The Walmart sleeve Associate assessment (RAA), regularly referred to just as the Walmart evaluate test, is the primary an obstacle to getting hired through Walmart. It is provided to display screen candidates for many of Walmart"s hourly positions, such together cashier, prior end, stimulate filler, an individual shopper, etc.

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Walmart supplies other exam for various other positions, such as the Teaming Employment assessment (TEA) because that team leads, and Manager Employment assessment (MEA) because that management.

Although Walmart will enable you to take the assessment immediately, the is an essential that you carry out not run straight right into the assessment, and take a if to practice beforehand. Three main reasons:

You need to pass all sections that the assessment to gain a project at Walmart.There are no single "correct" answers. The best answers to the test significantly depend on your position.Walmart takes numerous behind-the-scenes factors into account as soon as they score your test.

So, hang in over there while we go v a an ext professional overview of each of the 4 sections of the test, and what answer Walmart expects come get.


 Let"s relocate on come talk around the specifically, of the Walmart evaluate Test, v some practical examples.

#1 occupational with Customers/Members and Associates

This section is essentially a Situational judgment Test (SJT). Walmart will administer you v a range of cases that you might encounter together a retail Associate. Then, you’ll require to choose how friend respond to every scenario.

Here’s a sample question from our finish Walmart RAA practice to offer you a feel for the genuine thing:


Walmart"s "Work v Customers/Members and Associates" Sample Question


You room serving a client at the store as soon as your colleague interrupts and says that a customer is top top the phone asking to speak through you specifically. What would certainly be the least effective response to this situation?

Ask your colleague to assist the customer on the phone and also continue offer the client in the store.Ask her colleague to help the customer in the store and also go prize the phone.Excuse yourself, answer the phone and also ask the customer if friend can call them back.Excuse yourself and also ask your customer come wait; prize the phone and help the customer that called, and only then go back to the customer in the store.

Least efficient response: D

Subject: Conflict in between two customers

Competencies: Prioritizing, crucial thinking, service orientation


In this scenario, you have actually a conflict between the need to serve two customers.

In an answer A, you ignore the customer request by phone come speak to you specifically. This is not a an excellent response, although both customers are served.

In solution B, both customers room serviced, and also you respond to the customer’s request to speak come you personally. However, you room thus forced to stop servicing the customer you are at this time with. Nevertheless, this is better than answer an option A since the client in the save did not ask because that you personally.

Answer an option C balances the two demands – you provide the calling customer your personal attention and also let them recognize that friend will call them. You also don’t leave the client in the store.

Answer D do the efforts to create this balance; however, the customer in the save is kept waiting because that the entire duration that the conversation. This is the least effective response, as by do the efforts to offer them both at the exact same time you ignore the client in the store. That is far better to leaving this customer v a colleague than save them waiting.


As you deserve to see, the appropriate answer is no obvious. 

In our complete preparation pack, each question is coupled v a comprehensive explanation together you’ve seen above. These explanations will aid you discover the ideal answer every time due to the fact that you’ll understand the thought process behind them.


#2 manage Customer/Member Transactions

In this section, you’ll get to use a cash drawer to handle a couple of transactions. Gift able to manage cash correctly is critical when you work at a Walmart store.

Walmart specifically says that the much less time this ar takes you, the better. So, shot to resolve the questions conveniently while remaining accurate.

The following is a sample concern that closely resembles inquiries you’ll encounter on the genuine assessment:


Walmart"s "Handle Customer/Member Transactions" Sample Question


Use the fewest variety of bills and coins feasible to make the specific change.

Total amount: $53.82Amount paid: $60.25Change due: $6.43


The smallest number of bills and also coins required to reach the correct readjust of $6.43 is one $5 bill and also one $1 bill to with $6. Add to this among each type of coin except cents ($0.01), of which you require three, and you gain the correct change of $6.43.

$5 × 1 + $1 × 1 + $0.25 × 1 + $0.10 × 1 + $0.05 × 1 + $0.01 × 3 = $6.43


Want come sharpen her math and change-making an abilities to ace this section?

In our finish practice pack, you’ll discover realistic concerns replicating this scenarios, alongside valuable solving advice to aid you work-related efficiently.


#3 Tell united state Your Story

This ar is a biodata questionnaire, in which you will do it share her background and also work experience. If girlfriend don’t have actually previous occupational experience, you can share academic and extracurricular activities.

Now, this can seem like a harmless and generic survey, however don’t let the fool you. Walmart uses it as second screening tool, for this reason every answer matters.


Walmart"s "Tell united state Your Story" Sample Question


If contacted, how would your recent supervisor define your client service an abilities compared to other team members?

The very bestAmong the bestAbove averageAverageNeeding part developmentNeeding comprehensive development

It is necessary to be continual with your answers and your CV.

Different questions deserve to evaluate the same information. Her personality profile needs to make sense. You need to make certain to prevent contradictions in her test answers.


