Recording high-quality videos with Smartphones and also consumer-level cameras is easy, yet unfortunately the same can"t be claimed for the sound. The camera microphones frequently record low-quality audio and also they choose up elevator noises that deserve to make the video clip unwatchable.

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In instance you were trying to find a quick way to mute or eliminate the audio in your videos, you came to the right place since in this article we are going to display you exactly how you deserve to mute audio in windows Movie maker or add brand-new audio records to videos. We"re likewise going to administer you v an alternative solution that lets you have much more control over the audio editing process.

Part 1: just how to Mute Audio in windows Movie Maker?

Muting the audio in a video clip is simple, nevertheless of the video editing software program you"re using. Home windows Movie device lets girlfriend mute audio in just a few steps, for this reason let"s see just how you have the right to mute videos through this video editor.

Step 1: In order to start modifying a video, you must an initial import it right into Windows Movie Maker. Click the Add Videos and also Photos icon in the software"s Home tab and proceed to select the clip you"d like to mute.


Click ~ above the Open button in the include Videos and also Photos window and her clip will be imported right into the software.

Step 2: After you added a clip to the storyboard you can preview the in stimulate to decision which parts of the video you"d like to mute. Click the Edit menu in the software"s ribbon, to gain access to the video clip editing tools Windows Movie an equipment has to offer.

If you would favor to mute only a section of a video clip, you should position the playhead top top the storyline in ~ the precise location in the video where you desire to make the cut and then click on the Split button.

Step 3: Make sure that the clip you desire to mute is selected and click ~ above the Video Volume icon on the left next of the modify tab.


Drag the slider all the method to the left to mute the audio. Click the Play button in the preview home window to make sure that video"s sound is muted.

Part 2: adding a brand-new Audio Clip to a Video

Windows Movie device also allows you replace the present audio clip v a brand-new one. As soon as again, this process is easy and it deserve to be completed in a couple of steps.

Step 1: After you"ve mute the audio, click the Add Music icon, that is located next come the add Photos and Videos symbol in the house tab.


A drop-down food selection will show up offering girlfriend to pick music native an online resource or to import an audio paper from her computer. Moreover, you can pick the starting point the the track you"re importing so friend don"t have actually to change the place of the audio paper in your project manually.

In order to carry out this, you just need to position the playhead in ~ the wanted location and select the Add music at the current point choice from the drop-down menu. Girlfriend can change the place of the audio paper by dragging it to a new location in the storyboard. Using MP3 or WMA audio paper is recommended since other audio document formats might not it is in compatible with Windows Movie maker.

Step 2: The audio document you imported will certainly be automatically included to the video clip clip on the Storyboard. Click pat in the preview window to check if you like the result. Head end to the File menu and also click on the Save Movie option. Windows Movie maker will sell you a number of different alternatives and if you"d prefer to conserve your video clip to the computer, you should select the For computer option.


Part 3: - A far better Way to replace Audio papers in Videos on windows OS

Windows Movie maker has to be discontinued a when ago, and its video and audio modifying tools only enable you to perform an easy video editing and enhancing tasks. We indicate using if girlfriend would choose to mute or change audio documents in your videos because it offers an ext powerful audio and video editing features. Here"s how you can mute or replace audio papers in

Step 1: Import the video clip into the software, by clicking on the Import button and then picking the Import Media documents option. If you want to change the audio that the clip friend can also select the brand-new audio document from your tough drive and also click ~ above the Open button. offers a wealthy royalty cost-free music library, you have the right to use if you already don"t have the music you desire to add to your video.

Step 2: Drag and also drop the video document to the timeline and also then right-click on it. Choose the Audio Detach choice from the context menu. The audio document will show up in the newly produced audio track, and you have the right to just click the Volume icon situated at the begging that the audio monitor to mute the audio track.


For much more details, check our guide around how to remove audio from video in on Windows.

If you desire to include a new audio clip to her project and replace the old one, girlfriend should choose the currently audio file and push the delete switch on your keyboard. You can then drag and also drop the brand-new audio document to the timeline indigenous the software"s Media Bin, or the Music tab, in situation you decision to usage songs featured in"s music library. You can cut, trim or change the start and also end place of the audio document or use several of the audio results the software program offers. Once done, click the Export button and select the output format that is most suitable for the job you"re working on.

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Videos the have poor sound high quality won"t impress anyone, yet you shouldn"t worry because muting or replacing audio documents is a job that requires virtually no effort. Home windows Movie an equipment can be provided to conveniently mute one audio file, yet if you want to have access to much more professional audio editing tools making use of is a much far better option. What"s your favorite an approach of instead of audio files in videos? leave a comment and let united state know.