If you’re trying to find the easiest methods to take screenshot on laptop, you’ve involved the right place. This post shows you exactly how to take screenshots on laptop quickly and easily. Just shot the tips below.

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How come take screenshots on laptop easily?

Tip 1: Use keyboard shortcutsto screenshot the entire screen and also an active window

If you want to take screenshot on your laptop and also then use them in an app, the quickest way is utilizing Windows keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to take it a screenshot the the entire screen, push the Print screen orPrtSc key.

The entire display will be captured and also automatically replicated to the home windows clipboard. Then you deserve to paste the screenshot right into Paint, word or any kind of other apps.

If you want to take a screenshot the an energetic window, push Alt+PrtScn.

Select the home window you desire to capture, then push the Alt and PrtScn secrets at the exact same time, and also the picture will it is in taken and copied to the clipboard.

You deserve to only use these Windows key-board shortcuts to capture the entire display screen or a single window. If you desire to capture a selected area and also edit the screenshot, you must use other techniques — shot Tip 2 or 3, below.

Tip 2:Use clipping Tool to take and also edit screenshots

Snipping tool is a pre-installed system tool for screenshot. You deserve to use the to capture your screen and do some an easy editing. Here’s exactly how to use snipping Tool to take screenshots on laptop:

Type snipin the home windows search box, and select Snipping Tool from the results.At snipping Tool, click Newto record a screenshot.

Move the crosshair to wherein you desire to begin the screenshot, then traction to select an area.

Note: If you want to cancel, press Esc prior to you click.


Click the Save Snip symbol to conserve the screenshot.

Note: You deserve to save the photo in PNG or JPEG format.


If you want to perform some special editing and enhancing with her screenshots and also then re-publishing them v your pals, you can try Tip 3, below.

Tip 3: use Snagitto take, edit and share screenshots (Recommended)

There are many screenshot apps available on the Web. Among them, us recommendSnagit.

Snagitis a screenshot routine with photo editing and also screen record features. You can use the to take a screenshot quickly, you can modify the screenshot conveniently with its advanced image editing tools, and also you can even catch videos.

Here’s exactly how to screenshot v Snagit:

Run and also sign in the program, climate click theCapturebutton.
Move the tip to wherein you desire to start the screenshot, climate drag to select one area. Or hover over a home window or area to auto-select it, climate left click your mouse to record the area.
Click thecameraicon on the toolbar to conserve your screenshot together an image.
Edit her imagein the pop-upSnagit Editorwindow. You have the right to addshapes,text,effects, ormake adjustmentsto her image.
Save your photo or click theSharebutton in the upper right edge to re-publishing the image.

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Note:You can only try the full version that Snagit for 15 days. You’ll should purchase it when the free trial is over.