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A lot of world are perplexed when they buy bag of earrings and also they gain plastic earring backs v plastic disc rather of consistent butterfly backs. Some world will shot to eliminate plastic from earring back. However, the discs that come v the plastic earring backs are there for a very an excellent reason: that is to enhance the grip of the ear top top the earrings and also to mitigate the ‘wear and tear’ that the ear lobe.


What is the Plastic Backs ~ above Earrings an excellent For?Are You supposed to take the Plastic off Earring Backs?How to eliminate the Plastic Discs indigenous Earring Backs?Where come Buy Earring ago Replacements without Plastic Disc?

Are You supposed to remove Plastic from Earring Back?

I think it depends, each product architecture has its reason. The plastic key is supportive the holds your hefty earrings in place and prevents your earlobe native sagging. In case, you seldom wear big or hefty earrings, or girlfriend feel an extremely uncomfortable v using earring backs with the disc, you deserve to take turn off the supportive plastic disc.

What is the Plastic Backs top top Earrings good For?


Earring backs v the supportive plastic bowl (shop now)

The benefit of utilizing Earring Backs with Plastic Disc

1.Silicone lifters room hypoallergenic

They’re safe to use for many skin types. Silicone in chin is also highly durable, for this reason you have the right to expect replacement cartridge clutches to critical as lengthy as the original earring backs that come v your earrings when you to buy them.

2.Earring lifter for hefty earrings

Earring backs for hefty earrings space a great idea because the plastic backing discs assist spread the end the weight of the earrings, and reduces skin sagging. The is essential to safeguard your ear lobes from preventing sagging especially if you favor wearing more heavier earrings choose drop earrings and the like.


Earring backs plastic discs assist spreading the end the weight of the earrings and to prevent sagging

3.Matches numerous sizes that the earring post

It can complement with numerous earring articles easily there is no the need for excess initiative when wearing the earring backs. So no matter what sort of earrings you have at home, friend can match your spare earring lifters come them, easily. You wouldn’t have to worry about them not equivalent the earring posts. A lot of of ideal engineering has gone with high-quality earring backs, ensuring proper and comfortable to the right every time.

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Are You an alleged to take the Plastic off Earring Backs?

When You have to Take the Plastic key Off?

1.Bulky – this kind of earring backs are bigger than common backings, such together butterfly earring backs. If girlfriend think that is as well big/ bulky, you have the right to take the off.

2.Plastic got stiff – some plastic discs will gain stiff if they had been supplied for a long duration or not save well. If the plastic disc got stiff, you have the right to remove it.

3.Plastic change color – brand-new plastic is transparent color, yet it will periodically turn yellow after supplied for a period. Climate you have the right to remove the plastic bowl if its figure is affected.

4.Uncomfortable/ as well tight – this earring ago is a bit tight that have the right to secure her earrings native falling off. If you think that is too tight that renders you uncomfortable, you need to take it turn off or obtain other earring earlier replacements as well.

Why You have to not eliminate the Plastic Disc?

1.You have droopy ear – attract heavy/drop earrings because that a long time but without utilizing this type of earring lifter, the earlobes might be extended. Therefore, keep using earring disc can safeguard and assist slower expanding your earlobes.

2.Hold heavy earrings in place – wear v this earring discs can help to organize the earrings in place and keep the earrings from falling off.

3.You have various kinds the earrings – Earring backs with the plastic disc can complement with various kinds the earrings, both heavy earrings, and also light earrings.

How to eliminate the Plastic Discs native Earring Backs?

Now let’s say that because of one reason or another, you want to remove plastic backing for your earring. How do you do it?

Method 1 – popular music the plastic off earring backs (simplest)

The simplest an approach of removing them is simply popping castle out. Here are the steps:

Get an earring backs plastic disc and also place the narrow side the the earring back top top the wall.Place both of your thumbs on either side that the plastic or give the plastic disc a good push. If the plastic disc has been slipped ~ above the earring back, the should have the ability to just slide earlier the means it come in. Now don’t worry if you no able to execute this the first time, since those plastic discs are an alleged to it is in tight ~ above the earring backs. Just keep pushing, but don’t press so tough that the earring earlier becomes deformed.If every goes well, the plastic or silicone disc will certainly pop out. Repeat the same process for the following earring back with a plastic disc.

Method 2 – using a scissor reduced the plastic disc

There space some instances as soon as the plastic disc simply won’t come out. This is fine, and this may be because there might be one extra great of steel that is preventing the plastic disc indigenous popping out. For this reason what you should do once this is the scenario is to gain a little pair of scissors or a spicy pair of pond cutters. Begin from just one side and also cut every the means through.

If the plastic disc does not pop the end on its very own accord, you might need come keep cutting until the bowl is fully severed indigenous the earring back. Friend can give the plastic bowl a nice pull to separate it enough to free the earring back.


You have the right to remove the plastic key if you feeling uncomfortable. However we recommend maintaining it together it can protect your piercings from heavy earring

When must you remove the plastic disc? You can remove the plastic discs if you feel uncomfortable tightness through your earrings. Some people just don’t favor the watch of having actually plastic earring backs, so they remove it. This is a valid problem too due to the fact that jewelry is all around having the appropriate look. Still, us encourage people to keep their earring backs because it protects piercings native overweight earrings.

If you have actually earrings that quickly pull down your ear lobes, you should use earring backs v lifter support. In time, the tiny piercings that us barely notice are going come enlarge come the point. They will look pretty apparent even once there’s no load on them.

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We deserve to prevent this scenario by using plastic discs as soon as we wear ours earrings. Some civilization may not prefer them, but they will help you maintain the size that your piercings and to stop sagging.

Where to Buy Earring back Replacements there is no Plastic Disc?

Actually, there are so many varieties of earring backs to match different type of earrings, if you are searching for earring back replacement there is no a plastic disc, check out our earring earlier replacement collection!