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How come say thank you in Turkish: teşekkür ederim

Learning Turkish for travel or study? Let’s shot this term:

To say say thanks to you in Turkish: teşekkür ederimSay it out loud: “teh shake kur" dur im

You deserve to learn exactly how to speak thank you and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Turkish language cheat sheets. Us can help you do your following trip to another country even an ext fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some more helpful words in ours Turkish Courtesy/Questions category:

...the restroom – tuvalet (too" vah let)come with me – benimle gel (beh nim lay all)do you speak english? – İngilizce konuşmak? (een guh liz ya ko nush muk?)excuse me – afedersiniz (ah feh dar sinz)excuse me (to gain past) – lütfen (loot fahn)good / bad – iyi / kötü (ee yay / kuh tuh)how perform you say…? – nasil denilir? (nah seal din uh leer?)how lot is this? – ne kadar? (nay kah dar?)may I? (point in ~ chair, door) – buyurun (booh ya rahn)maybe – belki (bell kee)no difficulty – önemli değil (oh nahm lee dil)sorry – özür dilerim (oh zoo dih leer im)thank you – teşekkür ederim (teh shake kur" dur im)thanks – sağol (sahl)what is that? – bu ne? (boo nay?)where is… – nerede (neh" reh day)yes / no – evet / hayir (eh vet / hi year)you space welcome – bir şey değil (bee shay deal)

And here’s how to say thank you in other languages!

Arabic–Shukran lak (shuk ran lak)Chinese–Xièxiè! (Shiye Shiye!)Croatian–hvala (hvah luh)Czech–Děkuji (DYA kwee)Finnish–kiitos (kee eh tos)French–Merci (mehr see)German–danke (dahn kuh)Italian–grazie (gratz ee eh)Japanese–Arigato Gozaimasu (Ah Ree Gah Tow Goh Zai Mass)Korean–Gamsahapnida. (Gam Sa Ham Ni Da.)Polish–dziękuję (jen koo" yeh)Portuguese–Muito Obrigado/a (moo-ee too oh bree gah doo/dah)Russian–Spasibo (Spah сee bah)Spanish–gracias (grah see ahs)Swahili–ahsante (ah sahn tay)Thai–Khop Khun Khrap/Kha (kop koon krahp/KAH)Turkish–teşekkür ederim (teh shake kur" dur im)Vietnamese–Cảm Ơn (Kam Uhn)

The expression "thank you" (teşekkür ederim) is possibly the most important thing to find out in Turkish or any other language. Showing gratitude for a an easy act, choose explaining directions, offer food, assist with luggage, is among the many valuable way of connecting with others in a international culture. If you have actually the alternative of discovering multiple version of "thank you", such together a formal method of speak it and a much more casual version, learn both and learn what cases to use each version. Thank you because that visiting bsci-ch.org - we think our language sheets make travel much more fun and also immersive. Obtain instant accessibility to the Turkish Language Set. Have a great trip, and also thanks for protecting against by!

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