Kingdom understanding 3 has actually not just a post-game epilogue, but likewise what manager Tetsuya Nomura call a “secret movie.” The scene calls for extra in-game effort to unlock: Players should collect a certain number of Lucky Emblems first, depending on their challenge level.

But the absolutely worth placing the time in to clock this beautiful, bizarre, eyebrow-raising clip, due to the fact that it points at a potentially wild future for the series.

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<Warning: We space heading straight into spoiler are for Kingdom mind 3, beginning ... Now.>

How do I unlock the secret movie?

Step one is the exact same for unlocking the epilogue: finish the video game through the finish credits. ~ that, the mystery movie will only be included to the Theater mode if players picture the required number of Lucky Emblems, Mickey Mouse-shaped point out scattered throughout Kingdom Hearts 3’s worlds. The number required varies based on which an obstacle setting lock selected from the start. Players on the Beginner an obstacle need to find all 90 the the lucky Emblems; play on Standard needs taking pictures of at the very least 60 of them; anyone that cranked it approximately Proud level needs to just discover 30 Emblems.

After meeting that criterion, the secret movie, referred to as “Yozora,” will certainly unlock.


all the Kingdom understanding backstory you require to completely understand Kingdom mind 3

What wake up in the secret movie?

The first shot is that a enjoy in a puddle, showing what appear to be two brightly fancy areas: one blue, one orange. Climate we see a familiar, resting face. That Sora, who has actually conked the end in the middle of wherever-this-is.

Sora rises, admiring his surroundings. Cut to Riku awakening what else, but vaguely similar. Turns out both guys are currently in cities vastly uneven anything we’ve ever before seen in Kingdom Hearts before — modern, Japanese metropolitan areas, v cars and traffic cones, and skyscrapers dotting the skyline. And we actually have seen among these urban before.

The Shibuya Scramble, JRPG-style. Square Enix it looks like a variation of Tokyo. You’ll identify (a variation of) the Shibuya 109 building and also the well known Shibuya Scramble crosswalk, i m sorry Sora stands in the center of. And if did you do it played The people Ends v You, you’ll understand this Shibuya redux much better than anybody; the the exact same one that shows up in Square Enix’s 2007 role-playing game.

Meanwhile, Riku is in a less acquainted area that Tokyo, and he’s gift watched by a familiar-looking man sitting on peak of a building close by. And on another tower, a male in black robes, the kind worn through members of company XIII, provides a heart through his hands about the moon.

And, scene.

Why are Sora and also Riku in Tokyo?

No clue. The finishing of Kingdom mind 3 shows Riku lucid and also hanging out through Naminé in the main civilization of the series, perfectly well-aware of where he is.

Meanwhile, Sora went turn off to discover Kairi as per usual, yet we have actually no reason to think that he dropped asleep top top the way, or that it would require a pilgrimage to Tokyo. And also certainly not the Tokyo of an entirely different, pre-existing Square Enix game!

What go this have to do through The people Ends with You?

The human being Ends v You, a Square Enix-made action RPG re-released ~ above Nintendo Switch critical fall, adheres to a boy called Neku in his own quest to conserve his friends and also the world. Unlike most fantasy RPGs, this one is collection in a tweaked version of Shibuya. The tell that this is the exact same Shibuya in the mystery movie is the Shibuya 104 building. That’s how TWEWY re-brands the landmark department store.

Neku helps the end a drowsy Sora in Dream autumn Distance. Square Enix It’s no outlandish to assume there’s a connection between the 2 games, even past that. For one, Square Enix has actually never been over including characters from that other collection in Kingdom understanding (although strangely not in Kingdom understanding 3). Neku appeared in Kingdom mind 3D: Dream drop Distance, alongside his friends. They tutor Sora in the area that Traverse Town, i beg your pardon is where final Fantasy’s Squall (aka Leon) uses early-game mentorship to Sora in the very an initial Kingdom understanding game. And Kingdom understanding staffers operated on TWEWY, including Tetsuya Nomura, that maintains fondness for it.

Who is the human being watching Riku?

An original character is eyeing Riku in the secret movie. We actually fulfill that human briefly earlier in Kingdom understanding 3 — he’s Yozora, the hero the Verum Rex, a fictional video clip game whose teaser is the explosive intro to the Toy Story world.

Rex the dino confuses Sora for his beloved Yozora throughout that level; it’s very cute and also meta. But Yozora in reality looks an ext like Riku, many thanks to their an in similar way colored hair. We assumed Yozora was simply a video clip game personality in the Kingdom hearts canon, yet maybe the activity hero is in reality a real-world (in a path of speaking) villain.

Does that mean Verum Rex is a real game?

We have no idea what Square Enix is increase to, so who to say? yes sir speculation that Verum Rex is plan to be a referral to Final Fantasy matches 13, the game that went on to end up being Final Fantasy 15. Pan think the area Riku is in the mystery movie looks favor city the Insomnia native FF15, when a music cue sounds prefer one indigenous the initial Final Fantasy versus 13 teaser. But director Tetsuya Nomura has a lot of on his plate, and maybe Verum Rex will proceed to it is in an ode to Square Enix’s catalogue, and also nothing much more than that.

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There room some similarities in between Insomnia and also where Riku ended up ... If you desire to check out them. Square Enix (Oh, also? Yozora’s name way “night sky” in Japanese. Therefore does Noctis Caelum, aka the lead of FF15, in Latin.)

Who is the guy in the black cloak?

We have actually a feeling it’s the understand of Masters, who remains unseen. He’s the man who kicked turn off the occasions that brought about Kingdom understanding in the very first place, and plays critical role in the game’s epilogue. While numerous Kingdom hearts villains wear black color robes, the grasp of masters is the only one whose confront has constantly been fully covered. Perhaps this is a authorize that Yozora, and also TWEWY, and also Riku, and Sora are the keys to figuring out who he is, once and also for all.

Is this Kingdom hearts 4-related?

Who to know what’s up through Kingdom Hearts at present, permit alone in the future? yet we kind of hope the this is what’s next for Kingdom Hearts, even if it is it’s DLC or one entirely new game. (It’s certainly more interesting to united state JRPG nerds 보다 the density of the Keyblade battle storyline that the epilogue it s okay into.)