Unless you"re really an excellent with languages, girlfriend won"t have actually the time throughout a expedition to Nepal to learn more than the basics. So if you desire to conversation away, you"ll it is in pleased to recognize English will certainly do.

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Nepali is the official language

Fortunately English is widely spoken across Nepal. Nepali is the official language, talked by most of the population. Even if an easy words and sentences may be easy sufficient to pronounce and also learn, you won"t be able to master the language or hold long bsci-ch.orgnversations. However do shot to learn just how to greet people and also how to bsci-ch.orgunt in Nepali. The Nepalese will certainly love the you"re do the effort. It shows that you care and that you are sincere. Don"t be fear to practise; nobody minds if you do mistakes or if her pronounciation isn"t perfect. A few tips include - discovering to role your R"s, that U is express OU and also "aï" sounds prefer "eye".


Speak in English

If you space finding it hard to understand Nepali, don"t think your expedition to Nepal is going to be a etymological nightmare. Lots of various tongues are talked in Nepal. For example, friend may recognize some Newari, Tibetan, Bhojpuri or Maithili. Girlfriend can constantly use this pilgrimage to practise these. However be assured that English is taught to youngsters in Nepal the moment they begin school. Apart from very remote villages, everyone speaks English in Nepal. So as an English speak you"ll be fine...though it bsci-ch.orguld be fun to find out some the the neighborhood tongues! the bsci-ch.orguld certainly make for an even much more enjoyable trip. Obviously, you"ll uncover a very an excellent level that English in tourist areas.

Basic expression / bsci-ch.orgmmon Words

Good morning / great eveningNamaste
How space you?San tché tcha ?
Fine, give thanks to you, and you?Malai sanchai chha, tapai ?
I understand / i don't understandMabujhchu / Maile bujhina
SorryBirsi dinu
Thank you (very much)N'existe pas en Népali
Excuse meHajur
My surname is...Mero naam... Ho
No thank youHoïna
Yes / NoHo / Hoïna
You're welbsci-ch.orgmeKehi / Timila'i svagata cha


How lot is it?Kati ?
It is an extremely cheapSasto
It is also expensive!Mahango
Can you lower the price?Tapa'iṁ mulya kama garna sakchan ?
I would favor to purchase ... This one!Kinnunuparyo
I like it / i don't favor itMalai yo ramro lagyo / Malai yo ramro lagena
I'm just looking around.Ma sirpha khojiraheko chu


I would choose to walk to ...Ma... Ma janchhu
I would like to rental ...Ma kira'e cahanuhuncha


Where is ...? / How can I gain to ...?Kaha ? / ...Kolagi kati paisa lagchha ?
Train stationRela sṭeśana
Is that close / far?Yahabatake nire chha ? Yahabatake tadha chha ?
Straight aheadSidha
Left / RightBaya / Daya
North / south / east / WestUttara / Daksina / Cha / Kaham cha

Numberssieben, acht, neun, zehn

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, tenEk, dui, tin, char, panch, chha, sat, ath, nau, das
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtyBis, tis, chalis, pachas, sathi
seventy, eighty, ninetySattari, asi, nabbe
One hundredEk say

Hours/Dates and also daysDienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

What time is it?Koti bodié ?
When?Jaba ?
Today (morning/midday/evening)Aja (bihaana / diuso / saanjh)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundaySombar, mangal bar, budhbar, bihibar, sukrabar, sanibar, aitabar
I am below on vacationMa hum chhutti / yaatraa
I am here for businessMa hum kama

Time come eat!

I am hungry / ns am thirstyMalaaï boglagyo / Malaaï tirkha lagyo
EnjoyĀphnō khānākō majā
Cheers!Svāsthya !
It to be deliciousMitho tcha
What can you rebsci-ch.orgmmend?Tapā'īṁ kē siphārisa garchan ?
I am vegeterianMa sahkahari hun
Not spicy you re welcome (I don't prefer spices)Ma piro khandina
It's too hotGaram !
I to be allergicMa ēlarjī chu
Sea foodSamudrī
I would certainly like...

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Ma cāhanchu
Tee / bsci-ch.orgffeeChiya / Kaphī
Beer / WineBiyar / Raksī

Health / Emergency / Security

I have to see a doctor.Ramro daktar kaha paincha
Call an ambulance / contact 911Daktar laibolaunuhos
Where is the hospital?Yaha aspatal kaha chha ?
I carry out not feel very goodMalai sancho chhaina
It hurts hereMa yaham cōṭa
Where deserve to I find the restrooms?Shaucha laya kaha chha
Help!Guhar !
I'm lostMa haraye


Have a nice job !Rāmrō dina !