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By pokemonofthedaychick
Everybody remembers the an excellent ol' Pokémon of

the job Guy, right? Well, once Gold and Silver struggle the shores the the USand all the hype had passed away down a bit, he determined to move to the height ofMount Kilimanjaro to look for enlightenment. Now that every self-respectingPokémaniac has actually Ruby and Sapphire ~ above the brain, however, it's hightime us revitalize the age-old legacy of bringing you your Pokémonof the Day! And, together everyone knows, there's just one thing better thana Pokémon of the work Guy...a Pokémon the the work Chick!

Each and also every work we'll be taking a close and personal look atone that these distinctive creatures dubbed Pokémon. Below you'll discover allthe moves you might ever want (learned, hereditary and all compatible TMs/HMsfrom G/S/C and R/B/Y, if applicable), reproduction chains because that hereditary moves,Pokédex entries, basic descriptions, max stats, in-game locations,weaknesses and also resistances, gameplay tips and also one or much more suggested movesets
Have you play Pokemon decision Version?

(SUGGESTED, people; I'm not informing you what come do) to get the many bangfor her Pokébuck.

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After nearly three years of waiting, the release date of the highlyanticipated Pokemon Ruby and also Sapphire looms a mere two weeks away! So,I figured I'd finest start looking at some of the an ext popular RBYGSC Pokemon,since i know many of friend will most likely never look at at her old Pokemon cartsagain as soon as you have actually the following generation of gamings in hand.

With that in mind, today's Pokemon is Heracross! This brawling bluebug is a favorite amongst many trainers both for its unique advantageousdual kind and its outstanding pool of an effective and rare naturally learnedmoves. Though I've never been a fan of Fighting species in general, ns canreadily recognize that this is one nasty powerhouse who will placed the pains onjust around anything the foolishly crosses its path.

NAME: HeracrossTYPE: Singlehorn (Bug/Fighting)HEIGHT: 4' 11"WEIGHT: 119 lbs.
EVOLUTION: Heracross does not evolve

AVAILIBLE IN: Gold, Silver, Crystal

LOCATION: Heracross is one of those irritating Pokemon thatcan just be found by making use of the relocate Headbutt on the smaller, pointed treesin the game. Check out the trees on courses 29-33 and also 42-44 in gold andSilver for your opportunity to spot this elusive bug. Decision owners have feweroptions; in this version Heracross only inhabits the tree of paths 33,42, 44 and also Azalea Town.


Learned Moves:


G/S/CTackle - BasicLeer - BasicHorn attack - lvl 6Endure - lvl 12Fury assault - lvl 19Counter - lvl 27Take down - lvl 35Reversal - lvl 44Megahorn - lvl 54
Compatible TMs:


G/S/CTM02 - HeadbuttTM03 - CurseTM06 - ToxicTM08 - absent SmashTM10 - surprise PowerTM11 - clear DayTM13 - SnoreTM17 - ProtectTM20 - EndureTM21 - FrustrationTM26 - EarthquakeTM27 - ReturnTM32 - dual TeamTM34 - SwaggerTM35 - Sleep TalkTM43 - DetectTM44 - RestTM45 - AttractTM46 - ThiefTM49 - fury CutterHM01 - CutHM04 - toughness
Hereditary move (G/S/C only):
Bide: breed a woman Heracross v a masculine Pineco/Forretressor Shuckle.

Flail: breed a masculine Magikarp with a female Horsea/Seadra/Kingdra,then each other the resulting male Horsea v Flail to a mrs Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise.Breed the resulting male Squirtle v Flail to a woman Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium,then each other the resulting male Chikorita v Flail to a mrs Paras/Parasect.Finally, each other the resulting masculine Paras through Flail to a woman Heracross.

Harden: Breed through a male Gligar, Kakuna, Metapod or Pinsir.

===============================IN BATTLE================================Max stats in ~ level 100HP: 363Attack: 348Defense: 248Special (RBY): noneSpecial strike (GCS): 178Special Defense (GSC): 288Speed: 268Effective against: Grass, Psychic, Dark, Normal, Ice, Rock,SteelNot effective against: Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug,Ghost (Fighting can't hit)Resistant to: Grass, Fighting, Ground, Bug, DarkWeak against: Fire, Psychic, paris (4x)Suggested movesetHeld items (GSC): emphasis BandMegahornEarthquakeEndureReversal

At the risk of sounding painfully unoriginal and also lacking in creativity,Heracross is cool. The pretty lot sums it up...this is one cool bug.Though Pinsir will constantly be my favorite an insect type, I've uncovered a certainrespect for the distinct Heracross that ns don't normally use to PokemonI don't personally train. Heracross' ho-hum Defense and that insanely debilitatingquad weakness come Flying form moves should be a concern, naturally, buthe does have actually one thing going for him in the you aren't likely to watch manyFlying type moves coming from non-Flying type Pokemon (unlike move typessuch together Ice, Electric and also Ground, which have the right to be uncovered on darn close to everytype)...just psychic to are afraid the almighty disseminate Goldeen! :p

Megahorn is unquestionably the solitary most apparent move for anyHeracross, the remainder the its moveset notwithstanding. Only four Pokemonare even qualified of finding out this move (Heracross, Ditto, Smeargle andMew), and of these 4 Heracross has actually by much the greatest Attack, is theonly one that receives STAB top top the move and also comes by that far easier thanany of the other three (indeed, you require Heracross to even think about gettingMegahorn top top Smeargle, Ditto or Mew). Funny exactly how they made an insect type movessuper-effective versus two of the many annoying species in the game (Psychicand Dark) however made all pest type move suck conserve one, ain't it? Well, Megahornhappens come be said one, so friend should certainly use the if you're planningto use Heracross at all.

