personalities have 2 main varieties of “Ladders” the they can climb:Truss parts, and literal “Ladders” as developed by bricks.

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Does anyone understand what specifically determines what characters count as a ladder? i have tried numerous formations of various parts together, at assorted angles and also shapes, to watch what a character actually requirements to collide with to be considered a “Ladder”, however haven’t been able come secure specifics.

Is this information already provided/researched somewhere, or is it just an unknown?

Oh, another great one I might test myself later - can mesh parts, through accurate sufficient physics, be used as ladders?

Edit: Grabbing a random ladder mesh confirms my critical question, meshes can be used as it. So i’m not precisely sure what the personalities are detecting - The space in what lock colliding with? What sorcery is this dynamic ladder code?
02Alien (02Alien) September 11, 2021, 10:16pm #2

Oh, another an excellent one I could test myself later on - have the right to mesh parts, with accurate sufficient physics, be provided as ladders?

Unions occupational too. I am in reality really curious exactly how this works too - it’d it is in cool for a dev to failure how precisely it works.

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VisualPlugin (VisualPlugin) September 11, 2021, 10:18pm #3

Try looking v the CoreScripts.

C:Program papers (x86)sci-ch.orgVersionsversion-84fce1adf9184b2eExtraContentscripts
Maxwell_Edison (Maxwell_Edison) September 11, 2021, 10:17pm #4
They’re for this reason mysterious. Need to be one of the first things coded for characters, really.

Was spinning my ladder. Spinning it has actually no effect, but rotating it in the direction of the player or away has actually an… interesting result. weeee, slidey.

Maxwell_Edison (Maxwell_Edison) September 11, 2021, 10:18pm #5

Oh cool, will examine there definitely. Had no idea it was that basic to find.

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VisualPlugin (VisualPlugin) September 11, 2021, 10:19pm #6

They’ve been porting basically whatever client-side come Lua. I deserve to only i think they walk the very same to ours Humanoid at one point.

Maxwell_Edison (Maxwell_Edison) September 11, 2021, 11:48pm #7

Just fascinating - i can not use inspected the password yet, yet look at this strange behavior. Earlier it was established that models v gaps have the right to work simply fine, however here we check out a very straightforward thing i modeled - Literally simply two encounters at the top and also bottom - and it is totally unclimbable when ontop the eachother, despite the gaps being relatively regular for a ladder.

It virtually seems that while the gaps are fine, since the models space touching, no much longer sees them together a ladder - i m sorry is kind of confusing habits to observe. I absolutely need to investigate further.

Edit: This is likely because of decomposition Geometry, which is resolved when set to “Precise” - But, does that then do it less efficient than a truss? certain not, because you’d require loads of trusses to to fill in a gap vs 1 complex-ish model (that’s largely still just level faces)

BullfrogBait (BullfrogBait) September 13, 2021, 1:01am #8

But, does that then do it less effective than a truss? surely not, due to the fact that you’d require loads of trusses to fill in a gap vs 1 complex-ish model (that’s mainly still just flat faces)

The models you supplied to develop a ladder are means more efficient than a truss. Trusses when in large groups (you deserve to view this yourself using Wireframe Mode) have a most unnecessary triangles.

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While ns don’t recognize what identify a ladder, I just wanted to suggest that out. Have a an excellent day.

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