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When you acquire to Mauville City just go right and onto the following route. If you have actually Surf, surf across the water to the other side. Climate move eastern a bit, and also then walk North onto path 119. At the end of route 119 is Fortree.

Fortree City can be reached this way: Defeat her father (Norman) at the Petalburg Gym and also acquire Surf from Wally"s parents. Travel to Mauville and accessibility Route 118.On route 119, you will certainly be redirected come the Weather institute to eliminate Team Magma or Team Aqua and obtain Castform. As soon as you finish, fight May (or Brendan) on the other side of the bridge, and she (or he) will reward you through Fly (HM03). Proceed along route 119 and also you will finish up in Fortree City.Note: proceed to route 120 to choose up the Devon Scope native Steven so the you"ll have the ability to bypass the Kecleon standing in your means to Fortree Gym.

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