Nothing quite matches eating a plate complete of sweet-and-sour chicken made v beautiful moist chicken pieces, crunchy bell peppers, and also slices the onion.

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It is a small wonder that sweet and also sour is among America’s most well-known Chinese dishes. Yet reheating the is not always as easy as you could think, specifically if you want to avoid ending up v dry, rubbery chicken.

But that doesn’t median you need to discard any kind of leftovers. If you understand the right means to execute so.


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Best means to reheat sweet and also sour chicken

Reheating sweet-and-sour chicken, preserving its very delicious flavor v that lovely crispy external texture the plump, succulent chicken, is easy peasy.

Over the past couple of years, I have experimented with various methods of reheating leftover sweet-and-sour chicken.

I now have the definitive an approach that produces an excellent results, and I am ready to re-superstructure it through you.

If you are interested come know how to reheat the sweet-and-sour chicken, therefore it’s as an excellent as the was once you first made it, friend are around to discover out.

In the process, I will certainly tell girlfriend all around the various methods I’ve tried, i beg your pardon include:

Using the cooktop to reheat it Reheating that in the microwave just (no air fryer) Reheating it on the stovetop

Also, discover some that the advantageous tips on making sweet-and-sour chicken front of time and also some the the best storage methods that permit the reheated end product to be still lovely and also crispy.

What’s that, you say? have you already got some sweet-and-sour chicken covered in sauce?

Just scroll under to the ar where i tell you how to salvage and reheat the most delicious crispy sweet-and-sour chicken, and also you’ll it is in on her way.

But let’s begin at the beginning.

At the start of my quest, ns ordered a huge portion the sweet-and-sour chicken from my neighborhood Chinese takeout and told castle that ns would favor the chicken and also sauce independently packaged.

When I gained it earlier home, I separated it up into several different containers.

The work after, ns reheated and tried each portion individually, providing each one marks the end of 10 for just how crispy the chicken was, how an easy the an approach was, and how the aroma and also flavor of every one turn out.

Method 1: the finest of all – air fryer

I was constantly like it, also as a kid. If there were presents around, ns simply had to open up them there and then cooked.

If the chicken is coated with sauce, make certain to remove the sauce native the chicken and pat that dry through a record kitchen towel.Transfer the bulk of the sauce right into an oven-safe dish and put the lid in place or cover v a cling wrap.Pop the sauce inside the microwave because that 30 secs interval or until heated thoroughly. Time counts on how much sauce you’re reheating.Preheat your air fryer to a temperature that 390°F and also reheat the chicken for 2 to three minutes.Before including the chicken to the sauce and also serving, allow it to remainder on a wire rack because that 1 minute.

If friend don’t own an waiting fryer, you deserve to reheat the chicken in your stove or toaster oven. Every little thing you do, don’t cover the is the will prevent it indigenous crisping.

An air fryer is the best method of reheating the chicken. You can use your oven or toaster oven, however in mine experience, it’s not quite as good.

If girlfriend don’t own an air fryer, you ought tothink around buying one.

They come in handy because that cooking and also reheating all sorts the foods, and also they’re not specifically expensive.

My opinion

There is no doubt in mine mind the this technique is by far the ideal for reheating sweet-and-sour chicken. It also works nice well as soon as the chicken has actually been covered in the sauce for a couple of days.

Why is that?

It’s the beauty beauty of the waiting fryer – it’s exactly what they’re all about.

Even reheating sweet and also sour chicken this method doesn’t quite enhance the freshness of the sweet-and-sour when you bought it or originally made it – but it’s only a whisker off.

Method 2: in the oven

This method works nice well, also – possibly not quite and the first method, however it’s not far away. Below are the actions to follow:

Preheat your cooktop to a temperature that 350°F.Transfer the sweet-and-sour chicken, sauce, chicken and also all, right into an oven-safe dish and also cover it through its lid or aluminum foil. This is to stop the sauce from dry up.Place the dish right into the oven and also reheat for around 20 minutes. If you’re reheating a huge batch, you might need to add 5 minutes to the cooking time.Remove native the oven, serve, and also enjoy.My opinion

this technique works well, giving you’re not too fussy about the chicken retaining that crispy outer. The doesn’t occupational for me because crispy is king.

I am no overly to crawl on soggy reheated chicken, and also unfortunately, that’s what often tends to occur when it’s reheated in the oven. Except that, flavor and aroma-wise, it will still it is in delicious.

Is over there a means around it?

