How come Tame a Wild Tongue Essay: ‘How come Tame a Wild Tongue’ is a chapter from the publication called, ‘Borderlands/La Frontera: The new Mestiza’, written by Gloria E. Anzaldua. She had a Chicano origin and also mainly target Chicano readers.

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Gloria talks around the various difficulties faced by Chicanos to discover their national identity and also speak their mom tongue without are afraid or shame, especially throughout the period of immigrant controversies. The chapter deals with Anzaldua’s take on language and social identity.

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How come Tame a Wild Tongue starts through the author’s experience at a dentist’s chamber, and according to the dentist, that is she ‘tongue’ which to be the real worry here and not the teeth. The means she has referred come this whole incident metaphorically denotes to she language and cultural identity. The author has also shared experience from childhood which have left deep scars behind.

The resides of the Chicano human being living in ~ the border of the USA and also Mexico are difficult. It reveals the political, spiritual and socio-economical influence of the European occupation on the natives that the borderlands. Anzaldua didn’t want to let go of she maternal language and also her Chicano identity. She proves the futility of transforming one’s mother tongue and speaking fads by switching between Spanish and also English. The author has mutual one of she experiences at institution where an Anglo-American teacher punished her for talking ago at her who couldn’t pronounce Anzaldua’s name.

The author has likewise discussed the cultural and gendered impacts of a language. Girls room taught to talk less or not to questioning too numerous questions at very early age. In plenty of parts of Mexico, the female many is Spanish is not considered in the language. Plenty of natives living below think that the Spanish language is getting ruined as human being are an ext inclined to find out American English.

Gloria has described an advancement of the Spanish language in different parts of the world. Chicano Spanish is the mix of Spanish, English and Native American words. But due come this combination of various language, the Chicano Spanish language is not considered as a pure language and has to be criticized by many. Thus, Chicano civilization are not comfortable in expressing themselves, and also they have actually been oppressed and humiliated because ages now by the Americans.

Anzaldua expresses her disgrace to this be suppressive on the Chicano aboriginal language. Language is a component of someone’s identity and also is a matter of pride and also self-esteem. Every language in this world is special and reflects respective cultures. She develops a solid relationship between her identity and also different languages. Follow to she expression the heterogeneous people, she advert to individuals with a variety of traits face difficulties in explaining themselves and also the difference in identity and also background additionally become obstacles for them.

In this essay, the writer specifies the a certain accent i do not care her single identity. In spite of having self-esteem issues, the author does not want that to specify her identity. The essay highlights the author’s experience of living in a neighborhood that has struggled a many for establishing their identity for a long time and has to be utterly humiliated through the Americans.

Anzaldua says that language is integrated within oneself. The Chicanos feel a feeling of belong through various Mexican books, poetry and movies, and thus they obtain an outside reinforcement of your heritage and also culture. Anzaldua defines the excessive pressure ~ above them come forget their mom tongue. Civilization in the borderlands are often confused about which side carry out they belong to and also which language come speak. The Chicano human being have to be patient transparent the constant conflicts and confusions hoping at some point this will surely end.


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The essay explains the struggles challenged by the Chicano world living in the borderland between the USA and also Mexico. Gloria E. Anzaldua, the author, has actually cited miscellaneous experiences from she life whereby she has actually been looked down upon because that speaking her mommy tongue.

Gloria has declared that her language and her dialect specify her identity. In she life, she has actually been humiliated from speak Chicano Spanish, which has lowered her self-esteem. Lately, she has actually realized a language is the an essential identity that a person, and also one must not be ashamed that his/her maternal language. Language and cultural identity are inseparable. Political, geographical and also economic backgrounds recognize both. Chicano world throughout their lives have actually been oppressed for speaking a blended language and also are pressurized to remove their mommy tongue.

Gloria’s writing layout is really poetic sufficient to admire readers. Also, she has used Spanish words below to emphasize the importance of her mom tongue. The is ideal to it is in different, and an individual should resist the impacts which pressure him/her to change their identity.

10 lines on just how to Tame a Wild Tongue in English

How to Tame a Wild Tongue, written by Gloria E. Anzaldua is an essay concentrating on the prominence of language on one’s identity.The writer uses both English and Spanish words without translation together a cheat to demonstrate the break of languages in genuine life.Gloria has stated that her female identity is in danger, along with the Chicano dialect.The function of mexico movies and also books are vital for the Chicano existence.One shouldn’t be ashamed of their maternal language.Cultural identity and language space inseparable, as proclaimed in this essay.The essay describes the lives of human being living in the borderlands.Chicano Spanish is thought about heterogeneous.There is immense pressure top top these world to forget their mother tongues.Gloria rightfully defines the duty of language as it forms the backbone the one’s personality.


FAQ’s on how to Tame a Wild Tongue Essay

Question 1.What is the metaphor used as ‘wild tongue’?

Answer: Wild tongue way one’s language, i m sorry is only embraced in his/her aboriginal land and is criticize vastly.

Question 2.

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Who has written how to Tame a Wild Tongue?

Answer:Gloria E. Anzaldua

Question 3. What is the main emphasis of this essay?

Answer: The main focus is ~ above the obstacles faced by Chicanos for speaking their mother tongue.