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Question 1

A residence gets the water from the public supply. I m sorry of the adhering to would be the best means for the homeowner to attain a water-quality report?

Purchase a residence sampling kit ~ above the web Record observations made by smelling and also tasting the madness water request data from the neighborhood water therapy facility Ask next-door neighbors for a sample of their water come compare

Question 2

Which that the following is a common resource of underground water pollution?

Oil dumping and also oil pour out Tossing liquid bar wrappers right into a present Flushing family members chemicals down the toilet Leaking storage containers external factories

Question 3

Which that the following is a significant cause of waterborne diseases?

Bacteria Particulates dissolved gases Sediments

Question 4

Which organization is responsible because that enforcing clean-water legislation governing water use and also quality in the Everglades?

Everglades Police company Environmental Protection firm Clean Water company Florida Waterway Patrol

Question 5

Which the the complying with is brought about by pollutants from farm runoff, feedlots, or septic tanks?

Increased fecal coliform Low liquified oxygen Temperatures higher than 45°C pH listed below 6.5

Question 6

How would a human most likely come to be ill from too many acidic water?

The water might contain toxic heavy metals. Low pH is connected with cancer in newborns. Short pH can make water cloudy through suspended particles. There are no ill results of acidity in water.

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Question 7

Which the the adhering to is an activity that people in Florida might take to assist decrease the turbidity of coastal waters?

Build dams follow me rivers causing the coast Reduce erosion through planting trees along the shore eliminate photosynthesizing tree from coastal waters build housing advancements on land that borders water bodies

Question 8

Which the the adhering to would most most likely be thought about nonpoint source pollution?

Animal waste indigenous a local horse farm seeping right into the ground increased turbidity indigenous erosion A vehicle repair shop dumping used oil in the soil A leaky secret oil tank

Question 9 (Multiple an option Worth 2 points)

Which that the adhering to is an indicator of an excellent water quality?

High level of nitrates High levels of phosphates Zero turbidity all of the above

Question 10 (Multiple selection Worth 2 points)

Which that the complying with is typically connected with a palliation in photosynthesizing tree in a water supply?

An increase in dissolved oxygen A to decrease in liquified oxygen an increase in phosphates A diminish in phosphates

Question 11 (Essay worth 5 points)

Summarize your findings native the Water quality Lab. Be certain to include your observations and also the sources of each water-quality problem you investigated.

Question 12 (Essay precious 5 points)

Dan took 3 samples of water indigenous the creek behind his residence once a month because that the last 6 months. He experiment the water and reported the outcomes in the adhering to data table.

Water high quality IndicatorTest Results
Dissolved oxygenDissolved oxygen level in the last three months reduced rapidly.
Fecal coliformFecal coliform varieties from a low of 89 swarms per liter come 102 swarms per liter over the six-month period.
NitratesNitrate level ranged from 6 to 7 mg/L.
PhosphatesPhosphate levels were between 0.01 mg/L and 0.3 mg/L.
pHThe mean pH was 6.9.
TurbidityThe water was clear in the first couple of months, however it ended up being increasingly cloudy end time.

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Which water-quality indications would be of worry in this situation? describe your response. Be sure to discuss any type of implications these water-quality indicators can have top top the environment and human health.

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