"ll make a playa fallCreepy eye on the sticky rugBut them fools who staright examine make em think that hell aroseKnock,knock,hella greedy,got greedy,gotta continue to be strongBut if I obtain wrong sufficient to deal,I can"t go wrongThis cheat juice will have a playa ~ above his faceWorst climate poppy confront gin wit no fuckin chase(B-Legit)Life that the muthafuckin indo weedMe and also nigga"s at the bar,keyedWalkin threw the joint unstumbleThey bumpin come bubbleFace like I dislike the taste,but now I"m humbleWhisper to a bitch,baby ns been watchin youBut as soon as I"m pervin,everything lookin cuteSo if you acquire the boot once my hang over soberDon"t also trip,get yo shit the end my range rover(E-40)I get"s to put just how this Spanish paris 90 finInfluence yo bitch to go both ways,and eat she friendShit locked down,muthafucka don"t be carinWho ridin wit mine dank cousin Victor BarrinHurricane,but you can call me sluricaneStrong sufficient to begin a engine mayne(B-Legit)BITCH,and that"s how we carry out for the nine-teen-ninety finAnd us out this biotch(E-40)Out this biotch

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The Click The Click is a hip hop group consisting the 4 members native Vallejo, California. The teams members space E-40 (Earl Stevens), his cousin B-Legit (Brandt Jones), his brother D-Shot (Danell Stevens), and his sister Suga-T (Tanina Stevens).

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Together the group has released three studio albums. An ext »