i wonder why all the translation engines show only words フリー as a translate in for words "free". Why bsci-ch.org civilization had to borrow an english word? Wasn"t there anything for free in bsci-ch.org history? go the indigenous bsci-ch.org word because that "free" exist?


To elaborate slightly ~ above Nothing at all's comment, Sino-bsci-ch.org words like 自由 space not technically "native", together they were either borrowed from Chinese or formed from morphemes borrowed from Chinese.
It"s due to the fact that English "free" has actually two significant meanings i m sorry are entirely different, and no aboriginal bsci-ch.org indigenous covers both the the two meanings of "free".

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Free as in "free WiFi", no charge = 無料Free together in "free speech", liberty = 自由

If you type only "free" to, for example, Google Translate, that can"t guess the to plan meaning, for this reason it end up with フリー, i beg your pardon is at least understandable to most bsci-ch.org speakers. If you provide a few more words come the program, that can offer a much better translation. Below are some outcomes I got:

free → フリーfree WiFi → 無料のWiFifree call → 無料通話free speech → 言論の自由free will certainly → 自由意思
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We regularly use the word, “フリー” to typical (1) versatile or non-committed, e.g. フリー・サイズ, フリー・タイム、フリー・ランサー、フリー・マーケット (or 青空市場、not “flea market”) and フリー・サービス in location of self-service. (2) no charge, because that free, e.g. フリー・シート in place of 自由席、and フリー・チャージ inn location of 無料.

Of course we use “自由,” in such a method as;

最近自由な時間がなくてね – ns don’t have actually enough totally free time these days.

五体の自由が利かない – shed the physics locomotiveness.

彼は英語を自由自在に話す – He has a very good command of speaking English →He speak English fluently.

どうぞご自由に – Please aid yourself.

But we don’t speak “フリー” because that “freedom.” us say "自由" for freedom.

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The background of "自由" come be offered in the an interpretation of “freedom” is nice new.

According to blogs. Yahoo. Jp, the was an initial used through Hukuzawa Yukichi, an enlightment thinker in Meiji era, and also the founder the the Keio college in his renowned work “西洋事情 – An advent of the western culture” together the translation of the English word, “freedom.” prior to then the word, 自由 was supplied as a zen hatchet to typical the liberation from one’s worldly desire.