In, SpawnLocation objects are offered to place player personalities when they begin the video game or respawn. Castle can also be offered to spawn players of different teams at details locations.

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Inserting a Spawn

To insert a generate in Studio, select the Model tab and click the Spawn button:


Implementing Teams

The Teams service adds team functionality and is closely tied come player spawns. Team names and also colors, along with all the football player on that team, room visible top top the in-game articles/Leaderboards|leaderboard.

Adding the groups Service

The Teams organization isn’t had in a game by default, so girlfriend must add it.

With the Model tab quiet selected, click the Service switch (
) in the Advanced section.Select Teams and click Insert. When complete, the explorer will get a brand-new object referred to as Teams.

Adding new Teams

With the Teams company added, girlfriend can create a brand-new team by hovering over the Teams object, click the

icon, and selecting Team.


Once the team has actually been added:

Change the team’s Name to a perfect value.
Assign the team a unique TeamColor, a setting which functions in straight conjunction through SpawnLocation objects.

Configuring Spawns

By default, spawn locations are neutral, an interpretation any player have the right to spawn upon them. In most games, however, teams have to be be separate by unique “territories” or a physical barrier like a articles/Collision Filtering Team Doors|team door.

To lock a spawn ar to a certain team:

Select the SpawnLocation object.In the properties window, disable that Neutral property.Set that TeamColor building to the color of the linked team you created above.

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Player Assignment

By default, will auto-assign new players to the team through the fewest players. To assign players to a specific team and also spawn place which you’ve configured:

Select every Team thing in the Teams service and disable the Team/AutoAssignable|AutoAssignable property.