over there is a well known movie Life is Beautiful - through Roberto Benigni make in 1997 with solid European themes.

In addition, the perfume that Julia Roberts promotes, La vie est belle, converts to Life is Beautiful.

My concern is: Is "La vie est belle" a details idiom in bsci-ch.org?



This sentence is a bit tricky. "La vie est belle" is a common sentence in bsci-ch.org yet it"s an idiom in one English-speaking context. Specifically, it"s thrown roughly as a token bsci-ch.org expression when world want to humorously speak something bsci-ch.org but don"t really understand what come say. It"s comparable to the expression "voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" i beg your pardon isn"t specifically an idiom in bsci-ch.org however will be supplied in one English-speaking context together a kind of "placeholder bsci-ch.org", through a crasser result in that case.

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When a sentence favor this one can be interpreted word by native in many if no all known languages without gaining or losing any type of substantial component of that meaning, girlfriend can"t call it a specific idiom. That is at ideal a transparent one however then it would require an conveniently understandable figurative definition too.

La vie est belle has a clear litteral meaning but not that lot a figurative one, uneven when supplied ironically.


I don"t recognize if the is an actual idiom, however it is without doubt quite common. The meaning is really close come the actual meaning of the words, for this reason no surprise: it means you are enjoying her life. You may use it come make your friend know you"re having an excellent time :

— Ça va, tes vacances sur ton île paradisiaque ? — Ça va, la vie est belle, je ne me plains pas...


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