Knowing her Madden 22 playbooks is crucial if you’re to ascend past the standard online tactic of throwing deep shots come a 95-speed large receiver as soon as you autumn a touchdown behind. They’re accessed in two different ways in Madden 22. Exhibition matches (and most other modes) enable you to utilise playbooks developed by the community, while ultimate Team restricts you to those currently in the game. Together a result, this piece concentrates on ripe of the best: the peak seven main offense and also defense playbooks, followed by the finest two fan-created ones. Simply remember you can’t usage the last pair in MUT. Got that? Onward, then, with your Madden 22 playbooks guide.

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Madden 22 playbooks: the top 4 offense tactics

Shotgun, Singleback, and a sneaky little of Wildcat: these room the playbooks to take into consideration if you"re going come torch your adversary for 60 minutes.

Baltimore Ravens - john Harbaugh

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With Madden 21 covering star Lamar Jackson behind facility in actual life, the Ravens’ in-game playbook attributes lots of choices for quarterback runs. Indigenous the Shotgun collection there are 17 various formations available, providing you ample time to decision whether come take turn off or pump the sphere downfield. 11 Pistol sets additionally deliver many of sports if your choice is to plough through the opposition’s defensive line. Simply make sure you’re using a cell phone QB because that this playbook, or its key strengths space going to be wasted.

Tennessee Titans - Mike Vrabel

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Whether you’re a pass-first maverick or an up-the-gut possession obsessive, the Titans’ playbook offers great balance – through one an essential wrinkle. The Wildcat has actually largely gone out of fashion, but Tennessee’s tactical collection consists of three plays from a Wildcat > Slot Flex formation: Power, Counter, and also Jet Touch Pass. If you’re crawl on a playbook through a Wildcat option yet this one doesn’t take your fancy, also check the end those belonging come Miami, Atlanta and also Pittsburgh.

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Offering ripe Singleback formations alongside six I type ones, this is a playbook constructed for run-first coaches. Don’t fear going behind, however. 15 various Shotgun formations also allow you come switch into gunslinger mode, through Bunch Wide particularly useful way of leaving an opponent in disarray ~ above one side of the field. The playbook’s old-school-ness method you may want to invest part coins in a decent full back if you’re utilizing it in can be fried Team: largely to block, but likewise as a low-key happen option.

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Super key champs in 2020, Super bowl runners-up in 2021: inevitably the Chiefs’ Shotgun-heavy playbook is a ton the fun, with numerous deep pass options, tight-end outs and QB keepers. Pitch perfect because that Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and also Patrick Mahomes respectively, but more than serviceable with various other squads, too.

Madden 22 playbooks: the optimal three defense tactics

Offense wins matches. Defense wins championships. Learn and master these 3 tactical ideologies to save your opponents off the field.

New England Patriots - NE Coach

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Bill Belichick has spent two years collecting Super bowl rings for fun, and also a major factor in his leading tenure as new England coach has actually been fix up defense. Unconventional blitzes feature in every development here, v your opponent’s pre-snap planning an interpretation little as soon as you send a safety, cornerback and also outside linebacker after its QB. It’s a catalogue the curiosity which have the right to be a touch bewildering for the Madden noob – in i beg your pardon case, permit the AI contact your plays utilizing the in-game Coach suggestion tab.

(Image credit: EA)

Belichick’s former lieutenant Tom Brady snagged his seventh Super key ring in January 2021 – and while the ex-Pat was imperious as ever, the Bucs’ swarming, suffocating defense play a an essential role too. As such, this playbook by a 3-4 base front where large linemen look at to protect against runs, and also quick linebackers buzz about to protect the outside and/or rest up happen plays. As with the Ravens’ attack playbook, check your team has actually players to complement this strategy before committing because that the long-haul.

Minnesota Vikings - Mike Zimmer

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For a an ext old-fashioned approach than those deployed in brand-new England and Tampa Bay, take it a punting (not the kicking kind) ~ above the Vikes. Their standard 4-3 defense counts on two ends and also two tackles, v five different formations to select from: Normal, Odd, Over, over Plus and wide 9. 2 Goal heat formations allow monster end-zone stands, when Nickel, large Nickel, Dollar and Prevent sets have the right to be referred to as upon if you’re concerned about being beaten in the air. This playbook wouldn’t look the end of place in Madden ‘93 – however it quiet proves extremely effective.

Madden 22 playbooks: the peak two user-created tactics

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Want to manipulate user-made playbooks? very first you require to know how. Native the main Menu, scroll to the four little square panels top top the much right. Now pick Rosters & Playbooks, then Share & manage Files. Finally, select Download neighborhood Files. From below you’re presented through a ridge of fan-created tactics for use on both sides of the ball. You have the right to search because that a details playbook or username by utilizing triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox), or cycle with sorting categories such as Likes, Dislikes and Downloads making use of square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox).

CHEESE1 - SeanathornOAK_

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On PS5, the most amazing playbook I’ve discovered so far is called CHEESEV1, by ‘SeanathornOAK_’. It has an astonishing 21 Shotgun formations, therefore if your plan is to hammer your adversary with an all-out air-raid across four quarters then you certainly need come grab it. Otherwise the playbook’s make-up is five Singleback formations, 5 in Pistol, and also two I form variations. Don’t make this her default tactic if you’re keen to ground and pound.


(Image credit: EA)

Strong customised defensive playbooks are difficult to come by during the at an early stage stages that the Madden season, yet JEDICAPRICORN, by ‘chavez54’, is fine worth a look. It’s even much more balanced 보다 the Vikings D discussed above, through some old-fashioned 4-3 run-plugging sets, but plenty the Nickel, Dime and Dollar options too. Nickel 2-4-5 Dbl A Gap and also Quarter 1-3-7 are specifically useful against online squads keen to choose on her cornerbacks and safeties through deep sideline throws.

Still need more ways to gain ahead in EA’s new NFL sim? climate jump on over to our Madden 22 advice guide.

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