In addition to that, ns would choose to explain around Early and also Late in Japanese.

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In Japanese, Early and also Late room very similar to Fast and also Slow!Please choose things from the table of contents below!
If you study Japanese, you will see many words wherein the last character is "い(i)", like "はやい(hayai)" and "おそい(osoi)".
です(desu) >>In this example, "はやい(hayai)" is used.If we create this "はやい(hayai)" in Kanji, that is "速い".If you space talking about the speed, the Kanji, "速い" is used.
In this example, "はやい(hayai)" is used.If we compose this "はやい(hayai)" in Kanji, that is "早い".If you room talking about the time, the Kanji, "早い" is used.3. Slow and Late
In English, Slow and Late are different words.However, if we analyze them right into Japanese, they space the very same word.
じんりきしゃ rickshaw
In this example, "おそい(osoi)" is used.Even if you want to create it in Kanji, you can just write "遅い".You don"t need to care whether that is around speed or time.

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2. 11
go go ju u i chi ji wa o so i de su

ごご11じ 11 P.M.
In this example, "おそい(osoi)" is used, too.Kanji is additionally the very same as in the ahead example.It is "遅い".Like above, both Slow and Late are "おそい(osoi)" in Japanese.4. Conclusion
Please simply remember the table blow!You have the right to remember Fast and Early are practically the same in Japanese.Slow and Late are completely the same in Japanese.Only as soon as you compose Fast and also Early in Kanji, you have to be careful! EnglishJapaneseRomajiKanji
fastはやいha ya i速い
earlyはやいha ya i早い
slowおそいo therefore i遅い
lateおそいo therefore i遅い

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