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April 2017


Get an imaginative and continue to be safe with the latest craze to take kids by storm: homemade slime.

When it pertains to this stretchy, gooey, squishy creation, the options are endless. Homemade slime deserve to be make in a range of colors with food coloring, sparkle or fluid watercolors. Permit your imagination run wild to create neon, unicorn, glitter, galaxy, metallic, tie-dye, rainbow slime, and also more.

While homemade slime production is all the rage, some of the most famous recipes call for the use of harsh chemicals. Borax and also other frequently used family members detergents might seem harmless, however these ingredients have the right to be really caustic, resulting in alkaline burns. Once these building materials are used improperly, significant injuries such as second or 3rd degree chemical burns may occur.

To alleviate the opportunity of chemistry burns, be mindful of the following:

The term of skin contact with the chemical The concentration of the chemical kids have thinner skin, which can an outcome in injuries much faster than adult skin

For the safest method to gain this at home activity, us recommend avoiding ingredients that can potentially irritate or burn the skin. Right here are 2 of our favorite for sure slime recipes:

Oobleck Slime


Water Cornstarch

1 part water

1.5 come 2 parts cornstarch

Small lot of food colour (optional)

Mix ingredients


Start v a key of water and slowly mix in 2 parts cornstarch come 1 part water and stir to suitable consistency. Check out this video for advice on exactly how to produce perfectly gooey oobleck!

Non-Toxic Slime


Shampoo Glue baby Powder Food coloring, glitter, fluid watercolors, etc.


Mix together 2 parts shampoo come 1 part baby powder until well linked In a different bowl, mix coloring with glue incorporate shampoo and also baby flour mixture v colored glue Mix until slime holds together. If slime is as well liquidy, add more glue (1-2 TBSP in ~ a time) and if it’s too sticky, add much more baby powder (1 TBSP in ~ a time) have fun!

Slime safety and security Tips

After do or playing through homemade slime, completely wash any chemical residue off of skin. Be aware if your child shows any type of symptoms that discomfort, consisting of itching or burning. In this instance, use generous amounts of water to rinse the skin. Stop using soap, which might break up oil and disrupt the skin’s security barrier, enabling the chemistry to permeate deeper. For a boy burn, apply a object ointment such together Vaseline or bacitracin, cover with a non-stick gauze, and also contact your physician.

In the event of a much more severe burn, contact Dr.STITCH for instant service.

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