Actually, there is. Before putting the dish right into the oven, eliminate the chicken, pat it dry v a paper kitchen towel, place it top top a baking sheet and reheat in the uppermost component of the oven.

Method 3: in the microwave

The crucial thing through microwaves is that they’re straightforward to use, and nothing is faster reheating.

However, the downside is the it will certainly leave her chicken soggy, and also if girlfriend microwave the for also long, it will end up being chewy. 

If you want to take it a chance, here’s what to do:

Separate the chicken indigenous the sauce.Transfer the sauce right into a safe microwave container, sheathe it v plastic food wrap, and pierce the wrap numerous times to allow any hot vapor come escape.Microwave for two or 3 minutes, depending on the size of the batch, however be sure to provide it a tiny stir every 30 secs or so.While the source is warming up, reheat your chicken in a saucepan, being mindful to ensure that doesn’t stick and burn.Combine, serve and eat.My opinion

I only ever before tried this technique once, yet that was sufficient for me. The chicken shed its crunchiness and, in spite of being cooked individually in a saucepan, that still ended up together a sorry, soggy lump – no for me.

If you room reluctant to throw the food away, girlfriend could always remove the chicken and include something that has actually a little crunch.

You could, because that example,fry part shrimpshelled and also dusted in cornstarch; they only take around three or four minutes come cook.

Method 4: top top the stovetop

Reheating takeout isn’t the most daunting thing in the world. Utilizing the stovetop method is nice straightforward.

The best means is come reheat the chicken and also the sauce separately, indifferent pans, and also then bowl them up together.

This an approach will gain your sweet-and-sour chicken quite close to together it was when you bought the or made the fresh.

The only trouble is separating the chicken and also sauce and then cooking into two pans creates more work and also washing up.

Food hygiene and also keeping leftover for sure to eat

You can be shocked at just how many human being get ill each year by eat reheated takeout or other foodstuffs that were not stored or accordingly reheated.

Here’s the best method of going about it.

Any leftovers you have actually should be permitted to cool and also then refrigerated as shortly as feasible – certainly within two hours – no more.

Transfer any leftover sweet-and-sour chicken into a hygienically clean airtight container, seal through a lid, or cover through plastic food wrap.Store in your fridge at a constant temperature of 40°F or less.Eat within two to 3 days in ~ the latest.

Just for sure that when you reheat it, it is warmed thoroughly.

Ensuring your reheated sweet-and-sour chicken is crispy.

Keeping the leftover sauce and also the chicken separate is crucial – ideal up come the suggest of serving. It’s the only method of ensuring the chicken will remain crispy.

If the chicken is currently immersed in the sweet-and-sour sauce, eliminate it and pat it dry through a paper kitchen towel. It won’t be together crispy together originally, yet it will certainly still maintain a slight crunchiness.

This is by much the best means of ensuring your chicken stays a tiny crisp – even more so if you usage the wait fryer procedure I described over in an approach one.

How to keep sweet-and-sour chicken

The only method you need to store sweet-and-sour chicken is in a covered airtight container which you then refrigerate in ~ the faster opportunity.

If you want to store it for longer than a pair of days, the finest thing to perform is frozen it.

Once frozen, sweet-and-sour chicken deserve to be great for increase to 3 months.

As I’ve stated several times already, it’s ideal to save the chicken and also the sauce independently to keep the chicken together crispy as possible.

At the risk of repeating myself, don’t forget come pat the chicken down through a document kitchen towel to remove as much sauce as feasible before you popular music it into the freezer.

Making sure your leftover sweet-and-sour chicken will certainly be safe to eat.

According to info published by theCenter for an illness Control and Prevention, roughly 48 million us citizens a year end up being ill aftereating food that was handled and also stored incorrectly. Girlfriend don’t want to be one of them.

As well as ensuring that reheated Chinese food get a temperature of 165°F, various other recommendations made by the Academy the Nutrition and Dietetics include:

Ensuring the you refrigerate any type of leftovers within 2 hoursMake sure that any kind of containers in i m sorry you save leftovers space hygienically clean.

Another point that sometimes records people the end is leave leftovers in the refrigerator for too long. Theyought to be consumed within 3 to 4 days; otherwise, they can make you serious ill.

My motto is – if in doubt, litter it out.

Can you frozen sweet and sour chicken?

Before you effort to placed sweet-and-sour chicken leftovers right into your freezer, you must an initial allow them come cool completely.

Then, you need to separate the chicken indigenous the sauce and dab the chicken dry v a file kitchen towel.

