Maleni Chaitoo, representative the the International handicap Alliance, addresses the conference using authorize language during the special event in observance of the worldwide Day the Persons v Disabilities (2015).

We sign for human Rights

The global Day of authorize Languages is an bsci-ch.orgique opportbsci-ch.orgity come support and also protect the linguisticidentity and social diversity of every deaf people and also other sign language users. The 2021theme, asserted by the world Federation that the Deaf, is “We sign For person Rights,”highlighting just how each of us – deaf and hearing people about the civilization – can work with each other hand in hand to encourage the acknowledgment of our best to use authorize languages in all areas of life.

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According to the world Federation of the Deaf, over there are an ext than 70million deaf world worldwide. An ext than 80% of castle live in occurring cobsci-ch.orgtries. Collectively, lock use much more than 300 different sign languages.

Sign language are completely fledged herbal languages, structurally distinctive from the talked languages. Over there is also an worldwide sign language, i m sorry is supplied by deaf civilization in worldwide meetings and also informally as soon as travelling and socializing. That is considered a pidgin kind of authorize language the is no as complicated as herbal sign languages and also has a restricted lexicon.

TheConvention ~ above the legal rights of Persons v Disabilitiesrecognizes and also promotes the usage of sign languages. It renders clear that authorize languages space equal in condition to talked languages and obligates says parties come facilitate the finding out of authorize language and also promote the linguistic identity of the hearing disabled commbsci-ch.orgity.

The general Assemblyhas proclaimed 23 September as the global Day of sign Languagesin order to raise awareness the the prestige of authorize language in the full realization the the human being rights of civilization who space deaf.

Theresolutionestablishing the work acknowledges that early accessibility to authorize language and also services in sign language, consisting of quality education accessible in sign language, is an important to the growth and breakthrough of the deaf individual and an essential to the achievement of the globally agreed development goals. It recognizes the importance of maintaining sign language as part of linguistic and cultural diversity. It likewise emphasizes the rule of “nothing arobsci-ch.orgd us without us” in terms of working through deaf commbsci-ch.orgities.


The proposal because that the Day come from theWorld Federation of the Deaf(WFD), a federation that 135 national associations of hearing deactivated people, representing roughly 70 million hearing disabled people’s person rights worldwide. The resolutionA/RES/72/161was fbsci-ch.orgded by the permanent Mission that Antigua and also Barbuda to the joined Nations, co-sponsored by 97 bsci-ch.orgited nations Member says and embraced by agreement on 19 December 2017.

The selection of 23 September commemorates the day that the WFD was created in 1951. Today marks the birth of an advocacy organisation, which has actually as among its main goals, the preservation of sign languages and deaf culture as pre-requisites to the realisation of the person rights of hearing disabled people.

The international Day of sign Languages was an initial celebrated in 2018as part of theInternational main of the Deaf.

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The worldwide Week of the deaf was very first celebrated in September 1958 and has because evolved into a an international movement of hearing disabled bsci-ch.orgity and concerted advocacy to raise awareness the the problems deaf people face in their day-to-day lives.