It's too poor that many Psychic types and one of the most popularDark varieties (Houndoom) are much faster than Heracross, have high one-of-a-kind Attackstats and super-effective, STABed moves to use versus him, however his SpecialDefense is respectable (much more respectable than Houndoom and also Alakazam'sDefense, still *snicker*) so Heracross should be able to KO together Pokemonwith Megahorn before they deserve to KO him with Flamethrower/Psychic/whatever.Even if you can't discover an foe that is weak to pest type moves, theaforementioned STAB Heracross receive on Megahorn and the fact that hisAttack is a delicious 348 must ensure this is one move that will certainly crippleany adversary who isn't pointedly resistant come it.

Earthquake functions wonders versus the plenty of Fire types who space fasterthan Heracross and also sport hideous Defense stats...not the you'd reallywant to leave Heracross in versus a Fire kind in the an initial place, butit's nice to have actually something come fall earlier on should you discover yourself withno other alternative. Earthquake is simply a good move in general: powerful,accurate, and also extremely effective versus many famous types. Together a movecan make Heracross a surprise contender for the likes the Jolteon and also itsElectric brethren, the numerous Rock species that are considerably slower thanHeracross and also the stroked nerves Gengar who is known to generally pack Psychicand is in possession that a godly distinct Attack...note (SPOILER): this onlyapplies in GSC together in Ruby/Sapphire Gengar benefit the Flotation characteristicwhich makes him immune come Ground form attacks, but I'm assuming herethat you'll generally be making use of Heracross in GSC and also Pokemon stadium 2 (ENDSPOILER). If naught else, Earthquake is a decent assault to use againstanything the is resistant to an insect ot Fighting form moves nevertheless ofsuper-effectiveness.

Now...I certain love the Endure/Reversal combo top top Heracross ashe learns the requisite moves naturally, and also the reality that he gets STABon Reversal and has the wicked 348 Attack way he will be KOing manyopponents in one hit when he himself is in ~ 1HP. BUT, in order for thisset to job-related you positively should have an additional Pokemon in her party BatonPass the move Agility come Heracross forward (unless you're planning tofight nothing however Pokemon who are naturally slower than Heracross, butthat's really no something you deserve to afford to specifically depend on). Ifyou don't have actually an Agility BPer in your party you'll likely wish come considerone that the alternative movesets comes up in a bit, however for currently I'd liketo i think you've listed in breakthrough for Heracross' Speed difficulty so youcan take benefit of this incredibly reliable combo. Simply put, onceHeracross starts gaining low top top HP you usage Endure to obtain him down to asingle hit point and climate Reversal away. As I said, Heracross' Reversalis insanely powerful and qualified of felling numerous opponents in successionwithout having actually to usage Endure again, however you could want to save this Heracrossfor later in the complement just come be safe (namely, once the the opposite partyis likely to already be softened increase a bit and their Hazer is currently gone,seeing as exactly how this Heracross is quite dependant top top Agility).

I usually recommend focus Band on Pokemon who use Endure through Reversal/Agility;it's a nice tiny bit of included insurance must Reversal fail to quiteKO something the it was intended to. Besides, due to the fact that the emphasis Band itemis uncovered in what was when an intense Fighting form gym, I choose to recommendit top top Fighting varieties purely for posterity's sake. If emphasis Band isn't yourthing, though, friend can always go for fast Claw (should you find yourselflacking an Agility BPer) or Leftovers (if you decide to go through the popularRest/Sleep speak Heracross).

As I discussed about half a second ago, countless trainers donate a Heracrosswho offers Rest and also Sleep talk in conjunction with a pair of powerful physicalattacks, such together Megahorn and Earthquake. This moveset is totally viable,if not a tad risky (not to cite altogether ineffectual versus Flyingtypes, the bane of all Heracross). Such a Heracross will feasibly lastquite a long time in fight (depending on its opponents), though it maynot dish out fairly as much direct damages as a Heracross sporting movesyou can actually control and employ. Another rightfully famous movefor Heracross is Counter; he is just one of the couple of Pokemon in the video game whocomes by the move naturally and it at least gives you SOMETHING come useagainst Fliers (assuming Heracross manages to survive their initial onslaught,that is).

As Heracross' Defense is average and his HP is relatively high hecan usually make an excellent use of a well-timed Counter, though ns personallyprefer come stick through moves whose damages can be rather predicted and/orcontrolled. If nothing rather you could want come stick a Normal type movelike Return on Heracross simply so that can damage Flying types without havingto absorb an attack himself first (why, WHY do Fliers need to be resistantto Bug, Fighting and Ground form moves??), but with so numerous other greatphysical move choices I'm loathe come saddle Heracross v something thatisn't an especially effective versus anything.

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No matter just how you decide to use him, Heracross is a most uniqueand interesting addition to the Pokemon world. His stats are laid out perfectlyfor a Pokemon v his details move options, I'd wager, and though heis popular to the suggest of being slightly overused I would certainly neverthelessrecommend him to any type of trainer who curiosity is even remotely piqued. You'llbe hard-pressed to find another pest OR Fighter with this much personalityand utter usefulness, and unique twin types are always an ext fun than thoseboring single types or horribly redundant Grass/Poison, Rock/Ground, Normal/Flying,Bug/Poison, etc. Types. If naught else, I'd rather meet this particularBug in fight than yet an additional Scizor.

Best of luck in your quest to grasp this brawny battling beetle,and I'll watch you all tomorrow with one more rapidly fading old-school Pokemonof the Day!