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I was just wondering since it was impossible for me to find it on any type of other forums, because that relocating my USB port and also replacing with a 12v strength plug.
If its comparable to removing the LMM dash, climate absolutely yes!! I need to pull mine down and also fix the rattles and a few other things.
2008 2500HD LTZ, EFI Live- Idaho Rob"s Tunes, 4" Magnaflow Turbo Back, Raptor 150 background Pump, Transgo Jr, all Season Diesel EGR delete through high circulation Y-bridge, Edge insight for gauges,
I stumbled top top a silverado/sierra forum write-up a couple of weeks back that defined a tiny about relocating the USB port on the dash come the peak glove compartment so your USB thumb drives were not exposed. I usage my iPhone with my USB port and I didn"t like the reality that the only place to placed my phone when plugged in was the cupholder and I currently kept a most stuff there. I likewise had a general practitioners that i didn"t favor the cable just dangling across the front of my radio therefore I decided to explore and look behind the dash. Mine 2011 silverado internal was specifically the exact same as my new one so, even though I"ve only had the duramax because that a month now I already had working knowledge of the interior. The dash on mine truck come out very easily. First start top top the driver"s side under the steering wheel by removed the 2 philips head screws follow me the bottom of the reduced trim piece, and the 10mm recessed bolt that is also along the bottom of the trim.



Then remove the driver"s next fuse panel door which is situated on the next of the dash by gently pulling the bottom tab.Then you can start in ~ the far left the the first trim dashboard gently pulling the clips loosened working native left to right. If you have the incorporated trailer brake controller be an extremely careful roughly it for this reason you execute not damages the wiring harness. As soon as the dashboard is totally loose, unplug the harness from the integrated trailer brake controller to remove it.

Once the panel is removed relocate to the center lower trim. The first panel that was removed exposes 2 7mm bolts that have to be removed. Just the 2 closest to the ashtray.

Then the ashtray requirements to it is in removed. Be really gentle and also careful this is all plastic that is basic to break. To eliminate pull that down till it stops. Then pull from side to side with a tiny downward pressure until the 2 next retaining clips are driven out. The earlier retaining clip need to then be traction up in order come release. Once released the ash tray wil pivot down and pull off of the hinge.
Then starting with the upper right corner of the upper facility trim panel working clock wise roughly it, gently pry the clips free. As soon as all the clips are free, the wiring exploit connectors associated to the lighter socket(s) and usb plug, 4wd, and also accessory buttons all need to be disconnected to remove the panel. The left ac vent is recessed very deep and also may require you to put the parking brake on and also with the vital in the ACC position transition to 1, come tilt the panel earlier far enough to totally free it native the dash.

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That was every I needed to obtain what I wanted done. The optimal glove compartment is conveniently removed by removed the 2 Torx T-15 screws under the lid and also pulling directly out to eliminate the clips. This is just reference, i am no authority. Do this at your very own risk.