Just let me know when you"re free.Could you let me know whether you can come tomorrow?If you have any questions, just let me know.Let me know what you think.etc.

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What options are there in bsci-ch.org for expressing "let me know," and how are they normally used?


In general it could be translated as either avísame or házmelo saber. For example:

Just let me know when you"re free. --> Avísame cuando estés libre.Could you let me know whether you can come tomorrow? --> ¿Me podrías avisar si puedes venir mañana?If you have any questions, just let me know. --> Si tienes alguna pregunta, házmelo saber or... avísame si tienes alguna pregunta or... si tienes alguna pregunta, avísame.Let me know what you think. --> Hazme saber qué opinas or... avísame qué opinas.

Personally, I prefer avísame. It"s more concise.


I must agree that avísame is more concise, but at the same time I think it"s too imperative. What I mean is that it could be seen as rude since you are giving an order. I would use podrías avisarme instead because it"s more passive. It"s the exact same difference that exists between Tell me this and Could you tell me this?.



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