I"ve had a ton of human being ask me "exactly how did you paint your parts prefer that?". Well the correct term is "paint splatter" and also it"s less complicated than you can think. Below I"m going to expose exactly how I paint splattered my pro scooter components and also I"ll let you understand around every little thing you are going to need.

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First off allows begin via the tools you are going to require. Remember tbelow is even more than one method to paint splatter components, this is simply exactly how I did it.

The spray paint (whatever colors you desire. I did red, white and blue)However before many kind of colors you are selecting to paint, you require that amount of paint brushes (you"re splattering green and yellow? You require two paint brushes) The paint brushes deserve to be throw away brushes.A clean workspaceSomething that have the right to gain paint on it (I used significant painters tarps yet you could usage many thick newspaper or whatever).Some type of plastic. (garbage trash bags work)

That"s all the stuff you"ll require. The first point you are going to want to execute is decide which component you"re paint splattering. Once you have the part picked out examine to view if it requirements to be masked off or spanned any wbelow. Like if you"re splattering a deck, I would put tape wbelow the headcollection goes so you dont splatter that part.

Once you have that done you have to put up your workroom. Lets say you"re making use of a newspaper. set it on the ground and hang it in the ago because as soon as you splast the component paint is going to fly behind it and also you aren"t going to want anypoint to obtain paint on it, particularly not your moms nice wall.

Next off you"re going to desire to decide if you"re splattering the component exactly how it is or if you"re giving it a bass color. when I painted my Kota deck I initially painted it white then splattered it to make it "pop" more. If your splattering a black bar it can be a great principle to paint it white initially so the splast stands out even more.

Once you have actually provided your scooter component a base color (or not) you need to lay out the plastic. You"re going to desire to spray whatever before color you"re splattering heavy onto the plastic. Then easily take your paint brush, dip it in the spray paint, and also flick the paint brush at your part. The paint should splatter off your brush onto your scooter part. You have the right to flick harder and also softer, and also flick at various angles to offer it a different splast look. You will have to repeat the spraying process via virtually every flick as the spray paint will dry appropriate up on the plastic as quickly as you spray it. If you are splattering even more than one shade let your initially color sit for 30 minutes, then repeat the procedure through a brand-new color.

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Lastly, make sure to clean up your workspace. You dont desire to leave it a mess and irrate your mom and also dad. Hopecompletely your paint splattered part comes out sick and you love it!


(Lucky does not take obligation for damaged components or products throughout the painting procedure. We also recommend you have a parent supervise you while splattering).