Oh no! The job are gaining colder and also it is time to put away your SeaDoo or Yamaha jet ski until following year. If friend live in a heat climate, possibly you deserve to simply store your jet ski in a wet dock and also “winterizing” is much more a number of speech; however, if friend live in a state where the temperature drops space drastic and include freezing weather, your jet ski will certainly require complete winterization and storage. Your model’s manual will it is in your best friend once it comes to detailed instructions for some winterizing procedures, yet for a quick overview, look no further!

Empty the end your equipment from the storage compartments

As girlfriend prepare for winterization, take this chance to clean the end your warehouse compartments. Take out the towels, toys, and also other items and give each compartment a thorough wipe-down to make sure they are clean and dry. Think about leaving them contempt cracked to protect against moisture from obtaining trapped, and also think about throwing in a dryer paper or peppermint spray ~ above a rag come deter pets from nesting.

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2014 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX Storage tub

Drain the end leftover water

Because jet skis use the water they space in as a way to cool their mechanism while the engine is running, it’s necessary to make sure every one of that fluid is removed prior to storage. Moisture is the bane of save vehicles, and also jet skis are no exception. Tilt her jet ski up at the front so that gravity no work versus you. You deserve to do this top top a boat ramp, a jet ski lift, or lift the front using materials lying around your garage. Start it up and leave it running for 30 seconds, transforming the accelerator periodically. Turn it off, climate repeat the process a couple of times till no much more water comes out.

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For cooler climates: operation anti-freeze through your system

If you live in one area v winters the reach below freezing, and also if you’ll be storing her jet-ski outside, to run anti-freeze with your mechanism prevents any leftover moisture from expanded and also cracking the surroundings as the temperature drops. Mix 1:1 water and also RV anti-freeze in a 5-gallon bucket, ar a water tap or water pump in the do the washing up outlet and put the opposite finish in her solution. Then, rotate the engine on and off until the mixture has passed v the exhaust system.

Thoroughly clean the outside

If you live in one area through winters the reach below freezing, and if you’ll be storing your jet-ski outside, to run anti-freeze with your device prevents any type of leftover humidity from expanded and also cracking its surroundings together the temperature drops. Mix 1:1 water and also RV anti-freeze in a 5-gallon bucket, place a hose or water pump in the do the washing up outlet and also put the opposite finish in your solution. Then, turn the engine on and off until the mixture has passed with the exhaust system.

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Stabilize & optimal up her fuel

Always store your jet ski with a complete tank to prevent condensation from developing on any type of exposed surface within your fuel system. Include a stabilizer, then operation the engine in 30-second intervals so that it mixes in through your fuel. This will mitigate the hazard of her fuel break down, specifically if you will do it be storing her jet ski because that a long duration of time.

Lubricate seals, cables and exposed parts

Lubricate every seals and also cables utilizing a lubricant and also protectant recommended by your jet ski’s manufacturer, or one that you know to it is in safe. This will coat the components so that water can not corrode or otherwise weaken them throughout storage.

Spray fogging oil in the carburetor and spark plugs

Remember how we don’t choose moisture? Fogging oil coats important parts so the moisture can’t resolve on them and also cause corrosion. Eliminate the wait filter on your jet ski, then spray the carburetor and also spark plug cylinders through fogging oil. The best way to tackle this is to rotate on the engine and also spray it down while the engine in idling, till the engine stalls.

Remove her spark plugs, and spray fogging oil right into each hole for a couple of seconds. Then place a rag over the holes and also turn ~ above the jet ski so that the oil coats the inner parts without spraying oil everywhere. The engine most likely won’t rotate start at this point, and also that’s ok. Don’t forget to popular music the spark plugs and also the wait filter back in as soon as you’re done! This step also enables you to inspect your spark plugs and note if any kind of need to it is in replaced next season.

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Remove the battery & save it safely

The battery will many likely drainpipe over time if left in the jet ski. Disconnect the an adverse terminal, then the optimistic terminal, and also store the in her garage or an additional location that won’t get below freezing. Placing it top top a trickle-charge is recommended, and also never store a battery directly on concrete – location it ~ above a mat, or on another raised surface

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Prevent critters indigenous finding a new home

Cover the exhaust to protect against bugs and critters from crawling increase there trying to find a safe, protected home for the winter. There space plenty of materials to select from – steel wool, dryer sheets, and comparable material will both deter and administer a physical barrier to avoid those small suckers indigenous creeping in and also building nests.

Cover & store your jet ski in a certain location

For simple maintenance, store your jet ski top top its trailer. Take it the trailer wheels turn off to prevent flat spots and dry rot together it will be sitting for part time. No issue where you pick to store it, covering the jet ski is a must. Whether it’s a tarp or bona fide jet ski cover, it will protect against dust and also dirt from settling in the cracks and crevices throughout storage. Never store your jet ski in her house, as it will certainly emit fumes (it’s full of gas, after ~ all!).

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These simple steps will keep your jet ski save on computer safely till it’s time come de-winterize it and also get it ago into the water.

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Before beginning the winterization process, you re welcome be sure to double-check with your PWC’s manufacturer manual to see if there room model-specific steps that need to be included.