I don"t understand the ideal word because that "lessons" or i beg your pardon verb goes v it. Of course I would certainly appreciate a translation of the totality sentence though.

My ideal guess would certainly be:

Watashi wa koko no toki ni ressun o torimashita


The best verb is <習>ならう. Inspect the thesaurus on jisho.org:

to take it lessons in; to be taught; to find out (from a teacher); to examine (under a teacher); to obtain training in

The suggest of the verb 習う is the you have actually a teacher.

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So the entirety sentence is:


Watashi wa kōkō no toki gitā o naratte imashita.

Using the verb <習>ならう, the is complicated to hide "guitar" and just say "took some lessons." In this case, the noun <習>ならい<事>ごと is suitable. This way "(taking) lessons".


Watashi wa kōkō no toki naraigoto o shite imashita.

Side Note: in some cases you deserve to use <取>とる to mean "take (classes)". It has actually the nuance of picking from many classes and used often in colleges where students can choose what classes they take.

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ressun is ok, but you might want to think about jugyou.And additionally using ukemashita rather of torimashita.

高校の時、ギターの授業を受けました。 こうこうのとき、ぎたーのじゅぎょうをうけました。 koukou no toki, gitaa no jugyou wo ukemashita.

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