It’s a an excellent bet many anyone reading this write-up is quite familiar with the bright yellow 1957 Chevy 2-door coupe that’s well-known as task X. This article on exactly how to download an electric tachometer in a jiffy no really have anything to carry out with job X various other than that ’57 is the granddaddy to Super Chevy’s 1967 SS396 Chevelle known as the AMD Chevelle.

In the vein of job X, the AMD Chevelle began with an extensive ground increase restoration, v the in its entirety goal to make it a irreversible test job car. Through the original 396 long gone, us built and installed a .060-over 402 (413) v a heavy flat-tappet cam and also Weiand Street Warrior intake manifold (breathing with stock manifolds), and a TCI 4L80-E electronic overdrive automatic transmission. Following up was a set of Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. Trouble was the auto had never ever been to the strip and we want to see what us were starting with.

We journey the AMD Chevelle 50 miles from our office come Auto club Dragway in Fontana, California, to make a few baseline passes down the quarter-mile. One of the instruments our ’67 didn’t have after the reconstruction was a tachometer, for this reason the day before we threw in one Auto Meter tach we had in the garage. Without having a tachometer us wouldn’t it is in able recognize where the ’67 to be shifting, or how numerous revs that was transforming going with the traps—not to point out what it to be revving at freeway speeds. Since we have actually future plans for installing a complete custom gauge cluster into the ’67, the decision was to toss in a rapid solution. Back the Auto Meter tach was set up temporally the wiring us did to be done to last because that the long run.

After we obtained our baseline runs in, us drove the ’67 over to Westech power in Mira Loma, California to do a couple of pulls on your Superflow chassis dyno.

The AMD Chevelle v its slightly heated-up 413-inch ran 13.534 at 102.46 mph top top its first pass, i beg your pardon would turn out to be its best as the rain to be headed in and also the density altitude climbed to almost 2,500-ft. In ~ Westech, our trusty SS396 Chevelle produced 318.9 (corrected) rear-wheel horsepower. Thanks to our temporarily an installed Auto Meter tach as soon as the day was done we jumped top top the freeway and knew our engine never ever revved over 2000 rpm at highway speeds, despite a set of 3.73 gears.

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1. after disconnecting the battery the following step was to find an existing feet in the firewall to path the wiring through from the distributor come the tachometer.

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2. climate a scrape awl was provided to beat a hole with the firewall insulation mat for the wiring to happen through.

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3. to prevent electrical damage constantly look before stabbing: Viewing native the inside of the firewall notification the sharp end of the scrape awl protruded in an area whereby it would not damage existing wires.

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4. below is whatever that was necessary to install the Auto Meter tachometer including the tools that to be necessary.

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5. extr wire need to supplement the length of the Auto Meter tach harness came from Painless. The wires were cut leaving extra length, stripped and then joined permanently through butt connectors.

6. The engine side was the starting point to operation the wires from. Electrical tape was offered to wrap and also keep (hold) the three wires together as castle were propelled through the firewall.

7. We provided the currently original tools black plastic sheath along the firewall come conceal the red, black and also white tach wires indigenous sight.

8. The black color ground cable (in plug) that plugs into the earlier of the tachometer was grounded come the firewall.

9. To provide a clean watch we covered the tachometer wiring harness v Painless strength Braid. Come prevent developing straggling strands sharp making use of a sharp pair that cutters, or commercial scissors functions best.

10. The pink command from the tachometer connects to the (+) positive write-up (terminal) that the coil. The pink command supplies12-volts to the tachometer as soon as the ignition is turned on.

11. The white wire from the tachometer connects come the (—) negative post this provides the ignition advertise to the tachometer.

12. v the engine compartment next (coil) associated the size of the dashboard next of the wiring exploit was ready to reduced to length.

13. The plug end of the tachometer wiring harness to be spliced into the Painless wires through butt connectors.

14. Although installing the Auto Meter tach was a short-term measure the wiring we installed is a permanent solution the will continue to be in place.

15. our .060-over 402 has actually 10:1 compression, mildly reworked smog heads with a 3-angle valve job, and also a solid flat-tappet video camer with .550-inch lift intake/.570-inch exhaust, 238/248 duration in ~ .050 and an LSA the 1112. That breathes through a bone-stock exhaust system.

16. The starting line in ~ Auto society Dragway had actually teeth. Regardless of the truth that we were to run on smallish 225/70R15 BFG Silverstone radials native Coker Tire, tire spin was never an issue. We powerbraked it slightly, mashed the throttle and let the 413 perform its thing. The TCI infectious diseases world fashion shifted tough at 5,700 rpm.


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Horsepower has gone up due to the fact that our critical dyno test. Once we experiment the auto on our old DynoJet in Tampa, the made 301 rwhp. Top top the Superflow unit at Westech power (with secondary 1,800 mile on the engine, us were now up come 318 rwhp and also 439 hp. Air/fuel to be a tad fat (12.4:1), yet we organized off top top the super song until after we swap on our brand-new cylinder heads.