Monster Bone + is a material in Monster Hunter Rise. Together the name suggests, it"s a better-than-average type of Monster Bone, and is correspondingly tricky to get hold of.

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How to gain Monster Bone + in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Bone + deserve to only be derived by hunting particular High Rank monster as component of Quests.

Four types of monster drop Monster Bone +: Great Baggi, Great Izuchi, Great Wroggi, and Kulu-Ya-Ku.


Hunting any kind of of the four gets friend Monster Bone + as a Target Reward.

Alternatively, good Baggi and good Wroggi also have a possibility to fall the item when they"re Captured. The likelihood of the drop containing a Monster Bone + is nigh-on the same in both cases, nevertheless of whether you target or capture.

Unfortunately, those possibilities are only 12% or 13%, for this reason be all set to hunt a lot of monsters because that this one.

Quests that incorporate Monster Bone + as a reward

You can pick up Monster Bone + on countless different quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

There"s a fairly even split between village Quests (single-player) and also Hub quests (single- or multiplayer), as well as between crucial (main) and Non-Key (side) quests.

Quest NameQuest LevelQuest Type
Beastly ChaosLevel 3Hub quest (side-quest)
Beckoning SlumberLevel 3Hub quest (key quest)
Bully that the CavernsLevel 3Hub quest (key quest)
Champion the the CavernsLevel 3Hub search (key quest)
ComeuppanceLevel 5Village search (side-quest)
Disastrously BeautifulLevel 3 Hub search (side-quest)
Down "n" DirtyLevel 3Hub pursuit (key quest)
Electrifying EpiphanyLevel 5Village search (key quest)
A couple of Bumps follow me the WayLevel 3Hub search (key quest)
A girlfriend in NeedLevel 3Hub quest (key quest)
HellfireLevel 3Hub quest (side-quest)
Hermit of the SwampLevel 6Village pursuit (side-quest)
King that the Sky, Bane of the LandLevel 6Village search (side-quest)
Like a flash of LightningLevel 6Village pursuit (side-quest)
My Muse the MizutsuneLevel 3Hub quest (key quest)
Nocturnal TrackerLevel 5Village pursuit (key quest)
Nosey NuisancesLevel 5Village search (side-quest)
Rathalos Alert!Level 5Village quest (key quest)
Tail come TailLevel 3Hub search (side-quest)
A check of CourageLevel 6Village quest (side-quest)
Thundering VoiceLevel 6Village search (side-quest)
Twilit pair StarsLevel 3Hub quest (key quest)
Twisted DesireLevel 6Village pursuit (side-quest)
Waltzing by MoonlightLevel 5Village search (key quest)
Wavering Moon and also ThunderLevel 3Hub pursuit (key quest)
Wind speed WyvernLevel 5Village pursuit (key quest)

What recipes usage Monster Bone + in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Bone + is a an essential component in a variety of weapon forging and armour do recipes.

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However, the most frequent (and may be its many desirable) usage is in upgrading weapons to higher levels.

Weapons forged v Monster Bone +(number required)Weapon upgrades forged through Monster Bone +(number required)Armour piece crafted with Monster Bone +(number required)
Cornupion ns (3)Axeblade II (2)Anjanath Coil (1)
Gelid Mind i (2)Azure stakes II (3)Anjanath Greaves (2)
Growling Wyvern i (3)Bone Barong i (3)Baggi Coil S (1)
Hidden Blade i (2)Bone Blade i (3)Brigade Boots (1)
Hidden Gemini i (2)Bone Bludgeon ns (2)Brigade Coil (2)
Mandible Blade i (2)Bone Tabar i (3)Brigade Lobos (1)
Ricebane i (3)Buster blade (2)Brigade suit (1)
Carapace Hammer II (3)Brigade Vambraces (2)
Castello Saif II (3)Channeler Obi (1)
Deadly Serpentblade II (2)Channeler Robe (1)
Diablos Bashers i (4)Diablos Coil (2)
Diablos Lance i (4)Izuchi Greaves S (1)
Dirty Baron II (2)Izuchi mail S (1)
Flammenkaefer i (2)Jelly Boots (1)
Golem Gunlance ns (2)Jelly Gloves (1)
Graceful fatality II (2)Kulu-Ya-Ku Braces S (2)
Growling Wyvern i (2)Medium’s Obi (1)
Hardened Bone Horn (2)Medium’s Robe (1)
Hidden Axe ns (2)Mizutsune Greaves (2)
Hunter"s Bow i (2)Nargacuga Helm (2)
Iron Bayonet ns (2)Sinister Garb (2)
Kulu Glaive II (2)Skull Visage (2)
Kulu Katana II (2)Tigrex Coil (2)
Kulu Mosso II (3)Utsushi Chest (H) (1)
Longear Axe II (2)Utsushi Chest (V) (1)
Longtusk Spear (1)Utsushi Tassets (H) (1)
Power Gasher ns (3)Utsushi Tassets (V) (1)
Rugged Lance II (2)Wroggi Vambraces S (2)
Sharktooth Spear II (1)Zinogre Helm (2)
Sleepy Shellslice II (2)
Snow Slicers II (2)
Spark Slicer II (2)
Sturdy Glaive ns (2)
Tigrex Archer i (3)
Tigrex Howl i (1)
Vicello Nulo White II (2)
Wroggi sword II (4)
Wyvern Fang ns (2)
Yakt Shooter i (3)

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