Guten Tag! The German language has some wonderfully quirky sayings, and also sometimes, there is a template to them. Today we’re looking in ~ German sayings the all have actually one thing in common: A pig.

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There are plenty the sayings in German that usage the humble Schwein (pig) to do their point. Let’s obtain straight right into them! (Note: das Schwein is the basic term for pig, but die Sau – the exact same for a female pig – is likewise used).

The Pig In The German Language


Image: Pixabay

Schwein haben

Literally ‘to have actually pig’, this way ‘to be lucky’. It is the same as saying Glück haben (das Glück – luck). If someone has actually a punch of luck, you can say ‘Schwein gehabt!’, meaning ‘That was lucky!’. One concept is the this speak originated in the Mittelalter (Middle Ages), once das Ass (ace) in a deck of cards was called the Sau (swine), and also whoever attracted the Sau – the highest possible card- to be lucky.

Der innere Schweinehund

Literally ‘the within pig dog’, der innere Schweinehund describes the lazy component of yourself the tells girlfriend to continue to be in bed, and that you don’t really should go come the gym today, you deserve to postpone everything until tomorrow, and also so on. Carry out you have actually an innere Schweinehund?

Ich glaube, mein Schwein pfeift

Literally ‘I think, my pig whistles’, this is a method of exclaiming disbelief at a situation. It is comparable to the English saying ‘Well, ns never…!’ The reason you to speak ‘Ich glaube, mein Schwein pfeift’, is due to the fact that pigs clearly cannot whistle (pfeifen – come whistle).

Wir haben zusammen noch keine Schweine gehütet

Literally ‘We haven’t kept any pigs with each other yet’, this funny phrase is exactly how you’d tell someone ‘We don’t know each various other well enough yet because that that’. speak for example that someone wants to forego the formal method of speaking through you (using du instead of Sie), yet you don’t believe it’s appropriate, for whatever reason. Climate the justification would be this phrase – Wir haben zusammen noch keine Schweine gehütet. We don’t understand each various other well enough yet.Don’t understand yet about the formalities of Sie and also du? Click here to check out a post around it!

die Sau rauslassen

Literally ‘to allow the sow out’, this expression basically way to let loose, let your hair down and celebrate. As soon as a party is top top the cards after a long duration of exams, you might say, ‘Heute Abend lassen wir die Sau raus!’ The implication is that points will gain a little bit wild- together they would certainly if friend let a pig operation free!

die Sauklaue

Literally ‘sow’s claw’, this is the German word for ‘bad handwriting’. due to the rise of digital typing and also the to decrease of pen-and-paper writing, countless people’s handwriting is sloppy and messy, together they room out of practice. The German language likens this handwriting to a pig’s, as if a pig could write, your handwriting would probably be illegible. You would certainly say someone ‘has’ a Sauklaue. Example: ‘Sie cap eine Sauklaue’ – ‘She has actually awful handwriting’.

Use the Schwein and also Sau come replace other words, or to create emphasis


Image: Pixabay

Sometimes the word Schwein is provided in place of the word Mensch (person), for example, come express annoyance. Right here are some examples:

Wahrscheinlich guckt wieder kein Schwein

Literally ‘Probably no one pig is watching’, this is one expression of mild frustration. You could use it for those times as soon as you’re act something yes, really impressive, or trying to do a demonstration, however you’re guessing no one is paying attention.

Kein Schwein war da

Literally ‘No pig to be there’, this is also used come express mild frustration. Say you’ve arranged a meeting that no one transforms up to, then the next day who asks how the meeting was. Your reply can be ‘Kein Schwein battle da!’ (‘Not one single person to be there!’).

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Sometimes the word Sau is supplied in connect with other words to produce emphasis. An English tantamount would be adding the native ‘bloody’ in prior of the adjective:

Es ist kalt – that is coldEs ist saukalt! – that is bloody cold!Es ist schwer – the is hardEs ist sauschwer! – the is bloody hard!

Even easier uses

You can exclaim ‘Du Sau!’ if someone has actually made a mess (very informal – often used between parents and also children, because that example), or use words as one insult: ‘Blöde Sau’ (‘Stupid pig’) is one of my mum’s favourite phrases once talking about a woman who’s annoyed her!Note: As the word ‘Sau’ is the name for a mrs pig, calling who ‘blöde Sau’ just really provides sense if it’s a woman it’s directed at/referring to.

So now you recognize several means the word Schwein/Sau is provided in the German language!