The Ouija board is a controversial item, to say the least. Is it genuine or pretend? Is the a toy? Is that dangerous? because that a the majority of people, a Ouija plank is an item of fear and also curiosity. It is a perceptible topic to discuss. So of course i am going to write around it!

If you review a couple of of my blog posts or clock my videos, you’ll learn that I think knowledge is vital to escaping fear. A most my posts and also videos target to educate people on the topics that might scare them, in the hope the my audience members can begin to overcome their fears.

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In this post, I talk about all things Ouija:

Ouija plank overviewOuija plank rulesOuija plank historyDisposing of a Ouija board

Ouija board overview

The Ouija board is a device of divination. What does that mean? Divination is the practice of seeking expertise of the future or the unknown by superordinary means. The Ouija board is simply one of countless tools the divination in use this day that can reach out to the energies the surround us.

Other devices of divination include: pendulums, divining rods, crystals and cards. There are also much more modern, technology-based tools that measure energy on a meter or interpret it into audio perceptible to the person ear.

Physically, a Ouija plank is a rectangle-shaped board special the letters of the alphabet, numbers, yes, no, and also sometimes other sayings prefer goodbye. Component of a Ouija plank is the planchette, a heart-shaped tip that is offered to communicate messages.

To use a Ouija board, two or an ext people lightly place their fingertips on the planchette. The attendees take turns asking concerns aloud. The idea is that energy from the spirit people will move the planchette come spell the end answers.

Seems innocent enough, right? Well, the all depends. A Ouija plank is simply a tool, and how that behaves is administrate by the intentions of the civilization using it. This is why ns warn human being to be really careful when using a Ouija board. Your intentions might be pure, and your id may be firm, yet you don’t know if the human you’re making use of it with deserve to say the same.

Ouija boards have the right to open the channel to all different types of energy. We could be calling the end to human spirits, love ones that passed, or spirit guides, but something different—something darker or even evil—may be what answers back.

The possibilities of connecting with dark energy increase as soon as the participants no true faithfulness or don’t recognize what come ask for. If you nothing ask because that a details energy, anything have the right to come through and trust me, anything will come through. That’s once things acquire out of control.

Ouija plank Rules

Ouija boards marketed in stores come through rules, however I introduce doing a most online research before using one. The most vital thing to be aware of is that a Ouija board is no a toy, it is a an effective tool. That is use need to be treated together a serious matter not a fun game for children.

Basic Ouija plank Rules

Never usage the board to disrespect the heart realm.Never ask the board once you, or anyone else, will certainly die.Spirits deserve to tell you all sorts that things and not every one of it will certainly be true. Just like people, there space malevolent tricksters in the spirit world.Don’t believe everything a Ouija plank says.Be responsibility of wherein you use a Ouija board, the energy that come through can linger fine after the plank is put away.Don’t leaving the planchette ~ above the board unattended. Some think this is choose leaving the door to the other side open up unattended.If you begin to feel like you’ve connected with a malevolent energy end the session automatically but finish it effectively by sealing the board.When that is time to end the session relocate the planchette come “goodbye.” Also, take into consideration leaving the area together this may aid sever the ties to the spirit realm.

One last precaution I always offer human being who are considering utilizing a Ouija board; make certain you are in great health mentally and physically. People suffering native depression or sickness normally attract an adverse energy.

There room a lot of other rules once it concerns using a Ouija board and also I suggest spending a pair hours doing virtual research before using one. Think that a Ouija board as the race car of divining tools. You wouldn’t simply toss the secrets to someone without a license.

Ouija board History

The Ouija board is a kind of interaction known as automatic writing. Automatic composing has remained in use because that centuries. It is tape-recorded as far ago as 1100 ad and appears in the background and society of China, India, Greece, Rome, and other countries.

Talking plank or soul boards, i beg your pardon the Ouija board is, ended up being popular in phibìc America adhering to the American polite War. Anytime there is devastation and a great number of resides are shed divination devices reappear in well-known culture.

The first Ouija board was created, named and patented in 1890 by business man Elijah Bond. It was marketed together a parlour video game for adult until people War I as soon as it became associated with the occult and communicating with spirits.

Disposing the a Ouija Board

One that the strangest things about a Ouija board is that civilization are unsure of just how to eliminate them, for this reason they tend to hang around, gift passed down with families. Yes a an excellent reason because that this, Ouija boards aren’t a straightforward thing to dispose of. It’s not as easy as throwing that out v the trash.

If you are the owner that a Ouija board and also decide the is time to component ways through it, execute not simply give it away. There’s a connection in between you and the Ouija plank that must be officially severed.

The very first step in ridding you yourself of the plank is come make certain it is properly sealed. This method ending a session by placing the planchette on “Goodbye.” If you’re no comfortable act this you might want to call a tool to help you close the end a session and seal the board.

Once the board has been sealed it should be damaged into 7 pieces, sprinkled with divine water and also then buried. Sounds like a the majority of work, right? Well, that is, however this is the repercussion of contacting the heart realm. It’s no something you deserve to just litter away and also absolutely, under no circumstances need to you burn a Ouija board.


A Ouija plank on its very own doesn’t execute anything. The is the on purpose in which the is used that determines its behaviour and also effect. If you space using one, don’t forget your opened a door come unknown energies and also there room a the majority of unknown energies the end there.

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