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Before you can gain the tools to add a pool to her sims gardens you need to have completed the Its every Going Swimmingly Quest. When that pursuit is finish in the garden section of the house store friend will watch the new pool tabs which includes building the pool, swimming pool interior, swimming pool paving, paver width and pool items.

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Building a pool is a many like structure a room yet you should remember you need at least one extra square about the swimming pool for the paving so even though the pool can be as tiny as 3×3 v the paving that 5×5.

What is the cheapest pool? A 3×3 (or 5×5 with the paving) will now expense S13,620

And uneven rooms you can join pools with each other to make various shapes!

Once friend have developed the pool you can include items to it such together inflatables and also a diving board (if you have completed the diving hobby repertoire for the very first time) and items approximately the pool such as beach towels.

Building a pool v an island

Paver WidthClick top top the paver broad tab and also select the broad you want to increase/ diminish the paving around your pool, the snapshot below reflects the widths:


If you have actually a weather device at your residence where your swimming pool is when you put it on eye it freezes the pool so girlfriend can finish the number skating hobby!

Cleaning the pool

When the swimming pool is green it will need to be cleaned, otherwise your sims will not have the ability to use the pool, click on the pool and select the choice clean pool.

Watch this video for an ext information on clean pools and using the weather machine!

Adding Diving Boards

Diving boards need to be placed with one square end the water and also 2 squares on land, favor the photo below shows:


You deserve to unlock diving boards by completing the diving hobby because that the first time.

Using the pool

In the pool you can:


Go swimming, click somewhere in the pool and your sim will swim there:


If you have actually two sims friend can connect with the other sim:

Flip- 4 secondsSplash- 10 secondsChat- 4 minutes


Toddlers deserve to play in the pool v the assist of a teen, adult or senior.

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NOTE: friend need actions for your sims to have the ability to use the swim pool

When you want your sim to gain out that the pool click on the ground over some steps and also they will obtain out and get changed.