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If her child has a well loved American Girl doll favor we do, this tip on exactly how to resolve American Girl Doll Hair might be a life saver!
How To solve American Girl Doll Hair
In our home we LOVE American Girl Dolls. My girl anxiously await their 8th date of birth to get their very first doll. In the last couple of years our arsenal sure has grown.
Sadly because that Lily (my oldest’s first doll) i knew nothing about them. I had actually no idea there was a unique brush you essential to buy, I just let her play. The hair proved it! We chose that when she was prepared to put her doll increase to conserve for her own girls, we would certainly send her to the doll hospital to have actually her hair fixed. She to be happy through this solution and it is nice to recognize that is always an option.
Then my 3rd daughter last year was gifted a beautiful Molly. She LOVES her! Molly hair originally comes in braids and this particular one is 20+ year old therefore while she is in wonderful problem her hair to be a tiny dry. She hair is typically in braids, so we never had a plan to send her in for anything to it is in done through her hair because we love her just as she is.
One job someone discussed a quick method to settle their hair. Ns was an extremely tempted to try it but additionally reluctant due to the fact that the dolls are expensive. I talked to my oldest and we decided due to the fact that we knew her doll’s hair needed help we would try it out.

My daughter want me to try a tiny curl, that looks so lot better! (To the left over there it watch a small dry still in this snapshot but it all looks much better in actual life.)
I think if I had actually just done she hair right it would be much easier to tell just how much smoother it is yet take my word because that it, it’s SO lot better. She had poor hair. Now it’s so cute again.
Now, mine review. This does not make the dolls hair like new because if you’ve had actually a brand-new doll friend know just how that feels. However it does do an exceptional job. Mine daughters were both therefore happy with just how much much better the doll’s hair was. It brought new life right into them, ns am for this reason happy this worked and it didn’t take it 20 hours like some of the things I’ve read.

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Now i am sure you’re wonder what ns did to make their hair look so pretty again and you’re probably gonna it is in shocked as soon as I call you…
I love this straightener, I have actually used one come it’s death and also have purchased 2 much more since mine daughters have actually all gained older. It works on every one of our hair from super thick to nice fine. This straightener has settings 1-30, I had it collection all the method down come 1 for the doll’s hair. PLEASE if you shot this, revolve your straightener under all the method to the shortest setting. Test her doll’s hair with your straightener in the bottom back of the hair 1st to see how it does. I took small sections of the hair and slowly worked my way from the root to the end of the hair. It take it a while however was precious it.(Not every straighteners heat the very same which is why ns am suggesting you try a ago under item of the hair 1st. We started with a doll who we knew necessary serious help. Ns wouldn’t usage this for simply a small amount of dry/frizziness, proceed at your own risk!).Make sure you have an American Girl Doll brush before starting this process, friend will desire to start at the bottom that the hair and also brush the hair really well before straightening. Girlfriend can also use a spray party to lightly dampen the hair v water prior to straightening. Execute not organize the straightener top top the hair in one place, you must use little sections of hair for this reason it’s basic to on slide the straightener with the hair without pausing. Because of the low temperature the the straightener friend may have to go end the exact same section that hair multiple times, us recommend not transforming up the temperature as you don’t desire to melt the hair.
I often see enlarge AG dolls because that sale who have hair the is a small rough. My girls want much more dolls for this reason we’re constantly looking for some of the older retirement ones (one really desires Felicity). Now the hair doesn’t have to scare me so much due to the fact that I deserve to fix American Girl Doll hair. And also some little girls desire a doll but let’s it is in honest, they’re no cheap so perhaps her family can’t afford one. Here’s an choice for castle to acquire one too!
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