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Hello eveyone,I just replaced one alternator on my 2013 Sienna LE. After ~ I invested three afternoon after work-related to finish this work and also started the engine and discovered the the alternator fusible attach fuse was blew out since I forgot come disconnect the an adverse battery terminal before I did the work. Now I to be trying to remove this 140 amp fuse located inside the fuse box under the hood but no luck for this reason far. I think it is bolted come the bottom that the high voltage cable so that looks prefer I have to disassembly the two halve of the box in order to access to the bottom bolt. I have actually been trying to discover a means to disconnect these 2 halve but no luck therefore far. Go anybody ever before run into this problem before and also may be have a trick to do this?Any help would greatly appreciate it.Tung Le

I have actually never had actually a GEN3 apart yet they are a PITA. The 140A fuse pushes into the fuse box and also has to it is in unbolted together you know. I had actually a rapid look in ~ my van (2011). Looks favor the battery and also maybe the ECM will need to come out and also maybe the airbox. As soon as they space out that the way you have to remove the bolts that hold in the fuse box. Now you should have the ability to work top top it. The whole bottom of the box comes off. There are tiny tabs that must be propelled in to allow the fuse block to push in. You may need several tiny screwdrivers to relax the tabs from the top. Ns tried come look roughly for diagrams top top the net. Ns will keep looking.
I have never had a GEN3 apart but they space a PITA. The 140A fuse pushes right into the fuse box and has to be unbolted as you know. I had a rapid look in ~ my van (2011). Looks like the battery and also maybe the ECM will have to come out and also maybe the airbox. When they space out of the means you need to remove the bolts that hold in the fuse box. Now you should have the ability to work top top it. The entirety bottom of package comes off. Over there are small tabs that have to be moved in to enable the fuse block to press in. You might need several small screwdrivers to relax the tabs indigenous the top. I tried to look roughly for diagrams ~ above the net. Ns will keep looking.
--------------------------------------------Hi 3Wheelerguy,Thank friend so lot for her reply. I invested a great 3 1/2 hr to remove airbox, ECM and other cable connections as you stated above. This offers me some room to access to the tabs around the fuse box and able to different the top and also bottom fuse box housing. Since it is getting late, I stopped at this allude and arrangement to come ago and hope able to turn the box up side under so the I can see and accessibility to the nut and unscrew it. Ns will offer the upgrade tomorrow and also let you know just how it goes.Thank again for your post.

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So, I discovered this post trying to number out just how to replace the 140 amp fusible connect "fuse" in the 2011+ Sienna van. This price is left incomplete so here is the completion from mine perspective. 1st: initial problem: ns shorted out my alternator/battery link to ground while instead of my ac clutch (that"s another story). This go out the 140 amp fusible connect ("FL Main" in Toyota wiring chart parlance). Note, if this happens to you, her Sienna will lock up through no EPS, no ABS, no VCS, no power home windows or side mirrors, no wipers, no revolve signals (hazards will work), locked in park, no AC, no radio, etc. This is due to the fact that this fuse strength the internal fuse box and the CAN and also LIN networks (my education guess).This little fusible attach critter is hard to replace yet not high value (PN 9098208286). So i did the following:1. Removed battery.2. Loosened ECU bracket.3. Loosened driver next headlight.4. Removed smaller ECU connector (to give more room to move the fuse box)5. Gotten rid of three bolts holding down fuse box.6. Gotten rid of ground connection and also other connector come something behind headlight.7. Removed headlight bulb connections.8. Reduced two slip ties reinforcing cable bundleds come fuse box.9. Trimmed lock tabs off fuse crate locks by main wire bundle entrance.10. With small screwdriver, unlock and push right into fuse box the fuse holder assemblies/connectors. Act this will allow the optimal of the fuse crate to move out that the way. Law this prior to splitting the fuse crate is helpful. Most of the relays have to be removed to permit the connector bases come push right into the internal of the fuse box.11. Used level blade screwdriver and toothpicks to unlock the tabs stop the 2 halves that the fuse box together.12. Separate height of fuse crate from bottom the fuse crate just sufficient to obtain to the bolts securing the 140 amp fuse. One bolt is 10mm the other is 8 mm. 13. Replace 140 amp fusible link.14. Reassemble in turning back order.Later ns will write-up pictures the the surgery.Cheers! hang in there every you DYI"ers.