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Custom leagues are identified as leagues through 2-10 Team Owners and non-standard scoring utilizing customized Fantasy Stock car rules. Custom leagues are cost-free and room not prize-eligible. Custom scoring layouts can either be Head come Head or point out Based (see Rules: Scoring settings for more information). You deserve to only create a private custom league, or be invite to sign up with a custom organization that currently exists.

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CREATING A practice LEAGUETo produce a free Custom organization click here. You will certainly be taken to the organization setup display to name your league, choose a public or private designation (i.e. Perform you want other leagues to see the performance of her league"s Team Owners?), choose all your rules setups (roster size, scoring options, schedules etc.) and also lastly, entrust a draft form and time. Once your league has actually been created you will certainly have accessibility to your team and league page to prepare for your league draft, invite owners, and more.

JOINING A tradition LEAGUEACCEPTING an INVITATIONOnly a league"s creator, well-known as the organization Manager, can collection up a private custom league, allowing teams to sign up with by invitation. All invitations are sent out in the kind of an email which has a distinct URL. This unique URL is the ticket come play in the league and must either be clicked top top or copied and pasted into the browser"s "Address" field.

SENDING INVITATIONS TO sign up with YOUR personal LEAGUELeague Creators can access the invited Members web page by clicking on the "Members" connect from the organization Office. Go into the email address of each human you want to join your organization in the "Send Invitations" text box (as seen in the screenshot below):



Below are examples of problems you could experience when joining her league and also how you have the right to go around fixing them. If among the examples does not help rectify your problem, please call Customer organization at

No invite received: If the organization Manager (League Creator) says he sent out you the invitation yet you do not view it in your email inbox, it might be early to:

Your email attend to entered is merely incorrect. In this instance we ask you to communicate with the league Manager to ensure her correct email deal with is entered.Your this firm (or ISP"s) firewall blocks email from our servers. In this situation we introduce the organization Manager uses the "Send me a copy of each invite" option. As soon as he obtain the "cc" email (which has your team"s distinct join URL) and he deserve to then front that email to friend via his an individual email business (thus bypassing any type of firewall).

invitation received however unable to join league: The organization Manager invites you to play, and also you receive the invite, yet upon click the unique URL, the page returns speak you have the right to not sign up with the league. This might happen as result of one of the reasons noted below:

The organization Manager invited another owner to sign up with the team after he invite you. Once a different email deal with is entered and also submitted, the device will void the unique URL top top the previous email.The organization Manager adjusted your email address. An in similar way to the vault example, as soon as a different email address is entered and also submitted, the mechanism will void the distinct URL ~ above the previous email.The organization Manager deleted the league prior come you make the efforts to join it. In all instances we recommend the you contact the league Manager directly and work the end the details.LEAVING A practice LEAGUEYou have the right to remove her team native a Custom organization by clicking the "Leave League" connect on your main Team page.

NOTE: You will certainly not have the ability to leave a organization after it has actually drafted. If you room the organization Manager (and you created the league) and leave her league before anyone else has joined, the league will it is in deleted.

BASIC RULES setups FOR tradition LEAGUES

The basic Settings page is wherein it every starts and also is the very first step in creating a custom league that girlfriend personally manage. Together the league creator (or league Manager), you have the right to configure virtually all elements of your league, from the scoring mechanism to the layout of draft. The an initial step is to name her league.

LEAGUE NAME together the league creator, you get to decide what your league will it is in named. Organization names are minimal to 32 characters and cannot contain international or HTML characters. Organization names are not unique, therefore there can be many leagues through the very same name. The league name deserve to be edited at any time during the race season v the "Edit organization Settings" tool.

NOTE: Inappropriate, attack and/or obscene organization names are unacceptable and also subject to change and may result in additional action. (See Rules: fair Play / conduct for much more information)

SCORING TYPE you can select either Points-Based or Head-to-Head Scoring formats. For thorough information top top Scoring, click here.

In the Head-to-Head format, each team in your league faces off against one other team every week of the season. However, her league can contain "Bye" weeks. The winner of each of this matchups is the team the accumulates the many fantasy points determined by the weekly statistics that the chauffeurs in every team"s active roster slots and the scoring settings of her league. Weekly outcomes (win, loss, tie) room tallied right into an in its entirety record and also displayed on the league"s standings page.

Points-Based scoring is a season-long compete in which every owners/teams are ranked by your cumulative full points (i.e. The owner/team with the highest total points is in first, the 2nd highest points complete in second and so on). ~ the final race the the acceleration Cup season, the Champion is the owner/team with the as whole highest points total for the entire season.MANUAL SETUP You, as league creator, manually set all her league"s settings using the organization configuration wizard. Girlfriend will review every section of the organization Settings and also will have the ability to make any kind of desired changes."s default worths are collection for every option and also can it is in edited at her discretion.

EXPRESS SETUP If this button is clicked, the mechanism bypasses the league configuration wizard and also automatically sets your league up utilizing"s default system. You, as the league Manager, can then go back and manually modify any part of the organization Setup.

NUMBER OF teams IN THE LEAGUE The variety of teams in a league deserve to be set from 2-10. Friend can change the variety of teams till one hour before the scheduled draft time. This is done making use of the league Manager devices page, wherein you can change the organization size by deleting or including teams.

NOTE: If the number of teams is adjusted in a Head-to-Head setup, the league"s schedule will must be reset. The divisions & Team setups page permits the league Manager come customize the number of divisions in the league, name each team and specify in which division each team will compete. Listed below is a list of all the options, plus details around how they work.

DIVISIONS Fantasy stock Car enables for 1-4 departments in which 2-10 groups compete. Department names can be readjusted at any point during the season native the "Edit organization Settings" page.

TEAM INFO The variety of teams detailed here is same to the number the was selected ~ above the simple Settings page. Team name consist the a combination of 3 elements: location, nickname and abbreviation. When a team is displayed in the game, typically both team nickname and team location will be displayed (as in ~ above Standings and also in box Scores), yet on pages wherein there is limited space, just the team nickname is displayed. In various other places, only the team abbreviation might be displayed. This settings deserve to be changed by the league Manager at any kind of time throughout the season.

Team Location - Max of 32 characters

Team Nickname - Max the 32 characters

Abbreviation - Max that 4 characters

Division - If the organization has much more than one division, clues the department designation for each team here. For factors of fairness, that is wise to make certain each division has the same variety of teams.NOTE: ~ team owners sign up with the league, they will certainly be allowed to modify the surname of their own teams.

OWNERS details & sending INVITESThe Owners info & Send Invite page in league Setup enables the league Manager to collection the number of owners on each team and to go into each owner"s name and e-mail address. This is also the page that is supplied to send league invitations and to monitor whether the invitations have actually been accepted. This page deserve to be accessed all season long.

OWNER INFOThis section permits the league Manager to collection up the initial owner information for every team and also track the status of ownership.

# owner (per team) - custom Leagues permit teams to have much more than one owner. Max of two (2) allowed. The organization Manager has the choice to add multiple owners, or team owner deserve to do this for their teams.

Owner - get in the team owner"s an initial and last name.

E-mail - get in the team owner"s email attend to the organization invitation is sent to.

Status - "Joined" or "Invited". Screens the present status of every team"s invite.NOTE: after ~ a team join the league, every team owners will certainly be permitted to edit the name of their own teams.

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INVITE OPTIONSInvitations are sent in the form of an e-mail which consists of a unique URL. The human who receive the invite e-mail must click on the unique URL (or copy and paste the URL into browser "Location" field) in bespeak to join the league. Listed below is a list of the alternatives and details on just how they work.