Here's one old gem the a trick because that anyone feeling lonely, vindictive, or very drunk this new Year's Eve: with Skype, you deserve to connect any phones in the world, and also listen in top top the results. Man, what a decade.

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Here's the game, as articulated by Reddit user quicksilver 5:

Here's a fun trick - download chat application and set up a conference call by calling two of her friends simultaneously. They'll both answer and be thoroughly persuaded that the other has referred to as them. While girlfriend sit over there at your computer system trying come hold earlier laughter (or with your microphone muted), you deserve to listen to them shot and figure out what the hell is going on. If they chalk it as much as an accidental speed-dial and hang up, store calling them and hilarity will ensue.

1.) get some SkypeOut credit: To speak to landlines or cellphones with Skype, it expenses money. You should sign up for SkypeOut and buy $10 of credit—the minimum lot available—which must supply you with hrs of phone-to-phone pranking. I had actually some Skype credit sitting around already, because SkypeOut, in enhancement to offering neighborhood calls because that a couple of cents a minute, offers worldwide calls at very low rates.


2.) select your victims: Who, of all the civilization you know, would you favor to speak to one another at one inopportune time? since you have the right to pick whoever you want. Asshole boss and also his destructive ex-wife, at 11:59 on brand-new Year's Eve? Why not! Two world who you recognize will be in the same room at the time? also better. You deserve to add an ext than two people to a call, however two is the funniest, since it's less noticeable what's walk on.


3.) to organize the call: Under the "Call" menu in Skype, pick "Start conference call." To add someone come the call they must be in her contacts, so make sure you've included your victim to your key Skype list first.

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4.) execute it: It may take a couple tries to get them come both pick up, but nobody's to alarmed by a phantom contact or two—they happen all the time. Their caller i would will review "Unknown" or "Private." ~ your very first call, which her victims will more than likely write off as a bag dial, perform it again. And also again. And again, till things begin to feeling dangerous. Or her conscience kicks in. If friend can't save quiet, fight the mic mute switch in the Skype contact window; you'll still have the ability to hear the other callers, however they won't be able to hear you.