Transfer the sweet-and-sour sauce right into a freezer-safe Ziploc bag (I recommend using the heavy-duty variety), evacuate as lot air together possible, and seal.

Do the same with the chicken, albeit in a different Ziploc bag.

Transfer the Ziploc bags to her freezer. Frozen sweet-and-sour chicken stored favor this will certainly be safe to eat for up to three months.

As well together separating the chicken, girlfriend might likewise want to eliminate the bell peppers. As soon as frozen, lock will become mushy when defrosted. I uncover it ideal to frozen the sauce without them and then include fresh bell pepper as soon as I reheat.

As much as defrosting is concerned, the ideal thing to execute is remove the chicken and sweet and also sour sauce from her freezer and also store lock overnight in the fridge.

By morning you will satisfactorily defrost them.

How long does sweet and also sour sauce last?

We’ve already talked around the shelf-life of the chicken, for this reason let’s now talk specifically about the sauce.

The shelf-life that the sauce varies depending on the ingredients it contains. 99% that the time, that is shelf-life is an excellent for everywhere up to a year due to the fact that of the vinegar that contains.

I don’t think that most human being would want to take into consideration storing sweet-and-sour sauce in their refrigerator for as long as a year.

However, as long as it is save on computer in a tightly covered airtight container, it will certainly be for sure to eat and will maintain its flavor for fairly a while.


If you are someone who provides sweet-and-sour sauce regularly, you could want to store it out on her kitchen worktop.

If friend do, the is crucial to store it in a strictly sealed, airtight container. It should be it s okay for in between 7 to 10 days.

The one point you have to avoid is leave it open up so that the air can gain at it. If friend do, it will lose its aroma, coloring, and flavor.

It will also be at risk to transforming bad, especially if it’s a homemade sauce that’s no preservatives.

Using sweet-and-sour sauce in various ways

The sweet-and-sour sauce isn’t simply for sweet-and-sour dishes such as chicken pork or shrimp. That can additionally be provided as a dressing or a dip.

Take treatment when you cook it come ensure that doesn’t burn as the acrid taste that results isn’t pleasant.

It’s important, too, to shot to balance the flavor. If it’s also sweet or also sour, it can overpower whatever it is you’re serving with it.

Making a homemade sweet-and-sour sauce

A lot of of world buy premade, bottled sweet-and-sour sauce indigenous their neighborhood supermarkets or oriental grocery stores.

For my part, I constantly prefer to do my own. It’s no complicated. You can additionally check mine recipe on how to do sweet and sour chicken.

What ns like around this cooking recipes is the you deserve to bake it in her oven.

You deserve to avoid all that last-minute faffing around and concentrate on her guests if the enjoy the meal cooks itself.

Here’s how:Transfer the ingredients into a suitably size saucepan and bring come a cook on your stovetop, stirring continuously as you do so.Once it reaches boiling point, rotate it down and also let that simmer while you’re prepare the chicken and also dicing the veggies. Be certain to stir it from time to time to avoid it from sticking to the bottom that the pan and burning. Don’t simmer that for much longer than 20 minutes.Simmering will certainly not thicken the sauce; instead, it will soften the onions and infuse the odor throughout.Add the carrots, bell peppers, and pineapple to the sauce and combine thoroughly.Carry on cooking for 1 to 2 minutes, uncovered, to enable the sauce to thicken, stirring all the while.Transfer the sauce into the pan comprise the chicken and stir until whatever is unique mixed. Serve, eat and enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best way of reheating sweet-and-sour chicken balls?

Use the same technique as you would certainly if you were reheating sweet-and-sour chicken.

Before cooking, pat dry through a document kitchen towel come ensure they continue to be nice and also crispy once cooked.

How similar are orange chicken and also sweet-and-sour chicken?

Both of this dishes use chicken that has actually been coated and also fried before it is included to the sauce. Castle are fairly similar, however the sauce is somewhat different.

Orange chicken is lighter in color and also is sweet, sour, and savory, unlike general Tso’s or sesame chicken i m sorry is rather spicier.

Is it for sure to eat cold sweet-and-sour chicken?

You have the right to eat cold leftover sweet-and-sour chicken left out at room temperature because that no longer than 2 hours, but why should you? It’s not nice.

It’s nowhere near as enjoyable as it is once served hot. The very same goes for sweet-and-sour that has actually been left in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days.

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As far as defrosted sweet and also sour chicken is concerned, it need to be heated come an internal temperature the 165°F and also eaten straightaway. It would certainly be finest if friend did no refreeze it.