As far as I can tell, has no word because that "grandparents" the same means as it has Родители, and also you room stuck saying Бабушка и дедушка if you"re talking around your grandparents.

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What if you"re speak something choose "the nation was constructed by the grandparents the the existing residents"? (as an example)

Surely there is a less cumbersome indigenous that deserve to be provided here!



Imho, there is no an exact analgue because that "grandparents" in I think you need to use word "предки" in her example. "страна была построена предками нынешних жителей"

* go not have a collective word native "grandparents" indeed.

If you room speaking around grandparents" achievements, synecdoches choose деды or отцы и деды can be used: страну построили отцы и деды тех, кто населяет её теперь. ("Synecdoche" method using a indigenous for part to name the entirety or vice versa).


Plural старики (English: old people) in conjunction with the family member pronoun can be supplied in the colloquial with a sense of old parents, grandparents (also parents in the youth slang):

Слушай, а что же твои старики?Дорогие мои старики, дайте я вас сейчас расцелую!

Plural отцы, праотцы, деды, прадеды have the right to be used as one archaism with a feeling of предки (English: ancestors, previous generation):

Как жили деды да прадеды, так и нам жить велели.

Words "прародители" and also "праотцы" are used for really far ancestors, from Adam and Eve come those who lived, say, a few centuries ago. They deserve to be actual or legendary, but anyway, the is unlikely the anyone amongst currently alive knew lock personally. So, this terms are not ideal for grandparents, who space separated from girlfriend by just 2 generations and are probably still alive, or died not so lengthy time ago.

"Предки" is a general word because that ancestors. That fits a bit much better than "праотцы" or "прародители", but still look at awkward, if you median your Grandma and Grandpa.

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I agree v Quassnoi, that for your instance the finest variant is "деды". This indigenous is widely provided nowadays, because that example, for participants of the world War II (as collective word for both men and also women). It sound paternalistic, yes, however I don"t think it deserve to really insult any type of women. Usage it with tension on Е only, not Ы! With stress and anxiety on Ы, it sounds favor a component of aggressive slang, and also is i can not accept in typical and, furthermore, main use.