These concerns are far from being technical and straightforward. You require to know what was standing behind castle to acquire it right.

That is why we’ve produced a dedicated study overview for this kind of biodata questionnaire, to aid successfully pass it. Make sure you check it out before you begin the assessment!


#4 define Your Approach

This is a 27-question personality test designed to assess your preferred work style and suitability because that the job you applied to.

As friend answer every question, think of work situations and also not your an individual life. Also, try come stay really consistent throughout her answers, as part questions may ask the same thing but in a various disguise.

Walmart states that you need to work quickly and also not invest too long on any kind of questions. This argues they may flag candidates that stall too long on details questions.


Take a look in ~ this sample concern for much better understanding:


Walmart"s "Describe your Approach" Sample Question


Please show to which extent you agree or disagree through the adhering to statement.

a) I gain theoretical discussions and also thinking about abstract concepts.b) reasoning too hard around a trouble frustrates me.

Most favor (b)Somewhat choose (b)Somewhat choose (a)Most choose (a)

The prize to together a question considerably depends ~ above the position you use to.

For instance, if you apply to an bureaucratic position, Walmart will expect you to have actually high boredom intolerance, shown by declare (b).

That is due to the fact that most clerical work-related is routine. Tasks require follow to a this firm provisions and also protocols, and also a most paperwork. The project requires a an excellent deal the concentration over time and the capability to meet objectives. It is thus advisable come emphasize attributes such as: Perseverance, Thoroughness, and good Organization. That is additionally essential to present you have actually no trouble with program work, so you should obtain a low score ~ above the Boredom Intolerance trait.

On the various other hand, you space not supposed to easily create relationships (indicated by explain (a), as a customer business rep would.


In our complete prep kit, you’ll uncover thorough practice for this personality test, as well as exclusive examine guides to ensure you beat it.

What Score carry out I should Pass the Walmart Assessment?

Walmart’s assessment is not just a pass/fail test.

The Hourly retail Associate evaluate has four "behind-the-scenes" score bands the are well-known only to HR and also management (and currently to you): Poor, Good, Competitive, and also Excellent.

Now, Walmart has actually a stone-cold hiring policy as soon as it pertains to their job assessments:

If you score poorly on any kind of of the four sections, you will fail the totality assessment. As with that. And also once you fail, you need to wait n extr 6 months to take back it.

And the worst part?

Walmart’s hiring platform might show you that you’ve happen the assessment when in fact you haven’t.

In fact, I’ve viewed dozens of applicants who thought they passed and also waited forever to gain a speak to to schedule an interview, yet the speak to never came! castle realized their failure just after the they score poorly on among the sections, and also therefore, no invited.

That said, yes sir a way to for sure this misfortune won’t occur to girlfriend too. And also it’s through scoring as high as possible on each and also every test section.

How to pass the Walmart assessment (Retail combine Assessment) v a High Score

The ultimate and science-backed method to ace an assessment check is come know specifically what to expect and prep for beforehand.

If you understand what’s coming and how to conveniently handle it, nothing can capture you by surprise.

That’s why our test specialists worked hard to develop a reality practice pack to prep you for each ar of the assessment.

In fact, it’s the only accurate virtual preparation for the Hourly retail Associate evaluate (and the updated because that 2020-2021).

It includes:

Accurate practice tests simulating the real assessment – same format, inquiry types, and also difficulty.Step-by-step explanations - showing you the ideal practices because that answering every question kind (and not just the exactly answer).Additional training for the behavioral sections – you’ll learn exactly how to conquer the trickiest parts of the assessment.

Get the finish Walmart retail Associate Assessment exercise (2020 - 2021)

Gain instant, 1-week access to the many accurate Walmart assessment check prep ~ above the web, happen the test through a high score, and also land your desired Walmart job.

MUST TAKE!!! ns took this prep test before my Walmart test, due to the fact that my recruiter called me no one was happen the Walmart assessment. I passed the assessment through no problems..❞

I passed the Walmart assessment Test, now What?

As stated above, also if Walmart’s rental platform says you’ve passed, that still possible that you’ve failed it.

So, if you watch that no one is phone call you come schedule one interview for number of days, call HR or the manager the the store you used to.

They have actually the “back-end” results of your assessment and will be able to tell friend if friend passed it.

Usually, if friend score high on all sections, you’ll obtain a speak to soon enough. Then, you’ll be invited for one in-store interview v the hiring team and also your future managers.

To make sure you floor this interview, monitor these prep tips directly from Walmart.


If you target to obtain a job at Walmart, that is critical that you set aside part time to prepare for their assessments. Nothing be tempted to take them directly away (as you will certainly be redirected to the test instantly after you apply).

Make sure you understand what Walmart expects to view from you in lieu the the place you want and that friend know just how to method each the the 4 sections.

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If you have any questions in ~ all around Walmart’s hiring process, feel free to send me a question at ask_shlomik
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