This is the story walkthrough web page for the areas Paramina Rift ~ Stilshrine of Miriam in the game final Fantasy XII The Zodiac period (FF12, FFXII, FFXII). Check out on for an ext information about objectives, items, and also bosses in ~ this section.

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Paramina Rift Story Walkthrough


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Enter Paramina Rift. Save your game at the listed savepoint, and move on.
Take the north path to relocate to the following area. Before moving on, a cutscene will certainly occur.
Continue relocating north every the way to the departure that leader to Mt. Bur-Omisace.

Mt. Bur-Omisace i Story Walkthrough


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If girlfriend haven"t already, you deserve to stock increase on potions and also other items at the merchants near the entrance. There is also a conserve crystal accessible as well together a moogle Cartographer.
Walk come the north towards the temple. Move through the gate of the holy Circle, whereby a cutscene happens.
Larsa will certainly be leaving in ~ the cutscene, for this reason if you want to finish any type of hunts or level up part more, you must do so prior to walking in the direction of the Gate.

Stilshrine the Miriam Story Walkthrough


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After the cutscene, head south for the Stilshrine the Miriam. Store to a southern route towards the area.
As always, make it a point to conserve whenever there is a savepoint available. The holy place courtyard has actually one, and also some endowment chests.
Equip the Dawn Shard come activate the teleportation maker at the entrance. If you don"t, a trio of zombie will rise to harrass your party.
You will certainly be transported native the base into one more room. Make your way through the room, past the enemies, to an additional Pedestal the Dawn. Touch it through the Dawn Shard equipped to activate.
Find your method to the room the the sword of Judgement. Touch it to open a door within which is a Waystone. Touch it come go back to the entrance, then head for the old Door ~ above the right.
Past the next door, there space three locations that have actually a rock Brave statue. Head for the very first one, then turn it counter-clockwise to challenge the large statue girlfriend went previous earlier.
Go past the statue into the following room. Follow the route going east until you reach the following statue. Turn it counter-clockwise two times to make it face the large statue.
Again, go past this statue and be all set for a boss fight versus Vinuskar. After beating him, get in the following room, where one more statue is.
Turn this one counter-clockwise, and also you"ll see a message informing you that your path is open. Be certain to open up the map urn also located in this room before you go on your way.
The colossal statue will relocate the knife of referee out the the way, i m sorry will open up a new pathway. Again, save at the crystal before proceeding, as you will certainly face another boss.
When you defeat the ice elemental, Mateus, that will additionally become another available Esper come summon. Enter the next room for the knife of Kings.
Make your method out that the ruins. A cutscene will display smoke climbing up from the Bur-Omisace temple.

The Dawn Shard

Equip the Dawn Shard to continue through the Stilshrine. The Dawn Shard will be necessary to unlock one of the Stilshrine"s locked doors and the enntrance gate to the wider temple.

Crystal Bugs

Inside Miriam Shrine, there will certainly be stationary green crystals. Interact with it and it will disclose itself to it is in a decision bug. Decision Bugs space tougher than typical enemies yet defeating them will let a real save crystal take your place, make the fight extremely precious it.

The three Statues


There are three statues here in the Stilshrine the Miriam that you should turn in stimulate to proceed through to Mateus and also the knife of Kings. This are basic to spot as they are given a special ar in their particular areas.

This is the first statue you conference after opening the old Door. Turn this frosting counterclockwise.

Go past the an initial statue after transforming it counter-clockwise come head come this statue. This time, you need to turn this one counterclockwise 2 times.

You won"t have the ability to activate this tatue until after friend beat Vinuskar. Turn it in a counterclockwise fashion and also the knife of Judgment will be lifted, opening the method to Mateus and also the knife of Kings.

The two Bosses

Be warned the in the Stilshrine that Miriam, there room two bosses. Among them, Vinuskar, is closer come a mini-boss, if the other, the Esper Mateus, is a tough boss to defeat without the suitable training. Because that a complete list that the two bosses" strategies, visit the web links below.

How to loss Mateus - Espers

How to Beat Vinuskar

Mt. Bur-Omisace II - damage Story Walkthrough


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Return come Mt. Bur-Omisace. It will certainly be simpler to return due to the fact that there is a billow of smoke marking the area.
Be certain to save at the savepoint crystal close to the entrance. This time, you"ll it is in facing an additional boss, judge Bergan.
Watch the cutscene that happens before you an obstacle Bergan, climate fight and also defeat him.
Once you loss Bergan, watch the cutscene that follows. You"ll be visiting Nalbina as soon as again.

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The judge Bergan

The judge Bergan is her final adversary for this part of the story. Bergan will have actually some Judges with him, yet he will go down easy with focused fire. Learn just how to deal with Judge Bergan through visiting the attach below.