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You require to: 1) defeat may at the Lilycove department Store; 2) talk to the Grunts prevent the way of the Aqua Hideout; 3) walk to Slateport and eavesdrop ~ above the interview through Captain Stern; 4) go back to the Hideout and also defeat the Admin there.

First you need to defeat team magma at their hideout. Then go under to the beach and also surf. Keep on walking strait and also you must pass a few trainers. Kepp on walking strait till you hit land. It must be Mossdeep yet if not simply surf again till you find it. Hope i Helped!!

Theres a ocean I guess you would speak to it to the best of Lilycove, surf come the right and stay ~ above the straight path soon you will run into Mossdeep City.

I have actually beaten team magma and also talked come the guys for team aqua however I can"t find the captain and I to be in slate port

Guys ~ I defeated magma in ~ mt.pyre,I got to to lilycove and I was at cavern (aqua hideout) then I reached to Slateport and also there i cannot uncover the captain

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Check the end this monster of a overview to get you v every customs of Pokemon Emerald. The entirety game is extended including, the upstream 4, Champion Battl..

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