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Last updated: august 30, 2021
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There is a wide variety of swimming pool tables on the market, indigenous affordable swimming pool tables to the much more expensive, experienced models. There are additionally several brand to choose from, offering you a huge an option of pool tables to take into consideration if you desire to gain one for her home game room. Though you must look at every one of the attributes on the tables you’re looking at, one of the most vital is what the beat area is do of, which will be either slate or wood.

Not anyone knows just how to phone call if a swimming pool table is slate or wood, though, so the is a great idea to find out the difference in between these two before you choose your brand-new table. Luckily, there are a few different ways to identify which one is used, without acquisition the table personal to peek under the felt. As soon as you find out the differences between these two options, you’ll have the ability to tell which among these materials is provided on any type of pool table friend come across.

Slate or wood?

Before pointing out the differences between slate and wood for pool tables, it is a an excellent idea to first learn what each of these materials is and also why they room used. Slate is the most usual material supplied for the playing surfaces of pool tables because that a few reasons.

First the all, slate is a type of absent that has actually been cut closely to create a smooth, flat surface. The slate provided on pool tables is usually ¾ come 1-inch thick, depending on the dimension of the table. Older models will certainly likely have slate because that the playing surface because this is the an ext traditional option. Slate can also be one solid item or cut into three pieces that are fitted with each other to type the smooth surface.

The wood supplied in swimming pool tables is generally Medium-Density Fiberboard or MDF, i m sorry is produced by compressing little wood fibers with each other to type a level piece. Though this still provides a decent play surface, lumber is an ext likely to warp if spills occur on your swimming pool table, so that is best treated through a good amount the care. It does still have actually its place, depending upon what you’re searching for in a pool table.


If you’re trying to decide whether a swimming pool table provides slate or wood, one of the best ways to execute so is to inspect out the load of it. Slate is incredibly heavy, which friend may have actually noticed if you’ve ever before had to move any of the Olhausen pool tables. Every one of their pool tables, including the Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Belmont pool Table, use slate for the play area. This renders them complicated to relocate without a few extra hand to aid you elevator them.


So, how hefty is swimming pool table slate? Well, the complete surface the the table, whether in one or 3 pieces, typically weighs about 450 pounds in total. And the heavy slate, the materials needed to support this product also add to the pool table’s weight. A heavy-duty lumber frame linked with thick, solid legs and also heavy slate can result in tables weighing almost everywhere from 650 come 1000 pounds.

The pool tables that usage MDF because that their play surface, i beg your pardon is used on a couple of of the Mizerak swimming pool tables ~ above the market, are lot lighter 보다 the slate models. Not just does the lumber playing surface ar weigh much less than slate, yet they likewise don’t need as hefty materials because that support, i m sorry reduces the all at once weight of the pool table significantly. Girlfriend can find a decent timber table it is under 300 pounds, with some weighing only fifty percent or a third of that.


You’ve most likely touched both stone and hardwood at some point in your life, for this reason you know that rock tends to be cool, hard, and also smooth while wood is dense and a little bit rough. The very same goes because that the slate and MDF products used for a swimming pool table playing area.

Of course, the is difficult to uncover a place that enables you to touch this area because it is spanned with felt and surrounded through the rails the the pool table. Over there is one area that you may be maybe to accessibility this material, though, i m sorry is the pockets. If girlfriend reach into one the them and also find the sheet of the fabric covering the play area, friend may be able to feel those beneath it. Noþeles cold and hard will be a slate table while a dense material will be the MDF.


If she walking approximately a pool table showroom, girlfriend don’t also need to lift or touch the pool tables to understand if they space slate or wood. This also helps once shopping online due to the fact that not every site display screens all the essential features in its descriptions. Because that these instances, the best method to know which material is offered for the pool table is come look at the price tag. Great slate swimming pool tables will cost between $1800 and $3000, so also these cheaper models are quite pricey and likely out of some budgets.

MDF tables are much much more budget-friendly because they are priced at about $1500 because that the deluxe tables yet can likewise be to buy for fifty percent of that or much less if you room willing come sacrifice a little bit on the attributes to save some money. That course, if you want a long-lasting table, cheaper isn’t normally the ideal option, so a slate table or a an ext expensive MDF design will it is in a much better choice.



Anyone picking up a swimming pool cue for the first time most likely won’t know the difference between a slate swimming pool table and also a lumber one however professionals have the experience necessary to identify the product from the method the balls role on the table during a game.

When you take it a shooting on a slate table, no matter how much strength you put right into it, the balls seem come roll an ext smoothly throughout the surface. Balls also seem to go farther with more powerful shots top top a slate table when contrasted to an the same shot top top a hardwood table.

This is likely since slate is a lot smoother surface ar than wood, due to the parallel grains in the rock. Timber grains are irregular, expecially when you take into consideration that the MDF is formed wood. Though the differences are subtle and likely unnoticeable to the untrained eye, those who know what come look for will pick a slate table every time.


Though you might not usually choose to gain down on her hands and knees and crawl about on the floor, if you desire to check out the product that is used, this is the only means to do it. Once on the ground, you can look in ~ the table to watch which one the is.

Slate and also wood are different colors, therefore this is the best way to tell. Slate is gray, differing from irradiate to dark, depending on the pool table. MDF is colored irradiate brown, so also with minimal lighting, friend should be able to distinguish one product from the other. Friend can additionally reach up and touch lock if you’re currently beneath the table, feeling the product used to aid you figure this out.

1-piece or 3-piece slate?

Pool tables the use timber for the play area will use one solid item for this. As soon as it comes to slate, there could be a solid item or it might be 3 pieces that fit together to form the smooth playing surface ar of the pool table, favor what is supplied for the Mizerak Donovan II 8-foot Billiard Table. So, exactly how do you tell if a pool table is 3-piece slate?

The an initial thing to perform when exploring the slate in the pool table is to place yourself beside the facility pocket. Slide your finger to the left the this pocket until it is centered in between the two markers ~ above the rail. Look beneath the table in ~ this spot.

If there is a clearly shows seam or gap in the slate here, this speak you the there room 3 pieces of it provided to do the playing surface ar of the table. If there space no clearly shows gaps, climate it is a 1-piece slate swimming pool table. 1-piece models also include 2 solid foot panels beneath the table rather of 4 edge legs for extra assistance for the solid slate piece.

Final thoughts

With so many different varieties and styles available, you might not know exactly how to call if a swimming pool table is slate or wood. Not every brand or website is overly forthcoming with its product descriptions, for this reason it can be tough to figure out if friend don’t understand what to look for. Luckily, there space several ways to determine which is which, as long as you understand what to look for.

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Slate tables space heavier, an ext expensive, gray in color, and also offer smoother gameplay, when MDF tables room light brown, with a low price and higher portability. Though much more advanced players might prefer the slate models, the wood ones do have their place, therefore be sure to take into consideration what every one needs to offer prior to choosing one for her home.