One of my favourite the Kerry’s experiments is her play doh brain, so once we discovered an old fill of pat doh in the cabinet I believed it would certainly be the perfect chance to shot it out. First we discovered out some funny facts and then set about making a version brain.

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Model mind Diagram

Fun mind facts for kids

Did you know that our brains usage 20% the the body’s energy, however only do up about 2% of it’s weight?

Our mind is surrounded by a liquid called cerebrospinal fluid which acts choose a cushion in case we bang our top and additionally helps keep infections out.

The human being skull is consisted of of 22 bones joined together.

How to make a beat dough brain model

This is not to scale and obviously the colours space not representative that an yes, really brain. Our model is really just to present the distinct areas of the human Brain.

I rolled each colour play dough into a sausage shape and wound it roughly itself to stand for the ridges and also grooves viewed in the brain.

Brain model with labels

The outer part of the mind is dubbed the Cerebrum, which is divided into 2 hemispheres, by a main fissure. Each Hemisphere is split into the 4 lobes, as presented above. Under the Cerebrum are the Cerebellum and also the brain Stem.

The mind can be divided up into six main areas:

The frontal lobereasoning, planning, components of speech and also movement, emotions, and also problem-solvingThe Parietal lobeSenses touch, pressure, temperature and also pain.The Occipital lobeControls visionThe Temporal lobeRecognition the hearing and memoryThe Cerebellum Controls and also coordinates motions of the musclesThe brain stem – no shownIn charge of keeping the automatic systems of your body working, prefer breathing!
Play dough brain model

Can friend think that anything else we could use to make a design brain?

This task also features in gun Science!


More human being Body science Experiments

We had lots of fun making and also testing recipes because that fake blood.

Ask a child to get a girlfriend to draw about themselves and add in body components or a skeleton.

If you’ve ever before wondered how her lungs work, our lung model is a great demonstration.

Life over Cs has a super cute play dough ant life cycle if you want to usage the pat dough because that something else!

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