I am an 18 year old girl, and I to be 5.7 feet tall. Mine head circumference is 53 cm and only 6 inch long. As you probably understand from those facts the my head is very small. Compared to my human body my head watch tiny. It likewise looks small when contrasted to various other girls who are my age. Despite my head is small, I execute not have any kind of other wellness problem. Ns was wondering, is over there anything I deserve to take or any methods ns should try to increase my head size? Is there any possible means to obtain a larger head? i am no disabled, and I do not have actually mental or physics problems. Any kind of tips or aid that you can give me to help increase mine head dimension would be lot appreciated.

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I have few questions because that you as follows.At what age did girlfriend start obtaining your period?Have you ever had any hormonal evaluation?Do anyone in your family members (mother, sister, or aunts) have actually a comparable problem?

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Hi doctor,

Thank you because that the reply. My an initial period to be at 14 years. My dad has actually a slightly smaller sized head, so the is hereditary. I have never gone through hormone review either. Is over there anything at every that can be done? something I could take? any exercises to try?



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Since you carry out not have any kind of medical history, and you say her dad also has similar features, that makes it hereditary.Unfortunately, we execute not have any type of medicines to rise the dimension of the head.I would indicate you need to take it in your stride and also stop worrying about it.Your all at once health is normal, and that is what us all effort for.

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