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Once you get to Sunyshore City, you will be approached by a red-haired man. He turns out to be Flint, one of the Elite Four. He wants you to defeat the Gym Leader in a hot battle so it"ll make him enthusiastic about battling again (he"s currently too good for the few challengers he gets, and is bored of winning).

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To get to certain areas in this city, you"ll have to use to large solar panel roads. Take the stairs up and go all the way east. Go downthe stairs to pick up a Thunderstone. If you feel like exploring, get back onto the solar panel road and go north, then a bit south. Here, you"ll find the Pokemon Mart and the Sunyshore Mart, where you can buy Seals for your Balls. Otherwise, go south-eastinto the Vista Lighthouse. Talk to the Gym Leader inside to make him go back to his Gym. Prepare for your final Gym battle and head over to thenorth-west section of the city to get to the Gym.

Electrifying Experience

Upon entering the Gym, you"ll see the marvelous result of the Gym Leader"srenovation: a gear puzzle with red, green, and blue switches. The green switch rotates a gear 90 degrees counter-clockwise, the blue switchrotates a gear 90 degrees clockwise, and the red switch rotates a gear 180 degrees clockwise. Gears that rotate will rotate any other gears attachedto it, including vertical gears that harness bridges.

Once you enter the Gym, step on the right green switch one time and step on the left green switch one time. Follow the path to battle the trainerand go to the next room. Remember, if you ever mess up with the sequence, you can always go to the previous room and come back for the gearsto reset. Now, in the second room, step on the blue switch three times. Go up the stairs on the left side, follow the path and step on the blueswitch once. Step on the green switch, go to the right side, and go up the stairs. Proceed to the third room. Step on the right red switch once,the left red switch once, and go up along the left side. Step on the green switch once twice and move over to the right side. Step on the blueswitch once, go up, and then go all the way down. Step once on the first red switch you stepped on. Now go back up the right side to get tothe Gym Leader.

Volkner, so called the "top Gym Leader in Sinnoh", uses a lv. 46 Raichu, a lv. 47 Ambipom, a lv. 47 Octillery, and a lv. 49 Luxray. After hisdefeat, Volkner seems very happy! He"ll give you your eighth and final badge: the Beacon Badge. It allows you to use Waterfall (which you haven"t gotten yet) outside of battle. He"ll also give you TM57 - Charge Beam. Now it"s on to the Pokemon League!

Go to the north of the city, where you"ll meet Jasmine, a Gym Leader in the Johto Region. She"ll give you HM07 - Waterfall. Nowsurf north onto Route 223.

Route 223

Route 223 is a sea routethat will take you north towards Victory Road.If you go along the left side of the route, you should find a small opening to the left, near a Swimmer. Go inside and go north to pick up TM18 - Rain Dance. Keep surfing north and you will walk onto a shallow area. Battle the Sailor and go north a bit to pick up a Pearl.Now, go to the west side of the large rock and continue north. Use Waterfall to get up the huge waterfall you see. Go into the Pokemon Centerto heal your Pokemon and enter Victory Road.

Victory Road

Victory Road is a long cave containing powerful trainers, tough wild Pokemon, and interesting mazes. Almost all the Pokemon you encounter here, both wild and trained, are leveled in the high 40s. To begin, go straight north across the bridge and climb down the rocks. Battle the Psychic at the corner and go north a little bit to pick up TM41 - Torment. Go to the south-east corner to pick up a hidden Ultra Ball on the rock. Now climb back up the rocks where you came down from and go east across the bridge. Head down the steps, head north, battle the Birdkeeper, and continue north across the bridge to pick up a Full Heal. Climb back up the stairs and keep going north across the bridge. Climb down the rocks and head all theway west. Go up the steps and go north. After battling the trainer, keep going north until you hit the dead end. Pick up a hidden MaxElixir on the rock. Go back south a bit and go west up the stairs, leading you to another area.

In this area, you"ll be surrounded by a variety of rocks. Go west by smashing the rock and pushing the boulder. Go to the corner to pick up a hidden Full Restore on the wall. Go back near the entrance of this area and head south by smashing the rocks. Push the boulders out of your way and continue west. After battling the trainer, push the leftboulder down, smash the rock on the other side, push that boulder back up again, and go east. You"ll come up three boulders. Push away the top boulder, battle the Veteran, and head down the steps.

Follow the bridge east and climb down the rocks. Go north, east, battle the Blackbelt, and go down the steps at the end. In this area, surfon the water and battle the Psychic on the narrow strip of land. Surf across the south-eastern body of water, pick up the hidden Pearl onthe rock, and head up the stairs for a double battle. Surf all the way west, go up the steps, and pick up a Rare Candy. Go back to thetwo trainers you just fought and go all the way north. You"ll be able to battle a trainer who"s pacing back and forth. Go up the tinywaterfall and continue east. Go down the waterfall and pick up TM59 - Dragon Pulse. Go back up the waterfall and battle the Dragon Tameron land. Go south-west and up the steps, picking up the Big Mushroom hidden on the rock across from it if you wish.

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In this area, first head south-west to pick up a Razor Claw. Go back to where the old man stands and go up the steps and follow the path until you reach a fat guy blocking a cave entrance. Pick up theZinc near him. Now go back to battle to old man and go south until you hit the ledge (don"t jump over). Climb the rocks on the left,go west, go up the steps, push the boulders (push the ones on the side before pushing the one in the middle), and pick up TM79 - Dark Pulse.Go back and climb the rocks on the right side to continue. Battle the Dragon Tamer and head north out Victory Road.