You have the right to go to Cianwood City by surfing indigenous Olivine City. In the water, you"ll battlea few trainers, and also catch Tentacool and also Tentacruel. There room some rocks that could be smashed through usingRock Smash. Krabby is there.

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Chuck, Chuck, Chuck

Chuck is the gym leader that the Cianwood Gym. You"ll watch someboulders blocking your way. No problem, simply use Strength to relocate them out of your way.

Chuck trains fighting Pokemon. Beat the to knife $3,000 (some which are sent out to mom, like always),TM 01 - Dynamic Punch, and a Storm Badge. Now, all Pokemon up to lv. 70 will obey you,and you can now usage Fly outside of battles.

I think I deserve to Fly

After beating Chuck, speak to the lady outside the gym to obtain HM 02 - Fly. Now you deserve to fly (Yay!).

Taking A Picture

Now, over the gym, there"s a house with a man inside that"ll take it a picture of among your Pokemon.Now you can print it out on your Gameboy Printer, if you have one that is.

In another house, a green-haired guy asks girlfriend if you have the right to take care of his Shuckle for a while. Yet you"llneed to have an extra space for Shuckle, which way you"ll must only have 5 Pokemon with you.Say yes, and also Shuckle is yours.

Finally The Medicine

Stop by one more house to lastly get the medication from a male wearing sunglasses, a Secret Potion Jasmine demands for her sick Pokemon prior to battling you.

Don"t Forget Suicune!

Before friend go any where else, the time has actually come because that you to satisfy Suicune. Just go north of the city,and you"ll uncover a house. To her upper-right hand corner, inside a heat of rocks, is Suicune. The juststanding there. Now go close to it, and also it"ll hop away. Then, Euisine will pertained to talk to you around gettinga glimps that Suicune. Then, he"ll battle you.

After friend beat him, get in the residence where you"ll check out a person, well-known as punctured Seer, that will call you around one of your Pokemon. He will tell friend the place you recorded that Pokemon, the time, the happiness, and the level. Now, either surf or test the end your new wings (not really) to get ago to Olivine City.

Deliver The Medicine

Once you are earlier in Olivine City, walk to the lighthouse againto give Jasmine the Secret Potion for her sick Pokemon. Currently Jasmine will go earlier to her gym.

Jasmine has actually two Magnimite, and also shouldn"t be too hard to to win witha rock-type Pokemon such together Geodude or Onix. She likewise have a Steelix, which is 5 levels greater thanthe lv. 30 Magnimite. $3,500, TM 23 - steel Tail, and also the Mineral Badge room yours if youbeat Jasmine.

Sunny of Sunday

Head ago to Ecruteak City, the location where the gym leader, Morty, has actually ghost-type Pokemon.On Sundays, Sunny will certainly walk amoungst 3 berry plants> ~ above the right side of course 37. Talkto Sunny, and he"ll give you Magnet, which rises the power of electrical attacks.

Next, exit east from the city using the route Gate and you"ll come at Mt. Mortar, locatedon route 42.

Mount Mortar

Deep in Mt. Mortar, a trainer named Karate King will give you Tyrogue if friend beat him. Lug onlyfive Pokemon through you, or rather he won"t provide it come you. You"ll likewise need Waterfall to get to him.

On your method to the Karate King, you"ll find an object ball with Dragon Scale. Also, close to theDragon Scale, you"ll find TM 40 - Defense Curl.

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There room three tree right outside of the middle entrance to Mt. Mortar surronded through smalltrees. You"ll need a Pokemon v Cut in stimulate to achieve the stuff. You"ll get a Pink Apricorn,a Green Apricorn, and also a Yellow Apricorn. Usage Headbutt ~ above the trees, and youmight uncover something. I discovered an Aipom. In Crystal, you"ll check out Suicune best here. Go approximately it, and it"llrun off. Head eastern now, and also you"ll discover yourself in Mahogany Town.

Locations (Mt. Mortar)
Crystal Locations
Same as G/S

Click right here For A Map that Mt. Mortar

Storm BadgeTM 01 - Dynamic PunchHM 02 - FlySecret PotionMineral BadgeTM 23 - stole TailMagnetDragon ScaleTM 40 - Defense Curl